4 Tips on Accurate SugarCRM to Highrise Switch [Tutorial]

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4 Tips on Accurate SugarCRM to Highrise Switch [Tutorial]

CRM system encompasses a range of effective tools for increasing the effectiveness of business performance, as well as improves service quality and more customized product for growing loyalty rates. However, every company has unique requirements and needs a solution that will align to its milestones and objectives.

Recommendations to Choosing CRM Vendor

Some business owners put a little value in the process of CRM selection, yet, the tools and options of desired solution are a vital part of your strategy. So, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

    • license fees and cost of system maintenance
    • UI intuitiveness
    • core abilities in data administration
    • sales and marketing tools
    • automation and customization features
    • reporting options
    • mobile access and integration
    • customer service options

Recently, cloud solutions gain more popularity among SMBs, as well as mid-sized companies. So, businesses look for more capabilities at a lower price. Despite, the reputation of a standalone solution, many vendors move from SugarCRM to Highrise.

SugarCRM vs Highrise: Science of Simplicity for Prolific Performance

Seems that preference to the cloud CRM can be viewed as a false and misguided step. However, every business owner knows which solution can fulfill company demands effectively without extra expenses. Undoubtedly, SugarCRM is a robust CRM, but Highrise is chosen due to

    • attractive pricing policy and comprehensive user interface that reduce system adoption
    • contact manager can cope with B2B and B2C strategies, and offers storing customer data as a separate client or organization
    • apart from assigning and monitoring the accomplishment, task tool aids in employee productivity improvement
    • tracking the status of your transactions via deal management enables to the duration of the customer journey and actions that were taken for its speeding up
    • you also can segment your clients with a tag option

So, these key abilities facilitate company running, as well as prevent business owners from overinvestments in CRM tools that they will hardly ever use.

Modes and Means of CRM Data Migration

As long as your database is a lifeblood of your business, the way you will migrate your records from SugarCRM to Highrise is of major importance. There several manners of data transfer.

  • You can hire a professional or freelancer who will import your CSV files in Highrise. The process is long and heavy manual, Besides, you grant your access credentials to a person you barely know.
  • Another mode is to incorporate migration script. Again, you need to find seasoned web developer for script writing and include time of its writing and system downtime.
  • As well, you can use a web-based service Trujay and switch your records automatedly without coding or side interference. Solution encrypts your access credentials and has no influence on the current system uptime.

Migrate from SugarCRM to Highrise in 4 Steps

Step 1.Go to https://app.trujay.com and register your account. Provide your name, email, password and enter the phone number; or sign in with your social network accounts or as a CRM (HubSpot CRM) user.


Step 2.Specify your existing CRM - SugarCRM. Provide the required credentials.

Provide your Highrise URL and API token.

Step 3. After that, select items you’d like to migrate to your new CRM platform. Check the corresponding boxes to migrate your accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities, leads and notes together with the related activities such as calls and events. Click Start Free Demo Migration.

Step 4. Now, check out your Demo migration results. If you are satisfied, you may fully migrate SugarCRM to Highrise.

To Sum Up

Now you know more about the future CRM, the possible migration ways, and how to switch the data automatically just in few steps.

Well, it is high time to migrate SugarCRM to Highrise right away.

Transfer to Highrise limited amount of your SugarCRM data by starting free Demo migration,  and enjoy using the desired solution.

Don’t wait up, migrate SugarCRM to Highrise today.

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