Apps Discovery (2017) Live Chat Software to Transform the CX

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Apps Discovery (2017) Live Chat Software to Transform the CX

Creative customer strategies involve much more than technology, yet the most defining moments happen along with the shifts driven by the tools and apps. In the digital world, the mediums evolve so quickly, and the new interaction models seem to merge overnight.

Setting up and maintaining the customer development is integral to a business strategy where live chat software plays a vital role in engagement and cultivating a deep understanding of client’s needs, as well as delivers evolving mosaic to marketing and sales teams. To troubleshoot and fix the issues instantly, you need to choose the right live chat platforms, and our apps discovery will give you some clues and insights.

Live Chat Software: Must-Haves for Keeping Leading-Edge Service

They say there is no room on the top for those who unwilling to adopt forward-leading technologies. Are you going to be left behind without them? It’s a little bit doubtful. Thus, if your support service is hard to reach, your customers will immediately leave as a result: lost opportunities, ceasing conversions, revenue and profit growth.

Live chat enables personal support, timely answers and readily accessible customer base instead of communicating that reminds conversation with a robot from Cyberland. So far, apart from the faster responses and mobile-friendly options, live chat software is expected to supply its clients with

  • Chat tools and automated invitation,
  • Track and monitor visitors on the website,
  • Chat transcripts and offline messages,
  • Reports on service performance, quality and productivity,
  • Integration and customization capabilities
  • Free trial or demo option.

Give An Avenue for Communication with 5 Live Chat Software

Once you set up the process of selecting live chat software, just dive in. Moreover, the succeeding tools may help you to build stronger brand loyalty and bring emotional intelligence into conversations.

#1 LiveChat

With LiveChat, you receive a bundle of practical and efficient features to succeed in the customer service, engagement, and conversion. The app enables all the desired tools to run conversations, track users, get the transcripts and customize the live chat. The personal and automated greetings, eye-catchers and many other options aid in further customer engaging. LiveChat provides the built-in analytics, reports, as well as enables the integration with CMS, CRM, E-commerce tools, etc. Plus, there are also agent, ticket or comment rating, and post-chat survey to improve the quality of service.

LiveChat is a multiplatform app that enables a 30-days free trial.

Costs: starts with $16 per user/mo (annually) and $19 per user/mo (monthly).


FocalScope comes as a suite of practical and valuable tools that includes features of live chat, instant messaging, email and task management, and analytics and reporting options. The solution provides the transcripts and history of all the interaction with customers, and customizable sign-up forms and multilanguage chat templates. FocalScope supports the field acceleration and search within the chat log. The app also enables a reporting feature for the quality upgrade and better KPIs estimation.

With FocalScope, you get 14-days trial to see how the service actually works. The live chat software offers on-premise and cloud hosting.

Costs: goes from $20/mo with up to 3 agents.


Extending your support capabilities with VisitLead, you get a lineup with text, voice and video chatting options. This multiplatform solution provides the share screen and co-browsing abilities with more than one viewer. Apart from real-time tracking, the live chat software helps to engage your customers and advice to employ “Exit Intent” feature to increase the conversion rates and eliminate the number of left customers. VisitLead enables you with multiple forms, heatmaps, dynamic content, and gathers the detailed information about the visitors.

The live chat software offers 10 days of free trial to test its features in action.

Costs: starts with $28 licence/mo (monthly) or $24 licence/mo (annually).

#4 Comm100

To succeed with the customer relationship development, you may use Comm100 that enables all the must-haves of live chat apps. The solution presents a list of features to run a fully customizable conversations with proactive chat, pre/post surveys, and multiple languages support. Monitor your customer’s behavior with Comm100, and invite them to chat. The app delivers the history and transcripts, offline messages, and chat reports with customizable metrics for better performance insights.

Being a multiplatform app, Comm100 provides 15-days trial, support of plugins and integrations.

Costs: goes from $20 user/mo and 2 months off billed yearly.


The last but not least live chat software, Olark provides the basic options for productive and efficient customer support. The app delivers options to change the custom design, collect all the chat transcripts, and use the shortcuts With Olark, you also can get the performance and productivity reports, employ cobrowsing and integrate the live chat software with help desks, CRM, shopping carts and analytic tools.

The live chat provides 14-days trial of the basic annual plan.

Costs: begins with $12,99 per user/mo (annually) or $14,99 per user/mo (monthly).

Brief Takeaway

The live chat software became a digital equivalent of a personal consultant that is readily available to answer the questions. For business, the magic of live chat came along with the growing conversion and brand loyalty rates. In case you are willing to make iterative improvements to existing features, one of the ways to achieve desired goals and objectives is to select a suitable live chat app.

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