3 Key Factors to Implement Real Estate CRM [Infographic]

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3 Key Factors to Implement Real Estate CRM [Infographic]

While CRM market constantly consolidates, the platforms for specific business segments are coming to the forefront. Among the variety of industry-specific solutions, CRM for real estate is not an exception.

Whether you are somebody new or a pro in real estate, CRM implementation can be critical in helping you enhance the business processes and resolve the following challenges:

  • time-consuming access to the clients’ information. Poorly organized data can make gathering and searching for the required records more burdensome.
  • customers’ information is managed in the several databases, or not stored at all. This can cause the duplication of the entities and lead to the incorrect data about the contacts.
  • missing the reporting and forecasting options. Being focused on budgeting and closing deals, the real estate professionals lack time and efforts to analyze sales and plan the future improvements.

So, if you want to learn how to resolve these issues and boost company efficiency with real estate CRM, consider the following infographic provided by HouseHunt:

Now, when you got acquainted with the basic advantages of real estate CRM, let’s wrap up and outline 3 additional benefits of the platform:

#1 Organize Data In One Place

CRM can collect and maintain the information from the different lead generation sources (website, social media platforms, email campaigns) in one database. Besides, you can easily gather, manage, and access the information from the various devices.

# 2 Make the Immediate Responses

Responding to inquiries as soon as possible is one of the crucial elements for building the successful customer experience. Some of the real estate CRMs offer a customizable auto-response option that helps you provide the immediate responses.

# 3 Stay in Touch with Past Clients

While focusing on the relationships with current prospects, there is a possibility to forget about the previous clients. Every time you close a deal or get a new lead, CRM helps you set up a follow-up plan that includes personalized approach to make the customers feel special. For example: with a real estate CRM, you can keep track of the birthdays, as well as anniversaries and send a card or discount.

CRM for Real Estate: Define a Right Choice

Among a wide scope of CRM systems, many real estate companies choose Pipedrive or PipelineDeals to satisfy the industry’s specific demands. Besides the basic features, the platforms offer the automation tools to help you build action plans. You can create the reports to identify the local and national real estate trends. The solutions simplify your working process by reminding about the important deadlines, as well as integrating with invoicing and contract applications.

Let’s talk about how we can work together.

Sketching the Last Thoughts

In addition to managing the client’s data, the real estate agencies have to juggle the property wish lists, match the potential customers with sellers, and keep track of the funding and closing procedures. CRM for real estate simplifies these tasks and helps you build the business processes in accordance to the unique industry needs. So, if you are interested in moving data to one of the CRM systems above, an automated migration service Trujay can help perform the transfer effortlessly. Don’t hesitate, try a free Demo Migration right away!

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