Alternatives to ACT! CRM: Shoot the Right Choice

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Alternatives to ACT! CRM: Shoot the Right Choice

From early 1980s, CRM platforms have impacted business strategies and operations. So, the appearance of then-revolutionary integrated software, ACT!, in 1987, became a significant milestone in bringing CRM to workers’ fingertips. Later on, the software was known as SageACT!, but in 2013, Swiftpage took ownership of and re–branded the software as Act!  

However, after this software changed the face of customer management, other companies continue to evolve and offer different enterprise CRM products. So, that’s when you start to look for the new alternatives to ACT! CRM and want to change to the platforms that fit the needs of your company better. Hence, the reasons are:

  • the platform is a great tool for managing contacts and sales but it doesn’t adapt so well if you need to manage other business processes. For example, these might include events, jobs, and projects which cannot effectively be tracked by ACT!  

  • the system offers cloud access, but it still sticks to 'download and install' model

  • it is one of the few solutions that charges for mobile access

  • the software has limited capability to manage advanced relationship structures especially if they involve several levels or stages

  • the integration between ACT! and Microsoft Outlook falls short of user expectations

  • support cases can be tracked as bespoke activities, but these task views offer limited visibility of the aggregated outstanding issues

  • the solution unables to apply service level agreements or send automated emails when cases are logged, updated and closed.

Price Matter

ACT! CRM include a free trial for 30 days and two editions:

  • Act! Premium - $25/user/month and Act! Premium Cloud - $42/user/month- can handle larger teams that need additional collaboration capability through centrally administered databases.

  • Act! Pro - $199.99 - the basic package is targeted at individuals and teams of 10 users or less.

Features in both subscriptions gather contact and company management capabilities, calendar and activity management, prospect tracking, routine task automation and targeted e–marketing.

However, many customers complain that price increases with each upgrade and the software requires more memory than the specifications suggest for optimal performance. So, in this article we will take a look at 4 choices such as Insightly, Bitrix24, Capsule, Salesforce and analyze how you can take advantage of these platforms.

List of Alternatives to ACT! CRM


Insightly is a great CRM that offers all of the features for small and mid-sized companies that need to streamline and manage the sales processes. You can send emails and schedule appointments with leads, track the progress of your sales opportunities and forecast your earnings.

It is an intuitive solution popular because of the linking ability. You can connect related items together that allows you to move between the different records in the database fast and easy. Also, Insightly uniquely offers CRM and Project Management in one that enables you to see the recent activity on any project, and track the project performance against milestones over time.

Insightly includes one free and 4 paid subscriptions with an unlimited number of organizations, opportunities, and projects. The paid versions provide a few more extras such as MailChimp integration, Google Contact and Calendar Sync, and API access. So, discover the following:

  • Free up to 2 users/10 custom fields/2,500 records/up to 200 MB Storage/500 rows file import limit

  • Basic – $12 user per month/50 custom fields/25k records/1 GB storage/5,000 rows file import limit

  • Plus – $29 user per month/250 custom fields/100k records/10 GB storage/25,000 rows file import limit

  • Professional – $49 user per month/500 custom fields/250k records/100 GB storage/50,000 rows file import limit

  • Enterprise – $99 user per month/1000 custom fields/500k Records/250 GB Storage/50,000 rows file import limit

Accordingly, Insightly is a reasonably priced alternative to ACT! that can boost your business performance in terms of easy customization and low costs.


Bitrix 24 is a good option for small organizations that enables the customers with the automation of the sales funnel, customizable reports, and analytic tools. The platform makes communications simple with social features such as comments and liking, as well as automated processes like notifications, assisted reporting, and subscriptions to groups or discussions. Also, Bitrix24 offers practical solutions to manage a company online.

Bitrix24 offers one free and 3 paid plans. The free version includes a rich set of features, however, you can only get a limited amount of users and no access to the extranet. The paid ones wrap up time tracking tools, reports, deduplication search and backup restore. Consequently, the prices range:

  • Free 12 users/5GB storage

  • Plus ($39 user/month)/24 users/24GB storage

  • Standard ($99 user/month)unlimited users/100GB storage/ability to add your own domain

  • Profesional ($199/month)unlimited users/unlimited storage/customization with your domain

Clearly, Bitrix24 takes an upper hand in the pricing matter as well as include more features and effective tools, so you can definitely consider it as the platform of choice.


Simple, flexible, and effective, Capsule is the platform that you can use for small businesses. With the help of this solution, you can keep track of the contacts and companies you do business with as well as what activities and tasks need to be done. Capsule allows you to manage your sales pipeline: track deals, bids, and proposals. Emails are easily organized in Capsule, including notes, conversations, and documents. You can have a complete history of different company files in one place. Furthermore, you may generate reports and extracts from the pipeline using configurable filters.

Capsule CRM obtains two editions:

  • Free

  • Professional - $12/user/month

Both plans include unlimited deals and leads. The free version offers only 10MB of storage and 250 contacts for up to two users and doesn’t include the integration option with other applications. With the Professional plan, you can use 2GB of memory per user and 50,000 contacts. The paid plan has a 30-day free trial, but you will have to use a credit card, so keep in mind an expiration date to avoid being charged.

As you can see, Capsule is a flexible solution that prevails over SugarCRM with more advanced functionality, higher efficiency, and reasonable costs especially.


Salesforce provides practical tools for the companies of all sizes as well as offers an intuitive and simple interface. With the help of workflow sales and marketing automation, you may assign tasks and monitor the performance of any department. Also, you can create the role-based access to the company’s records.

Salesforce contact manager gives you an opportunity to have a complete view of your customers and vital insights into their social media activities. The software offers extended integration and synchronization possibilities that facilitate collaboration and deprive the departments of mistakes. Furthermore, the solution provides a multi-channel support, that helps you to speed up the quality of the customer issue resolvement.

Salesforce offers a free 30-day trial and includes 4 subscriptions:

  • Salesforce Starter $25 up to 5 users per month

  • Professional $65 per user per month

  • Enterprise $125 per user per month

  • Unlimited $250 per user per month

So, aside from attractive pricing policy, Salesforce gets an advantage over ACT!CRM with striking characteristics for advancing sales, marketing and support service performance.

By and large, you should take all the tips above into the consideration and choose one of many alternatives to ACT! CRM that will fit your business processes and help your company to reach successful results. Also, you may contact our expert, who can help you to pick out your own alternative as well as provide useful information about the process of data transferring.

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