6 Steps to CRM Marketing ROI Enhancement

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6 Steps to CRM Marketing ROI Enhancement

CRM solutions can enhance the return on investment (ROI) of all your content, especially when it comes to email marketing. Nucleus Research study indicates that CRM marketing ROI is $8.71 for every $1 spent. One of the practical uses of the CRM is to improve the relationships with clients, so they will open, read, click and engage with emails more often.

The platforms increase CRM marketing ROI because they let your sales and marketing teams to find out on which phase a potential customer is in the sales funnel. In this line of thoughts, let’s discover the essential tactics you can use for the re-engagement of cold leads.

Use CRM Data to Boost Email-Marketing ROI

Check out the key information sets for monitoring and enhancement of the campaign open and click-through rates:

#1 Сonsult the Purchase History

The client’s buying data is a real insight of the further behavior, use this data to create the offers of various kinds. Depending on previous customer's purchases, you get a chance to build the customized proposals in accordance to the client's needs.

The types of the content above may be focused on the new prospects, or on those who just got interested in your brand, subscribed to newsletters, etc.

#2 Engage Social Media Practices

Collect the information from social media conversations to identify trends and point out interests of your targeted audience. Besides the information about potential clients, you can discover the data about innovations in the industry and the customers’ attitude to them. Furthermore, you may explore reviews about your brand, as well as the competitors.

This information will help plan your strategy and offer the prospects what they want.

#3 Work with Demographics and Contact Information

Use the customer’s personal data and provide them with special offers. Besides, you can also segment the clients in accordance with their preferences and send the personalized letters.

#4 Create Buyer Personas

Creating the buyer personas is a way to understand the audience better. It is easier for you to tailor the content, messaging, product development, and services to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of different groups. Remember to:

  • know the prospects by investigating their habits and behavior patterns
  • categorize them into 3-6 groups to separate it into the marketing campaigns.

Build the email campaigns that fit your buyer personas’ needs the best. Your email marketing campaigns should cater every persona separately to achieve the desired objective of the whole initiative.

#5 Find the Client in Sales Funnel

The most critical CRM finding is where the potential customer lands in the sales funnel. This method helps to increase ROI more than any other approach. With CRM, you can define the critical data that influence users’ decisions at different steps of the funnel.

For instance: instead of sending a general message to everyone on the education stage, explore the subset who reads the blog and tailor the email campaign particularly to them.

#6 Turn to Marketing-Focused CRM

Most of CRM systems are primarily used for sales. However, some of the platforms are designed with marketing in mind. When businesses decide to increase customer loyalty, brand awareness and open up cross-selling opportunities, they start thinking about the CRM migration from their current systems.  

Once you are determined to change your platform, you should prepare database and team for the switch. Moreover, you need to find an accurate, secure, and fast way to get your data to the desired platform. With Trujay, you will migrate CRM data with all the relations, set the required field mapping, and the process will run behind so your team will continue to work as usual.

Final Takeaway

The trends have made CRM an invaluable tool for sales reps, yet the marketing people apply email campaigns on the equal level. The tactics as mentioned earlier are supposed to show you what business value you can get due to the CRM data and analytics. However, it’s up to you to incorporate them or not to incorporate into initiative; but in the second case, you lose a chance to advance your CRM marketing ROI.

P.S. Have upcoming questions on the CRM data migration? Feel free to schedule a call with our expert and get the answers.

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