5 Questions to Answer Before Choosing CRM

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5 Questions to Answer Before Choosing CRM


CRM is a platform that helps you to preserve good relations with your current and future clients. The CRM solution can help your sales, marketing, research, support teams, the whole company actually, to keep their eyes on the customers in whatever you do, as the system tracks all the communication histories.

But before choosing CRM, it is recommended to answer a few simple questions.

Do I Need a CRM?

This is the key question that you should answer before choosing CRM solution. If you are familiar with the amount of customers in the company, and you may notice if the customers’ database increases to the point you can’t deal with it. In that moment the CRM system steps into.

What's the Budget

Think about CRM as an investment. Spent some money now but earn a lot more in the future.

There are various types of CRM systems on the market with different prices that can appeal to all kinds of budgets. So you can find a solution for yourself.         

A lot of platforms have free versions if you are on a tight budget.  

To make it easier, classify the features you want to have in 2 parts:

    • must have
    • good to have                


In this way, you can identify what features are necessary for your company.     


Who is Going to Use the CRM

You should clarify who will use the CRM. Because of the success of implementation greatly depends on this. When you start using the CRM try to have the minimum number of users. Later, you can add the participants as many as needed.


What Outcome Do I Expect

The expected outcomes may to be documented, for example:

    • I need CRM for the sales department to increase income. Income was ‘X’ last year, current year’s income is ‘X+x’, next year it should be ‘X+2x’.
    • I need CRM for the marketing department to improve campaign rates.
    • I need CRM for the customer service department to improve the relationships.



How to Choose a CRM Vendor

When you realized you need the CRM system, the next step is to choose a CRM vendor. These are the things that should be taken into consideration:

  1. Type of merchant

Search for merchants who have solutions that can solve your business problem. Check if this solution can fit your business.

  1. Automation capabilities

It’s important that the CRM has some automated features so that your team can concentrate on more important tasks than just wasting time on repetitive tasks.

  1. Integration flexibility

It is better that your CRM platform is integrated with other systems. The evaluation of integration capabilities also needs to be done . That includes the ready-to-use integrations, already available on the market, the API documentation and integration with other systems.

  1. Free trial / assisted demo

A lot of CRM platforms have free trial period. That is made for the user to understand how the system works, how simple or not it is while using. You can also request an assisted demo from the vendor.

  1. Service and support SLA’s

Check out how many free training sessions is provided, if they have any training material or training videos. Pay attention to Support SLA’s and if the support is available during your business hours.

Why to Choose Trujay For the Data Migration


Take advantages of automated data migration to assure secure and smooth data transfer to a chosen platform.

The benefits of SaaS:

  • Data security and Privacy. The service complies with the GDPR requirements. Therefore, the service excludes any possibility of the information loss. Besides, you can sign up a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Data Mapping. You can map the modules and users by yourself. Also, the system warns the users about the unmapped field and asks them to choose among the available options.
  • Users Mapping. Select the user of future CRM to assign the current CRM user’s data to it. Als, you can create a new user on the future platform. Then, reload a page to see the changes.
  • Free Coding and Copy/Pasting. Trujay can help you to avoid the time-consuming work.
  • Demo Migration. You can run a free Demo Migration and check the SaaS in action. Trujay will transfer the limited amount of data and keep the relations between the records.

Complete a few steps to successfully import your data:

  1. Register your Trujay account or login through the social media account;
  2. Choose the current and future CRM solutions and log in;
  3. Select the items you want to import, and map the fields. Launch a free Demo Migration to observe if the service works in the proper way;
  4. If you are satisfied with the results continue migration to complete the transition.  

To Sum Up

Choosing CRM for your business can be tough thing to do. Pay attention to the recommendations  written above and you can be sure you have dedicated enough time for the searching process of finding the best CRM tool for your company. Be sure you to choose the best system for your business, as the right CRM can greatly influence the growth of your organization. So choose a CRM now and start earning more tomorrow.

Move some of your data to the chosen CRM system by running a free Sample migration and see how it works.

To get some helpful insights you can schedule an expert’s call.


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