6 Essential Points in Building Customer Service Strategy

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6 Essential Points in Building Customer Service Strategy

Turning а customer service strategy into reality is the primary goal for many companies. A majority of organizations realize that successful consumer experience is the competitive weapon, yet achieving the goal can be challenging. One of the main reasons for meeting the difficulties is today’s business world driven by an enormous amount of information. Accordingly, most of the clients expect you to know and understand their interests and priorities like never before.

As proof, the report by Econsultancy for trends in Digital Marketing for 2015 questioned the organizations to single out the most exciting opportunity for their company. Even though social, mobile, content marketing are the main buzzwords lately, customer experience won the battle.

Customer Strategy Chart

In fact, nearly 80% of consumers are willing to get personalized attitudes from the company they engage. PricewaterhouseCoopers study shows that 43% of organizations claim that they win practically no advantage from the data and certainly don’t use it as a benefit to consumers. Thus, to help you unravel this contradiction, let's go over the vital steps you should take to build effective customer service strategy.

#1 Craft Customer Service Vision

The first move in creating a client-oriented approach is communicating the consumer service vision to employees. Your colleagues have to understand where an organization is going, what striving for, and how to perform the duties for successful goal achievements. Also, your workers have to know their responsibilities to handle the vision accomplishment. The simplest way to determine the strategy insight is to create a list of statements that act as guiding principles. Once these fundamentals are in place, you may implement them to drive the behavior of your company.

#2 Identify Your Customers’ Needs

Some companies often fail and waste a lot of time or valuable resources on creating the products and services they thought their customers want, yet it was not at all. Consequently, the next trick is to explore clients’ priorities, and put together the tactics to meet these needs.

So, first of all, you should talk to the prospects, and discover the perception of the provided services or determine what are their main expectations.

Also, you have an opportunity to get consumer needs assessment by receiving the feedback through focus groups, customer comment cards, and satisfaction surveys. This will give you valuable information to develop a comprehensive plan for exceeding the clients’ demands. However, keep in mind, that things change with time: what your users prefer today might be different in a year or so.

Finally, to succeed in customer improvement initiative you can create buyer personas, as well as give them a name and personality. At this point, you may internalize the ideal client, and relate him or her to your real consumers that can help you gain the deeper understanding of their behaviors.

#3 Build Emotional Connection with Your Customers

It is not a secret, that successful buyer’s practices are achieved when you create an emotional connection with your prospect. Thus, the study by Journal of Consumer Research showed that more than 50% of an experience is based on an emotion  as the feelings influence the attitudes that drive decisions. Furthermore, the shopper tend to become loyal because they are emotionally attached when remembering the perception of using a product or service.

# 4 Build Proper Customer Service Framework

A learning and development structure can help you discover how the company is going to act about delivering the service excellence. So, it is recommended to identify the training needs for each member of your organization. Also, you should keep in mind that the reward and recognition are the key motivators for employees, so utilize them to build your customer service strategy. The level of the staff satisfaction transforms into better quality of your customer support.

#5 Hire the Right Staff

Recruiting with the client in mind is another critical step ahead to strong service you offer consumers. At this point, you should screen the workers in the proper way for ensuring that they obtain the skill set to help building an effective consumer practice environment.

Moreover, you should constantly help your workers develop the knowledge and abilities for delivering service excellence against principals that the buyer focuses on. These competencies comprise good communication, empathy, tolerance and the capability to interpret issues or respond properly according to the business rules.

Also, you can hire executive service leaders and managers who will create a customer-focused culture and encourage positive teamwork. In that line, they have to be strategic, but lead by example, as well as possess a strong business acumen.

#6 Use CRM Software

One of the important components of building the successful customer service strategy is implementing CRM platform into your businesses processes. The solution enables you to view consumer buying history and identify related products based on the previous purchases. Besides, by using relevant data, you are able to predict the future needs, almost before the prospects know they want it. Having the ability to foresee allows you be proactive and attentive to your clients, as well as utilize the full potential of the 360 degree view of the consumer.

Drawing up a line, obtaining a strong vision and customer service strategy are the critical components to ensure the prosperity of your company. If you take all the tips and tricks mentioned above into consideration, you will gain the positive impact on consumer loyalty, higher retention, and increased revenues.

P.S. As CRM implementation helps discover the new horizons with the faithful customers, check out our white paper ‘Proven Reasons for CRM Implementation’ for useful insights.

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