5 Convincing Reasons to Migrate to a New CRM

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5 Convincing Reasons to Migrate to a New CRM

Just imagine the following scenario. Your company does its best to be in the league of the most profitable businesses, but something always goes wrong and many projects result in failure. Your teams can cope with the blends of updated and redundant records. The customers are leaving you because of unprofessional and poor service. You can’t customize your CRM platform to the needs of your business objectives and departments requirements. This is a horrible nightmare for any business owner. In case, you feel close to this storyline; you should consider about migrating to new CRM system up to now. So, the following short-list will be useful for you, as long as it offers the main reasons for changing the current CRM software.

1. Outdated System Steals Your Time

All the tools and options should work for you and accumulate your departments with relevant and efficient data, as well as spare the time for business efficiency. In case, your records are in a random position, and the real-time updating continuously delays that causes money and client losses. If your CRM software lacks effortless data access, offers complicated navigation or requires the redundant information, it is the first alert for migrating to new CRM system.

2. Looks Like Your CRM Works for Someone Else?

You have planned your objectives and business strategy carefully, but the losses are higher than the profit, and your customers are disappointed with your service. If you use your CRM platform for a long time and all attempts to customize it had rather negative than positive effect, the solution should be under discussion. Your sales and marketing processes are falling by the sideway and the nurturing leads doesn’t bring new clients’. So, let’s outline the conclusion. The features and tools of your software don’t fit or too sluggish to perform the campaigns and tasks successfully.

3. CRM Offers No Room for Improvement

When you have chosen your CRM platform, you took into account the scalability and customization of the software. Your business grows more rapidly than you forecasted, but the tools and features of your current system limit your abilities and bring constant failures. However, you can try to update your platform or buy some third-party add-ons, but no one can guarantee that it would work. So, instead of wasting money on the current solution, it is worth to think about investing into new and more appropriate CRM system.

4. Your Analytics Suffers

The analytics are one of key the elements of CRM software. It enables you with planning, monitoring, executing and evaluating the sales and marketing performances. So, if your current platform lacks or provides the poor level of reporting, the impact on your revenue won’t delay. The departments find it difficult to provide the extensive reports for planning and forecasting future campaigns. So, the basis of your initiatives and projects is fragile and unsuitable. This is one more reason to migrate to new CRM platform.

5. CRM Proscribes Real-time Communication and Integration

The era of social media requires fast and qualitative services and two-way communication. If your CRM software offers you no integration abilities, and even deprives of a mobile app, you have already lost the battle for the customer’s attention and loyalty. So, it is worth to consider about new CRM that enables you with the anytime and anywhere access to your company records and provide your clients with the real-time communication.

Logical Outcomes

As you can see, there is some convincing reasons for changing your current CRM software. Definitely, we all are very suspicious of everything new, but the changes are an inevitable process of our life. Every business owner takes care of the company and customers, so don’t allow the old habits to drag you down from the achieving your goals. Consider about migration to new CRM platform and save your time, money and customers.

P.S. If this short-list help you to come up with the decision of changing your current CRM platform, but you doubt about the migration process. Trujay is an online service that may switch your leads, contacts, accounts, tasks, and opportunities in an automated, fast and secure way.

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