Customer Complaints - 4 Reasons You Should Greet Them

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Customer Complaints - 4 Reasons You Should Greet Them

With the advancement of technology, social media, and internet, the clients have become more powerful than ever and remain the top priority for any business. So, if your customers get a positive experience, they can share their thoughts with other individuals. In this way, your organization will gain more prospects and enhance the revenue at no cost. In case you fail to provide an efficient client experience, get ready to deal with the customer complaints.

According to research by Esteban Kolsky, 13% of unhappy customers share their dissatisfaction with 15 or more people. The study found online indicates that 45% of angry clients spread their objections via social media. However, don’t take these stats negatively. The customer complaints always emphasize on the problems and provide you with an opportunity to fix them before the further complexity arises. So, let’s discuss the primary advantages of the client accusations and learn how to resolve them swiftly.

4 Benefits of the Customer Complaints

Since a study determines that customers whose dissatisfaction are handled quickly can turn into loyal customers, view the complaints as a gift for boosting your company processes and place the focus on:

  1. Learning from the Mistakes. Even though you can’t make the client forget about the unpleasant experience, you should investigate and consider the concerns. In this case your organization most likely exclude the possibility of repeating the incident to any other customer. This makes your employees more mature and teaches how to behave in such situations.   
  2. Identify Your Business Gaps. Since the happy clients will always appreciate your business, the angry ones help understand the drawbacks and areas of further improvements. The unsatisfied comments about your product or service can seem the harsh truth, but they always work as an eye opener.
  3. Understand The Customers Better. When consumers contact you to complain, you get an opportunity to explore their psychology, requirements and expectations. This enables you with getting a clear vision about their purchasing behavior, mentality, and what they think about your product or service, as well as applying the more personalized approach.
  4. Explore the Competitor’s Secrets. The conversation with your upset clients can reveal some additional information about your rivals. Together with the complaints, the consumers can open up the inside stories of other businesses, as well as more info about the customer support, advanced functionality, etc. By knowing these facts, you can create strong marketing campaigns, improve features of your product or service, and enhance the overall company performance.

As you can see, investigating the comments of the unhappy clients is a great way to collect direct feedback from your clients and make the improvements in the future. Besides the above-mentioned benefits of the customer complaints, you can also get the following bonus points:

  • share the stories of the unsatisfied consumers throughout your organization that can help your team understand the clients better;
  • use the complaint information in the case studies or the employee training programs.

Complaint Analysis and Checklist: Main Aspects to Consider

Besides knowing the benefits of the customer complaints, you should learn how to analyze, track, categorize and handle them efficiently. Since not all complaints are treated equally, take advantage of the next questions and ask yourself before you take an action:

  • Has this occurred before?
  • Have the unsatisfied comments been recorded?
  • How frequent does the same objection come up?
  • Is there a pattern to this complaint in how it was received?
  • Has the same client reported in the past?

After answering these questions, you can take the further steps required to prevent from receiving the customer dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the next time you get a complaint, you can perform a list of activities for keeping your customers happy:

  1. Admit and accept the complaint.
  2. Respond to the client that you are taking action.
  3. Document and categorize the objection.
  4. Resolve the complaint according to organization policy.
  5. Follow up with the consumers to assure everything is fine.

By and large, handling the client complaints is an ongoing procedure. So, using the customer service software like CRM can help you monitor the unsatisfied prospects, as well as track the new complaints and trends. In case you are not using CRM or want to move data from the current platform to the more advanced one (the list of top CRM software in 2017: Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, SugarCRM), consider an automated migration service Trujay. The SaaS offers you the valuable features of modules mapping and a free Demo Migration and helps you perform the import fast and securely.

Pull It All Together

Either you get the positive or negative feedback from the clients, each experience teaches you the new things about the consumers, their industry, and specific needs. If your team can take the customer complaints with the open mind, your business success can always shine in the long run.

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