PipelineDeals to Capsule CRM Data Migration [How-to]

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PipelineDeals to Capsule CRM Data Migration [How-to]

PipelineDeals to Capsule CRM Data Migration


The seasons for switching a current CRM may be multiple and varied, so if you consider migrating from PipelineDeals to Capsule, you have already made a choice. However, there remains one piece of work to be done - plan your CRM data transfer.

Capsule CRM as a Part of an Effective CRM Strategy


A good CRM addresses the major requirements of SMBs and enables dashboard, API support, automation of processes, native mobile abilities, and social CRM functionality. In its turn, Capsule fulfills the core demands and provides the mentioned-above capabilities and comes with comprehensive UI, customization options, and a reasonable price.


While PipelineDeals, offers 2 plans ($23 user/mo and $48 user/mo) that start with at least 3 licenses, Capsule enables its clients with a free subscription for 2 users or a paid subscription £8 (ex VAT) user/mo.


With a clear-eyed, sober look at your business strategy, you decided to include in the upgrade process your team and applied tools. Now the question is how to get your data from PipelineDeals to Capsule, and here is the answer - an automated migration service Trujay.

CRM Migration from PipelineDeals to Capsule in an Accurate and Secure Way


With an innovative migration service Trujay, many business owners have automatedly switched their records to a new CRM. So, if you are looking for an accurate and secure PipelineDeals to Capsule data transfer, then this solution is just the job. There is no need for software installation, programming, or data copy/pasting.


Besides, both of your CRM solutions will run full uptime during the process. Another beneficial option is data mapping so you can choose the destination fields for your records before the CRM switch. Register and run a free Demo Migration to check the service in action.


Once you have tuned up your database and team for the upcoming CRM migration, then you are ready to kick off the process ahead.



PipelineDeals to Capsule: Step-by-Step Process


Step 1. Register an account at app.trujay.com.


Step 2. Select your PipelineDeals from the menu and enter your API Key, and then, define Capsule as a future CRM and enter your URL and API token.

Step 3. Tick the data modes you want to switch and map the fields according to your preferences. Note that unmapped fields won’t be transferred. And then, start up your free Demo Migration.

pipelinedeals to capsule

Step 4. If you are satisfied with Demo results, get down, and complete your PipelineDeals to Capsule migration.

pipelinedeals to capsule results

All changes are stressful, time, and effort consuming, and CRM switch isn’t the exception. With Trujay, your migration from PipelineDeals to Capsule will be accurate and fast, plus you can get our tech support anytime. So, put your hesitations aside and set up your transfer with us.


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