Capsule to Insightly Migration in 4 Steps

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Capsule to Insightly Migration in 4 Steps

Capsule to Insightly Migration in 4 Steps


Nowadays, CRM migration became one of the main cures for poor organization’s performance. The reasons for data transfer can vary from the lack of CRM functionality, low user adoption rates to the overinvestment in the tools you hardly work with. And these arguments spur more companies to migrate from Capsule to Insightly.



Why do you need to choose Insightly CRM?


Insightly fits the needs of all-sized organizations no matter its industries, starting from freelancers up to enterprises. Yet, it's the main accent is on small and mid-sized businesses. The platform serves for users all over the world. So, its total number is around 1.5 million. That, it is fair to say Insightly is one of the most popular software in the worldwide CRM market.


The system is a lightweight, yet powerful solution to use. It can help to solve the customer relationship management task easy. BY, often it exceeds the user's expectations. While including the intuitive interface and obtaining a short learning curve, Insightly provides the advanced and legacy reports to help explore more opportunities for your business.


Capsule and Insightly price matter

Getting to the price matter, Capsule offers:


  • Free subscription for 2 users
  • Professional plan for $12/user/month


While Insightly enables you with a free edition (it allows you to discover the benefits of CRM 1 or 2 users) and more paid subscription options to choose from by obtaining 3 subscriptions:


  • Plus - $29//user/month/billed annually; (Segment, communicate and monitor outreach efforts)
  • Professional - $49/user/month/billed annually; (Add workflow automation and team security)
  • Enterprise - $99/user/month/billed annually; (Scale your CRM to fit your business needs)



Capsule to Insightly Migration: Reasonable and Efficient Method


Save your budget, time, and efforts, take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay. The Saas helps simplify the CRM records transfer without coding or copy-pasting. The valuable feature of data mapping enables you with setting up the proper fields to make the switch more accurate. You can run a free Demo Migration to evaluate the ease and accuracy of CRM switch in action.


So, if you are sure about migrating from Capsule to Insightly, follow the next steps to proceed with your data transfer:


Step 1. Create your account at Provide name, email, password, and phone number or login via social networks.



Step 2. Select your current Capsule software from the drop-down field and choose an authorization type.


Please note: for an automated migration you must use "API Access". In case you have some issues with getting those ones, take advice on "How can I find out Capsule CRM API token?"

Then fill out your CRM URL and API Authentication Token.


Then select Insightly CRM as your future solution and specify API token.

In case you have some issues with getting those ones, take advice on "How can I find Insightly CRM API Key?"

capsule to insightly


Step 3. Check out the modules you want to transfer, and then map the fields. Once you are ready, launch a free Demo Migration.


capsule to insightly mapping


Step 4. Check out the received results. If you are satisfied with Demo results, complete the data import from Capsule to Insightly.




Bottom line


The main aspects of the CRM migration outlined above, you can transfer from Capsule to Insightly in a direct and accurate mode. Don’t, wait any longer, start free Demo Migration right away!


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