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Why Trujay.Migration?

Automated CRM Data Migration
Automation ensures your CRM migration to be fast and simple.
Possibility to Restart Migration Over
It allows you to change migration preference and restart the import during a specific period.
Import of Any CRMs or Files
Trujay.Migration allows you to perform any kind of data migration.
Free Sample Import
Import a limited amount of data to your new CRM to see how it works.
Detailed object and users Mapping
Map the fields of your current and future CRMs in accordance with your business needs.
Proper Data Relations
The service preserves the relations between the migrated data.
Quick and Intuitive
No advanced skills are necessary, just follow clear instructions.
Support of Custom Fields
Ensure swift and secure data import of any CRM object.
During & Post Migration Technical Support
Experienced tech gurus are always here to help you.

Trusted and Recommended by Top CRM Vendors

Automated migration

You can set up the fields mapping and data import on your own. Try a free Sample Import to check the service in action and launch a CRM data transfer automatically.

Map fields you want to migrate

Take advantage of built-in data mapping option and set up the records migration to the selected fields. Also, you can exclude the transition of some fields in case they have no or little value for your business processes.

wizard mapping
wizard mapping

Migrate custom fields and data

You can move the custom data fields from the existing CRM to the desired platform, and transfer the default records right from the migration wizard.

Proper data relation to employee

Trujay also supports the user mapping, so you can migrate records to the corresponding users on the new platform or choose the other user as well.

wizard mapping

Easy to use & robust migration wizard

CRM data migration is literary reduced to a few mouse clicks in the migration wizard.
All you need to do is provide your Existing and Future CRM platforms details.

How it Works

Any CRM is supported

We will migrate from any CRM you need

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