Agile vs ProsperWorks: Choose the Right CRM to Grow Your Business

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Agile vs ProsperWorks: Choose the Right CRM to Grow Your Business

Today it’s vital to know all about your current and future customers, their needs, desires, and problems in order to adjust to them. Therefore, it seems that nowadays successful business running is impossible without CRM systems. They can help you to improve internal work processes and customer relations that are necessary for the company’s growth and development. But the CRM’s market is so diverse that it makes us wonder what system is the best to choose. In this article, we will compare two CRMs Agile vs ProsperWorks to find out which one is more suitable for your business.



Comparison of the Key Aspects: Agile vs ProsperWorks


Both platforms are quite new systems, founded in 2013 but that doesn’t affect their success.


Prosperworks was originally designed for Google apps users. It correlates with all your Google apps: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Contacts, etc. It’s great for those who start using CRM systems and want to have easy to use but still a good tool.


Agile CRM is more oriented for small businesses and is also very simple to use. Both CRMs are really affordable.      




Agile CRM provides a free subscription for up to 10 users and 3 paid options:


  • Starter ($14.99 per user/month): 10.000 contacts, two-way email integration, social monitoring, email campaigns, three plugins, email&phone support, email reports, etc;
  • Regular ($49.99 per user/month): custom deal track, mobile marketing, 50+ plugins, landing page builder, two-way telephony, etc;
  • Enterprise ($79.99 per user/month): post-call automation, call recording, automated voicemails, Chrome extension, access controls, SES/Mandrill/Sendgrid Integration. etc.


But if you buy a subscription for a year or two, discounts are offered.


Prosperworks offers a free 14-day trial period and 3 paid subscriptions:


  • Basic ($19 per user/month): mobile apps, Google Chrome extension, sales forecasting, 5 custom fields, 30.000 records, 2GB storage space, Zapier, online support, etc;
  • Professional ($49 per user/month): 25 custom fields, 100.000 records, 200GB storage space, 10 email templates, task automation, activity reporting, self-service support, etc;
  • Business ($119 per user/month): 500GB storage space, 500.000 records, 100 custom fields, goal tracking, unlimited email templates, customer success manager, phone support, etc.


Now when we found out about the pricing policy of the solutions, let’s compare their features: Agile vs ProsperWorks.



The Main Features


Agile CRM offers a great package of features for successful sales, marketing, service, and integration running. It allows you to track milestones and stages of your deals to keep the sales process on track. You can integrate social media accounts into your marketing campaigns, query and analyze the customers’ feedback to improve your relations, 360-degree contact view allows you to spot all the needed information on one page. Also, the system provides a lot of inexpensive and free tools for you to use.


As it was said, Prosperworks is integrated with Google Apps, so it’s probably one of the easiest to use CRMs. If you can use Gmail and other Google apps than Prosperworks will be a piece of cake for you. The platform does online researching by itself and finds important information about the customers and saves it right away. Each email you sent is saved in the contact’s portfolio, and you can see when the customer was contacted so that you know how often the clients are reached. Prosperworks allows you to set goals, track performance, and coach your team through the tasks. The platform also sends out calendar invites, different proposals, sets follow-up tasks, updates statuses, and it all is automated for your comfort.


Transfer Your Data to Agile or Prosperworks With No Headache


After comparing two platforms, Agile vs Prosperworks, you can see that they both are great systems to work with. Now it’s high time for you to decide which one you like more, and start transferring your data.


There are some options for your data migration:


    1. Do it by yourself, manually. It’s cheap, no doubt, but very time- consuming.
    2. Or do it automatically. It costs more but saves your time and energy that you can use in managing your business.


Automated data migration offers you a lot of benefits:


  • migrate custom fields;
  • keep the relation between records;
  • map the users and create new ones;
  • guarantee data privacy etc.


Whichever platform you decide to migrate to, Agile or Prosperworks, you can use the automated migration service Trujay to do it securely and smoothly.



To Sum Up


Both platforms are worth paying attention to and it can be taught to decide which one will be great for your successful business running, Agile vs Prosperworks. Hope that with the help of this article you will choose the best CRM for your business, quickly and safely migrate your data.


So stop wasting your time and start earning more.

Transfer some of your data to Agile or ProsperWorks by running a free Data Migration.


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