6 Ways to Make Your Sales Timing Effective

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6 Ways to Make Your Sales Timing Effective

We have all heard the saying “Time is money.” The phrase is particularly the case for the salespeople. Devoting more hours to one prospect over another can make the difference between closing a great deal and getting the door closed on you.

Furthermore, the deals can go wrong for many reasons starting with the loss of focus on the customer’s needs, or the sales manager is pushing the next stage for too soon. A few hacks for the successful sales timing can help you enhance productivity and exclude the possibility of the stalled deals.

#1 Schedule Your Prospecting

Among the sales calls or visits, prospecting should become a habit. So, schedule an hour per day to explore your potential customer base. Pre-planning the exploration activities ensures a necessary number of calls to achieve the desired results.

#2 Set up the Administrative Time

Among the least favorite parts of the sales process is handling the non-revenue generating actions (i.e. take care of the client’s issues, going through the paperwork, etc.) Plan an hour or two per day to deal with these activities. In this case, you will focus on the cold calling or running appointments without any distraction.

#3 Keep Email in Check

Find several spots in your sales timing to scan your email inbox, and then handle it at one go. This gives you an opportunity to concentrate on a task at hand. Furthermore, the sales professionals suggest avoiding answering the letters in the morning. Accomplish the most important tasks first, then respond to the bulk of emails gathered through a day.

#4 Prioritize Your Activities

Even though all tasks are crucial, some of them promise the different returns on investment. List the duties to accomplish and arrange them according to their priority.  Perform the top actions at the first place and complete the responsibilities at the bottom after that. This will make your sales timing more efficient.

#5 Use a Right Tool

Among the diversity of CRM platforms, each solution provides the distinct benefits that are unique to your business. The advancement of CRM platforms spurs a thought for many companies of migrating to the industry-specific software. For example, real-estate agencies tend to migrate to Pipedrive, the healthcare segment prefers Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, while Zoho, Insightly, and Bitrix24 works great with logistics sector.  

If you feel a lack of CRM functionality options that improve your sales timing by the specific business processes, then an automated migration service Trujay can help you transfer data to the desired solution fast and securely. The SaaS lets you map the fields on your own to have a total control of modules mapping and reduce the risks of any data loss. Furthermore, launch a free Demo Migration to explore the mapping possibilities and check if the service functions properly.    

#6 Plan Actions around the Clients

Investigating a perfect time to connect with the prospects might be challenging, but can improve your sales timing. The process depends on the clients’ daily routine. For instance: calling to contractors at 10.00 AM is not a good idea as they are probably busy on the job. Learn more about your customers’ behavior and working hours to avoid wasting time on the unanswered calls.

Final Thought

The efficient sales timing is one of the most challenging aspects for the reps to master. The best formula is to prioritize the tasks and use CRM to manage your workflow successfully. Make sure to set a realistic schedule and anticipate the interruptions. Start implementing the hints above into your working process, and move a step forward to accomplish your goals.

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