100 and 5 Sales Tips in 2017

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100 and 5 Sales Tips in 2017

Achieving a considerable and remarkable success is a major goal of any business. That is why it is so important to constantly scan the sales landscape for ways to improve. Here are 100 and 5 sales tips that will help your sales team succeed. These sales hints cover all stages of the sales cycle - from meeting with a potential client to the after-sale relationships. So, use up all these suggestions to change and enhance your sales process in 2017.

  • Content and Email Usage in Selling Process | Sales Tips

Content is an essential and decisive feature of any business. It provides the entrepreneurs with a vast amount of opportunities, such as engaging more leads and turning them into customers, improving the business prospects, helping your company to distinguish itself from other businesses in its category and establishing stronger connections with your consumers.

#1 Implement into your content the most inspirational and valuable ideas. Don’t be afraid of sharing too much, the qualified customers will appreciate your generosity.

#2 Having a holistic understanding of your audience provides you with a possibility to create a personalized content.

#3 Combine in your posts the real needs of your consumers with the solutions you provide.

#4 Your content should fulfill the real function. It may be convincing, informing or converting.

#5 Construct your content so that it could point out your position is the sales cycle.

#6 You should include a valuable and useful information into your sales emails. Otherwise, they will be disregarded or even marked as spam.

#7 Monitor and analyze your content to identify the pieces which engage more customers and strike extra deals.

#8 Keep your content clear and understandable by providing the context and summary. Give your potential customer the main ideas and advantages of your offering.

#9 Base your content around your customer most repeated feedbacks.

#10 You should utilize your content in order to gather more qualified leads and then take them to the next level of their purchasing process. But don’t bring the content into play with a view to close a sales deal.

#11 Make sure the headline reflects the main ideas of your post.

#12 To help your potential clients to make a final decision, identify the differences between your business and a competitor and highlight the main points which make you stand out.

#13  Add a video or other media into your email signature so that it could show your customers who you are and what you do.

#14 Produce case studies - stories that show how your company has managed to provide an effective solution to the previous real life clients.

#15 Add a call to action (CTA) into your content. But do it tactfully.

#16 Make a list of top 10 or 20 questions your prospective consumers may have during their decision-making process. Then produce content which will cover all those questions.

#17 Try out distinctive formats of content such as videos, infographics, presentations. In such a way you’ll get even more prospective consumers.

  • Selling in the Events Industry via Sales Tips

Events provide entrepreneurs with the ability to inform the customers, connect with the new buyers and establish strong connections with them. Follow these sales tips to enhance your selling in the event industry.

#18 Invite the most valuable potential consumers to your event by sending them a personalized invitation.

#19 Make sure your most wanted audience knows about your presence.

#20 Bringing your consumers to the event will turn your business’s presence into more forceful one.

#21 Use the event as an opportunity to get know your prospective clients more closely.

#22 Make your customers feel comfortable at the event and provide them with all the necessary information about your product or service.

#23 Utilize your own executive team as one more way to convene the extra meeting of the consumers.

#24 Collect your customers’ feedbacks and suggestions about the future event.

#25 While giving your business card to the customers, make it distinctive and personalized for example by hand writing a phone number on it.

#26 Organize the events from time to time in order to enable your customers to get together and find out more about your business.

  • Connecting and Arranging Meetings with the Potential Customers | Sales Tips

Every sales team strives for the prospect’s attention and the ability to get in their calendar. It is a highly challenging task to get a meeting with a potential client.

#27 Instead of arranging the meeting in order to sell your product or service to the customers, provide them with the useful information, it may be case studies, benchmarking data, etc.

#28 Demonstrate your potential consumers all the drawback of NOT using the product or service you provide.

#29 The most efficient method to get on your prospect’s calendar is to make a parallel between your message and their real needs.

#30 Conduct a detailed research in order to get the whole picture of your potential customer and find out what is important for them.

#31 Try to visualize the possible future benefits your prospects can get, via telling them a true story about a client who resulted in a great success with your help.

#32 Sometimes it is worthy to listen to your prospects’ silence and avoid becoming annoying.

#33 When it comes to talking, the potential consumers tend to hesitate. That is why it is necessary for you to make it simple for them to share their suggestions and feedbacks.

#34 Monitor the accounts of your prospects so that you could know exactly if and when to engage with them.

#35 The most effective approach to organize the meeting with one call is with the help of a referral introduction from a person your potential consumers know and trust.

  • Getting Deep Insight into Customer’s Mind | Sales Tips

In order to truly understand your consumers, fulfill their needs and provide them with useful and valuable solutions, there is the need to think like your customers. Only in this way you can win their trust.

#36 Ask questions to find out the customers needs and expectations.

#37 Sell your consumers a solution, not a product.

#38 Make your sales process personalized via monitoring, analyzing and understanding your prospects.

#39 The exceptional ability to combine the consumer priorities and challenges with your business solution is a key to your company success.

#40 Make your business customer-centric by focusing on your consumers and providing them with an outstanding value.

#41 Survey your customers and base your decisions on objective information.

  • Technology Usage in Sales | Sales Tips

A vast range of technology such as CRM for sales, analytics tools, smartphones, etc., can be utilized in the sales process in order to drive more deals and close them faster.

#42 Use technologies that work for you and your goals.

#43  Assess your sales applications for both, business and user value.

#44 Shopping via mobile phones gains its popularity. That is why it is so important for your website to be mobile-friendly.

#45 Get the holistic comprehension of what consumers are doing and when they are mostly likely to make a purchase with the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

#46 Engage your prospects in conversations about your product or service via social media platforms.

#47 Use customer review on social media to adjust your messaging and sales tactics.

#48 With CRM for sales you can become more agile and productive due to the fact that this system enables you to contact the client while on the go.

#49 Adopt Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices among your sales force in order to gain all the advantages of the mobile technology.

#50 Use profiling tools to collect extra data about your potential clients.

#51 Big Data analytics tools usage will enable you to deeply analyze the customer buying habits which will lead to the revenue increase.

#52 Use sales force automation systems to make the planning business process uncomplicated and less long-drawn-out.  

#53 Use social media channels to sell your product or service.

#54 With mobile technologies you can immediately get access to all the necessary product specifications which can lead to the efficiency raise of your sales pitches.

  • Making Customers Part of Your Network | Sales Tips

Taking part in every stage of the customer purchasing process will lead to close and trusted relationship with the prospects. Make sure you give the consumers the access to your tools and useful data and thus, making them a part of your network.

#55 Invite the consumers to your business events and present them to people who will provide them with the deep insights of the industry.

#56 Constantly enhance your product as well as the customer service.

#57 Use your consumers’ feedbacks and testimonials in order to produce customers success stories.

#58 Connect your current satisfied consumers with the potential ones. Believe it or not, but most people are glad to help.

#59 Training the consumers is a great method to make them more comfortable and confident with your product or service.

  • Make Sure Your Customers are Satisfied after the Sale | Sales Tips

Ensuring the customer satisfaction after the sale may lead to the strong connections with consumers and the possibility to convert them into repeated buyers.

#60 Respond to the first support ticket quickly.

#61 Welcome every feedback, testimonial or suggestion as it can improve your customer service.

#62 When contacting your clients, make sure to remember their name and your previous conversation with them.

#63 Send your consumers a handwritten note. It will impress them and help you to establish the closer relationship.

#64 Ask your clients why they have chose you and how you can better their expectations on service and performance.

#65 The major sales power is the word-of-mouth advertising. That is why it is important to ensure that it is a positive one.

  • Successful Early Stages of Relationship between Business and Customer | Sales Tips

Ensuring that the new consumers are perfectly content with their decision to deal with your company is one more step towards business success.

#66 Inform your clients of how to obtain more from the start.

#67 Provide your consumers with the emails that contain information about new features, extra services or future events.

#68 It often happens that the consumers don’t read your terms of the agreement and this leads to the serious misunderstanding. That’s why there is the need to avoid the disappointed customer expectations.

#69 Inform the customers via the phone or face-to-face about all the possible problems that may occur.

#70 Provide your consumers with the information about the distinctive specifications of the deliverables.

#71 After the meeting, send your clients the email with summing-up of the conversation and make sure they have a complete and profound understanding of all the discussed details.

  • Increasing Usage and Adoption | Sales Tips

Your product or service may be the most useful one, but it won’t bring you extra sales if your customers don’t know how to utilize it to the full. Thus, you should offer training sessions after the sale.

#72 Create a special section on your website where your clients can learn more about the product or service.

#73 Show your consumers general tips of how they can benefit from your product or service usage.

#74 Use a tool in order to track the customer usage and then connect that usage to the advantages your product provides.

#75 Your consumers have their own ‘clients’. That’s why provide them with all the necessary information they could use to internally establish the support and credibility for your product or service.

  • Satisfying the Angry Customers |
    Sales Tips

It often happens that for some reason you customer may be frustrated by your product. That’s why it is crucial to find the perfect solution and prevent your current angry customer from becoming the former one.

#76  The most efficient method of communication with unsatisfied consumers is to listen to them.

#77 Remain control of yourself and don’t take the customer’s irritation personally.

#78 Try to understand the origin of the problem. Sometimes the fact of frustration derives from something more substantive.

#79 Don’t hurry up with assuaging. It is better to generate all the data and respond later with a directing to the real cause solution.

#80 Always act on the customer’s behalf even when they express their anger in an inappropriate way.

#81 Realize the fact that it is impossible to satisfy everyone no matter how determined your attempts are.

#82 Try to understand the hidden customer intentions. Focus on the result.

  • The Possibilities of Cross-selling and Upselling | Sales Tips

Search for the new opportunities to fill in the existing purchase of your client. Your goal is to gain their trust and respect. That’s why make the recommendations personal and valuable.

#83 Monitor the customers accounts in order to find out their possible needs which can be met via cross-sells and upsells.

#84 Do constant researches to gain deeper insights and not to miss the opportunity.

#85 Identify the white space, where your solutions can add value to the client.

#86 By asking follow-up questions, make the consumer realize the necessity of the extra product or service you recommend.

#87 Make sure that the additional item or service you offer proves to be useful for your consumers.

  • Enhancing Customer Loyalty |
    Sales Tips

Once you have won your customers’ loyalty, you have to do everything in order to keep it. This will result in more trust and revenue.

#88 Put customer’s needs first.

#89 Become an approachable person. Make it simple for your consumers to talk to you and do business.

#90 Give your clients a list of relevant department headings, their names, and direct extensions in order to provide them with a possibility to reach the right person while solving some issues.

#91 Show your consumers that you are highly dedicated to their success.

#92 Design a long-term customer-centric business strategy.

#93 Use the analytics tools which will help you to predict the future consumers’ needs and be ready to satisfy them.

#94 Personalize your emails instead of just sending automated ‘Happy Birthday’ ones.

#95 Value the time of your customers via for instance quickly answering the phone, providing them with personalized service, etc.

#96 Make sure your clients are content and comfortable, and in this way, you will win their trust, respect, and loyalty.

#97 Don’t launch a product without loyalty rewards.

#98 Investigate all the possible ways of how you can help your consumers in the future.

#99 Talk to your customers and discover what economic influence your involvement had had on them.

#100 Create a communication strategy which will enable you to encourage cooperation, demonstrate your intentions and set expectations.

#101 Clarify your goals so that your clients could deeply understand your intentions and become open to discussions.

#102 Ask your customers for reviews. Welcome them to share their experience.

#103 Help your consumers to fulfill their major aims, and they will always find time for you and your business.

#104 Your front-line staff is a vital part of customer loyalty development. That’s why take some more time to find the right people who will perfectly fit in with your expectations.

#105 Do what you say you are going to do. Keeping promises builds absolute trust, respect, and strong loyalty.

Bottom Line

Aiming to transform and freshen up your sales process, there is the need to follow the most of these sales tips. The considerable sales experiences are based on the valuable customer experiences. In order to make your business customer-centric, your CRM has to contain the fundamental capacity for long-term customer relationship development. In case it doesn’t have the required features, you should focus on moving your data to the supreme platform. Trujay is an automated migration service which will help you to import your records carefully and securely. Try a free Demo Migration to estimate the desirable outcome.

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