7 Reasons to Migrate to Salesforce Lightning Before Winter 2019

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7 Reasons to Migrate to Salesforce Lightning Before Winter 2019

This article would be educative and useful for both current and future Salesforce users. So, if you are one of the mentioned ones, please pay attention to the upcoming Salesforce Updates in Winter 2019 and get known what novations it will bring. Actually, when such updates are coming up, it does not matter if you are an experienced user Salesforce user or just a beginner - in fact, both realize that nobody knows exactly how it will affect them and is there a real necessity to change the current Salesforce edition and migrate to Salesforce Lightning.

So, let’s define some questions and try to predict how the upcoming release can affect your business.

Must admit that it is a pretty tough task, to make a sure forecast. But, we can attempt doing that by analyzing some significant aspects:

  • What Salesforce product do you use? The reason to ask the question is that Sales and Service editions will face the changes in different ways.
  • What customization you have now and what would you like to obtain?
  • What is your current Salesforce edition (Unlimited, Enterprise, or another one)?

Now, you have to choose own way to go:

  • read and study tons of the information about Salesforce Winter ’19 update, analyze it and then decide what would be your next step
  • pay attention to the following overview of 7 Salesforce Updates and find out how it will affect your Salesforce CRM and the business in general.

Running ahead, have to say that most of these changes will bring great benefits for Salesforce Lightning users. So, it looks like the Winter release will force company owners to migrate to Salesforce Lightning to achieve them.

7 Salesforce Updates in Winter 2019

1. Internet Explorer 9 and 10 will be unsupported

If you run Salesforce using Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or 10, be aware of this date — April 5th, 2019. Salesforce won’t support the mentioned browsers since then. Nevertheless, stay calm and don’t panic! The most significant word here is “support”. By the way, some Salesforce functionality will still be available. However, bear in mind that you won’t be supported by Salesforce help anymore. That is, you will have to solve any Salesforce issues on your own.

Since that, think about changing IE to another browser or just upgrade it to IE 11.


2. Salesforce Optimizer

It is believed that most Salesforce users do not use the platform in full force. Luckily, there is a lot of various blogs and a cost-free in-app Optimizer to give users highly personalized results.

All you have to do is to launch it in your Org. After that, you will receive an email with the attached results.

migrate to salesforce lightning

3. List view search and Global search

The “Salesforce list views” option ables you to see both groups and other related records at once. That is the way Salesforce’s Global search will make you able to find the required information much faster and easier. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? But it is not that great for enterprises. A large amount of data can turn those advantages into issues. It can happen if List views contain too many records, that makes global search run too slow.

To avoid that, Salesforce decided to make them work together and developed a new list view search option. It is based on pre-filtering of your records before the general search. Simply put, the general search will be looking for the requested information between the related results but not through the whole platform. That is the way you will get the needed information faster

migrate to salesforce lightning

Note: This option is only available in Salesforce Lightning.

That is the first reason to migrate to Salesforce Lightning.


4. Reassign many records at once

That is another one upcoming Salesforce Update. It is that one user can reassign many various records (up to 200 leads, cases or custom objects) to another person.

That will help to save a lot of time and efforts if there won’t be a necessity to reassign every single record but to move the whole amount at once. Next time you will add a new record to Salesforce it will be attached to the right place automatically.

migrate to salesforce lightning

Note: This option is only available in Salesforce Lightning.

That is the second one reason to migrate to Salesforce Lightning.


5. Share many files at once

The Salesforce Updates Winter’19 will bring us one more great option that will make bulk actions more convenient. Today it is possible to share entire Salesforce Files to users outside of Salesforce one by one, using a public URL. But after the upgrade, it will be possible to share all of them at once. The only demand is all of them to be the same folder.

In case there appears an issue and if it is not possible to generate open links for sharing, it is suggested to make sure that admin set up Libraries and you have the correct permissions.

migrate to salesforce lightning

Note: This Salesforce Updates available in Salesforce Lightning.

That is the third one reason to migrate to Salesforce Lightning


6. Recover the data in Chatter

That new setting will able you to recover unsaved text if the Salesforce session is out of time.

Besides, the platform will save posts and drafts in Salesforce Chatter automatically. So, if you suddenly lose a message, don’t get upset. Just find the tab “My Drafts” in your Chatter tab, find lost emails and keep on writing from where you left off.

To use that feature, your admin must turn it on in the “Chatter Settings”. It is the node of the setup menu.

migrate to salesforce lightning

Note: This option is only available in Salesforce Lightning and the Salesforce app.

That is the fourth reason to migrate to Salesforce Lightning.


7. Delete data fields

Sometimes it happens Salesforce users delete old or unused data fields. Therefore, if they don’t know how exactly that action will affect behind-the-scenes automation processes, code or validation rule, erasing the fields can break down the platform.

To avoid getting into those pitfalls, Salesforce admins will present “Where Is This Used?” button in the upcoming Salesforce Update. Thanks to that feature the users can check out if editing or deleting a module will not affect Salesforce formulas, page layouts, apex triggers & classes, validation rules, etc.

migrate to salesforce lightning
migrate to salesforce lightning

Note. This is a pilot option and now is available to some customers chosen by default. You may look for it in Winter’19 in the Salesforce Updates release.

Bottom Slice

By and large, most of Winter’19 Salesforce Updates will improve Salesforce Lightning more than other editions.

Therefore, it is a good decision to migrate to Salesforce Lightning from another Salesforce edition.

You may do it automatically saving time and efforts.

Switch a part of your data from Salesforce to Salesforce Lightning by running free and secure Demo Migration.


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