6 Traits of Destructive Sales Teams

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6 Traits of Destructive Sales Teams

Business depends on an ecosystem of products and solutions as a part of day-to-day operations. This can be seen as a general truth. Thus, even after the adoption of a shiny new sales methodology and changing CRM, the problem of unproductive sales team doesn’t disappear. Worth of all, there come out the new issues. So the question is what to do?

There are thousand of posts describing the best practices in the sales performance out there. Instead of joining in the majority, here is a post that aims to show what actions and habits of your sales reps drive your income rates and customer satisfaction down.

Getting closer to the point: the sales figures are stagnant, and your sales managers are as busy as the hamster in the spinning wheel. Those may be the symptoms of a disconnected relationship and unproductive activities of the employees. Analyze their performance in a little more depth: they are working out their fingers to the bone on minor tasks, making monotonous phone calls that will inspire your clients to take a nap, and the like. The diagnosis is clear: your sales team has got off the track.

How to fix this nasty situation? Here are a few points need to be understood about the sales profession before generating ideas and plans of what you can do to bring back the lost efficiency of the team.

What Should We Know about Sales Reps?

Every profession has some specific features and ways of acting. And concerning sales managers, they need to talk with people all the time, and they are so eager to prioritize any other task that has nothing in common with talking to the client. For the success, your reps should focus on tasks that deal with helping the customer to make the buying decision.

Far not always the unproductive actions are the mere fault of the sales team. Usually, there is a higher management that set those tasks to be done, and may not take into account some other circumstances in the office.

Despite the origin of the habits or traits, here are the six of them that make a recipe for sales reps burnout in an agile (or any other) environment work.

#1 Call and talk because you’ll be paid

For many business people will seem a logical the following statement: if you don’t have a good reason or offer, don’t disturb your customers and prospects. Thus, in the everyday work, it happens that sales managers are calling to clients just because they need to complete their quota and get their salary.

Maybe you have heard the term “dialing for dollars” - know we talk not about old TV programmes - this also represents the first bad sales trait in the list. The tactic is opposite to productive. Let’s say; the top management decided that every sales rep should call their leads or customers at least 4 times per week to make a successful deal. Still, the result of this approach is irritated (or even lost) client.

So, think twice before picking up the phone and make a call for the sake of a call, not a valid business offer.

#2 Blindly follow the script

The nature of sales is a tricky one. Sales reps should have a pinch of creativity and be indeed engaged with the customers to see the problem from their side and offer an effective solution. That means that there is no place for the script selling. Many people are already familiar with this way, and from a few phrases can say that this sales manager goes on the script.

Instead of crossing out the questions from the list that don’t pass to this very customer, focus on customer needs and try to figure out how exactly bothers them, and then provide a solution your product or service may bring.

Without doubt, sales is hard work; yet, if you go on the track of solving customers’ issues in place of accomplishing your agenda, you will win more clients and forget about the standard script selling.

#3 All customers are the same

As it was already mentioned, the sale is a creative profession, and once the salespeople find out a hacked way of selling, they start to apply it to each next prospect. However, this tactic doesn’t work like that. This success is hard to repeat.

We all heard that customers are wiser today. They collect information and communicate differently and, therefore, they are expecting to be sold in various ways. This simple point is worth remembering. Nevertheless, sales reps don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time they talk to a customer but keep the mind open and ready to deal with every client individually.

#4 Selling to the wrong person

Quite often salespeople connect to the people who are far not a decision maker in the company. That point brings nothing but a waste of time and opportunity to close a deal. Before you are diving in, do a small research on the company and find out who you need to connect to ensure that your offer will be heard and valid.

#5 Email rules the day

The unproductive sales reps jump into every incoming email and get distracted every time. So, prioritization of tasks and turning off the notifications may save tons of time that can be spent on selling actually.

#6 Time management is a pain point

There are many researchers out there that all show the same - nearly half of the day of a sales rep is spent on the activities that aren’t related to their job. Nobody would disagree, sales people are busy at every minute, however, far not always this is the right work.

Here appears another problem - the prioritization of the vital tasks and scheduling them into their calendar, and delegation of the minor (or activities that the sales rep isn’t directly responsible for).

Wrapping it all up, some of the unproductive sales traits are more personal, and some are more operational. That means you can avoid them by supplying your team with the straightforward and efficient CRM to organize and manage their activities and time more wisely. In case you need more information about CRM sysytems, you can contact our expert for the useful insights.

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