10 Characteristics a Modern Marketing Technologist Should Have

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10 Characteristics a Modern Marketing Technologist Should Have

The last few years were a period of growth of the Chief Marketing Technologists, and they continue to rise. It all began with the delivery of technology strategies and realization to a marketing team, but now it became an essential competency for the next leaders.

The task of a marketing technologist will be to make the most out of data across a dynamic market, a company’s operations to attract customers and serve them.

Here are the top 10 habits and characteristics of today’s marketing technologist.


#1 Think like a CEO


Chief marketing officers have gained experience in attracting customers, managing the brand’s values, financial attribution, campaigns. The most valuable investors search for leaders who can analyze customer interactions with the brand with the help of a data-driven approach.

So that, marketing leaders who understand marketing technology are very likely going to become the new generation CEOs. They have an important benefit because of the experience in digital management insights when estimating the marketplace, customers, and communities.

Because of a fast-changing world more and more companies demand progressive thinking and vision to meet individual needs. These days, a lot of CEOs have some disagreements with their talent or how the clients see brand’s values.

Over the last years, the goal of marketing technologist has increased from counting clicks to understanding and fulfilling customers’ needs, and earning more because of that. It is a way of a CEO thinking.   


#2 Gain customer empathy


A considerable amount of ways of reaching customers seems to be endless. It might help to gain some valuable experiences; however the process itself can sometimes become irritable and complicated for both employees and customers.

To increase clients’ satisfaction, top leaders need to figure out how those brand-client interactions make them feel.

Now, some organizations want their workers to have empathy for a digital interaction of the customers’ journey.

Top marketing technologists need to serve as internal lawyers for clients’ feelings at every digital step.

It is essential for marketing technologists and other stakeholders to experience the way the customers make by themselves.



#3 Look for the essence


You need skills to do marketing in this special industry successfully. It became so easy to get attracted or distracted by each new and glittery thing or word, as the market never stops progressing. It is always better to achieve a true marketing performance than having only entertainment functions.

After 2015, 7 of 10 marketers experience that their technology has stopped giving results and achieved its maximum potential.

Now, the tendency has changed from spending time for improving marketing technologies to improving data, people, and processes.

Before start using a new solution and make the profit, marketers should explore resources, acquisition, and bandwidth it might take. Doing so will help to avoid unneeded and impulsive purchases.



#4 Prioritize talent


What is important to remember is that technologies just increase the quality of data, processes, and people behind it.

Marketing teams have to monitor non-stop and improve digital engagement, together with customer-oriented strategies behind rising revenue profitability and growth. To reach that, companies should hire workers that will connect clients and marketplaces.

Organizations look for marketing technologists with both technological courage and emotional intelligence. It is also a must to be a storyteller and have an ability to empower, connect, intensify the team’s work inside the company.



#5 Build resilience


Business flexibility means that a company can quickly respond to environmental and social risks or is related to mitigating the impact.

In today’s dynamic and digital market, new risks appeared. Privacy, security, workforce culture, quick change of clients mood, grow of startups seemed to be new risks to businesses.  

Good marketing technologist has to control and cope with these risks and policies.

Also, if you want to become a top marketing technologist, you should learn how to balance processes, technology, and training between different departments. For instance, you can use CRM (customer relationship management) platforms to perform operations with data. It is more convenient than using spreadsheets, so import all the data from Excel to a CRM solution. Because of the number of reliable and detailed info about the customer stored in CRM, all the departments have access to new data resources, so that they get a better understanding of what do customers need. To achieve that, workers have to cooperate to get an accurate and up-to-date data.

Building resilience also means searching for some competitive advantages to meet customers needs and requirements in a better way.



#6 Act fearlessly


Implementing new technologies or innovations brings along a lot of anxiety, and marketing technologists have to be truly fearless.

What if this fails? Well, there is always a possibility of failure when trying something new. But as it is known, learning through failure is a very effective methodology. For those who just start working in this field, it would be especially a bittersweet experience, cause they have to do both things at a time, implement some innovations and keep the current customers satisfied.

Taking risks has become a part of any leading role, marketing technologist is not an exception. Having the guts to take risks and being fearless is always a useful feature.



#7 Connect through emotional intelligence


You may think that the role of marketing technologist consists of rather solving problems than making significant business cases.

A lot of leaders realize how important customer experience, dynamics of the market, and some internal complications are.   

Another fundamental skill would be storytelling. It means not just visualizing data, shaping it, and making it appropriate for the mediator, but the ability to tell a story is essential for building and maintaining relationships.

They don’t just have to tell the story but adapt to a certain crowd they interact with. A marketing technologist should be an active listener, authenticate, and increase the interests of himself and all the others.



#8 Keep it simple


Fast changes make marketers keep all the processes simple if they want to get a competitive advantage. But as it is known, simplicity is hard to achieve.

The ability to transform a complicated issue into a simpler one is a significant benefit. Marketing technologist that can implement a solution or tool to provide some simplicity to marketing processes and operations decreases costs, clarifies, and perfect clients experiences.



#9 Popularize data


Data analysis skills are of great value when talking about a marketing technologist. If you are familiar with operational data, you understand the state of your company better. Knowing interaction data opens the market and clients' insights. A combination of these two gives a marketer ability to bring into play a dynamic story.  

A company can make the accuracy of forecasting better if it trains the team to improve and develop data judgment and decision-making abilities. By popularizing data there would be no wastage of investments into marketing or advertising.



#10 Collide worlds


Marketing technology is an area that is a bit hard to control and understand. One should have a feature of a polymath to cope with that.

It is a person of wide-ranging knowledge and permanent learning ability. The marketing technology area includes sales, marketing, psychology, technology, politics, statistics, computer science and so on.

Marketers who have a broad circle of different interests can find opportunities and deal with problems faster by using knowledge from other fields.

Some say that it is better to focus on one field. But having diverse interests and the ability of learning transfer gives these people an extraordinary way of thinking. This skill can lead you to the top of the marketing field, as it is one of the most beneficial characteristics of a world-class leader.


To Conclude


By developing and cherishing marketing technologist with these characteristics, a company can become very adjustable to the modern customer, and get an opportunity to prosper in the future.

To increase the effectivity of marketing strategy it is recommended to use CRM platforms, as they have marketing automation tool that helps to deal with marketing activities.

Keep up with modern world, use CRM systems to optimize the work of marketing department.

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