15 Quick Hacks for Effortless CRM Data Migration [Infographic]

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15 Quick Hacks for Effortless CRM Data Migration [Infographic]

Today’s business world of constant innovations challenges the organizations to build the customer-centric company, as well as stay on top of the competition. Besides, seems like the client relationship management has been shifted gears. In order to fit the requirements of your company processes, and fulfill the demands of the customers, CRM market varies greatly. You can take advantage of the so-called beginner-oriented software to the robust CRM systems.

With a plethora of the platforms, the necessity of moving the CRM records to another solution is a pretty common tendency. Thirsting for the more advanced system with flexible functionality, intuitive interface, and efficient reporting tools, a number of companies try to find the optimal software and perform CRM data migration.

How to Get Ready for CRM Transition Wisely?

As a matter of fact, CRM data import is a complex and time-consuming procedure that requires the detailed plan, as well as preparation activities. So, let’s scrutinize the most critical pre-migration activities to achieve the desired results during and after the transfer:

  • Polish Your Database

One of the must-have actions before the switch is analyzing and filtering the CRM existing data. If you want to make the data import more transparent and swift, you should delete the outdated information and copies of data.

  • Choose a Right Platform

While selecting the platform, consider whether the solution is compatible with the size of your organization. Then, explore the existing functionality and check what tools require additional installation or purchase. One of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the price matter. Try to balance the diversity of features and CRM cost to foresee the benefit of the solution. Besides, take a chance to evaluate the platform's functionality by trying a free demo or subscription.

  • Make CRM Adoption Effortless

Before launching the CRM data migration, you can hold the meeting, announce the employees about the upcoming change and present the new system to the staff. Besides, let the employees get acquainted with core functionality to feel the difference between the current and future CRMs. Make sure the team members are comfortable with the platform.  

In case you want to learn more useful insights and practical advice on the successful CRM data migration, check out the infographic provided by Redspire:  

By and large, after the investigation of the essential pre-transfer actions, your next step is finding the migration tool for the smooth transition. In this case, you can take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay and perform the switch securely. The SaaS offers the beneficial features of fields and users mapping, as well as an opportunity to test the service in action. So, try a free Demo Migration and reveal the new business opportunities!

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