Beating the Mess with 5 Document Management Solutions

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Beating the Mess with 5 Document Management Solutions

The paperless office workflows are already here, and your team can save time and hassle of modifying, storing, using, and managing data with document management solutions. These tools are shiny, but not brand-new to the business world. Taking another step in the digitalization of processes, document management apps address the needs, tackle the roadblocks, and enhance the sharing, tracking, and storage of company data kept on a paper medium.

It is critical at the beginning of any initiative to determine what results you’d like to achieve. Taking optimization approach, the value part just can’t be ignored as the significant improvements include:

  • shared goals and objectives,

  • understanding of the business route, and

  • tuned up cross-company communication.

So, if you are looking for a document management software to power up your processes, and put your teams on the same page - the apps discovery review will enhance or at least provide some hints during the selection.

Document Management Solutions at a Glance

Looking for a flexible, paperless ecosystem, a document management solution (DMS)  is an ideal tool to manipulate company records in a real-time from any device. Besides, these apps offer various features and capabilities that can fulfill the requirement of the business of any size and shape. The key mission of document management app is clear: ensure the order of records, create and edit them securely, track all the updates, and deliver new communication waypoints.

Must-Haves & Nice-To-Haves Features

Every company has a diverse comprehension of time horizons for the innovation cycle, as well as the approaches, and expected financial returns could be different. In an attempt to build efficient and productive environment, the document management solutions include straightforward and advanced feature sets to streamline workflows according to specific business needs.

The purpose-driven and must-have option list consists of

  • Document scanner allows making digital copies of paper versions.

  • Optical character recognition (OCK) is a converter of scanned documents, pdf and image files into searchable records.

  • Pdf converter offers various manipulations with pdf documents (i.e. create, edit, combine, split, etc.)

  • Document storage and backup enable a central repository for storing records with the option to schedule copies for avoiding any loss or damage.

  • User-based access (security access) supports numerous restrictions rules and roles (employees, clients, contractors, suppliers, etc.) for documents collaboration and manipulations (read only, full editing, etc.)

Speaking of features that embody document management software in functions to iterate on better processes, the next ones are to note:

  • Document assembly helps to create a kind of cabinet structure of paper versions and gather separately invoices, receipts, contracts, pdfs, spreadsheets, image files, legal documents, business correspondence, etc.

  • Collaboration tools support varying requirements to manipulations with the data across the company departments.

  • Version control, notifications and activity log handle the control over the documents and tracking the changes done by employees or parties that have similar access roles.

  • Integration options (email, ERP, CRM, etc.) are another nice-to-have feature that becomes a growing need.

  • Search capabilities allow creating tags that remind in some way meta descriptions and facilitate the search of documents.

How to Choose a Document Management Solution?

Once you decided to implement DMS into workflow, start with defining the following aspects:

  • How is the current document management handled?

  • What tools your staff use for management?

  • Where are the data stored?

Set rather pointed questions to find out the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the existing processes to collect the actual pain points. Then, you should draw up a detailed plan for further implementing - and define what features to look for in the suitable document management app. With the emphasis on the process streamlining, pay attention to the system intuitiveness to ensure short learning curve, security aspects and audit logs, cost, and trial option.

5 Tools to Master Your Document Management

In the competitive business environment the number of apps is exploding, so here are the list of high-functioning document management solutions to facilitate your choice.

#1 Dokmee

Being suitable for any business model, Dokmee offers secure and full-features service for a variety of purposes including document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing. The software is multi-platform and works on-premise and in the cloud with various repository sizes. Dokmee supports all the must-haves and nice-to-have features, including tutorials to understand system capabilities.

Free trial: available

Cost: starts with $15 user/mo with 10GB storage.

#2 Alfresco Document Management

Alfresco is an enterprise CMS solution designed to produce real value for document management and business workflow enhancement. Apart from secure and easy files editing, accessing and sharing, the solution delivers powerful security and support for various devices. Alfresco provides collaboration options and cloud storage but lacks built-in backup feature.

Free trial: available

Cost: request a quote for figuring out pricing details.

#3 Process Street

With multi-platform document management solution, you receive a simple yet powerful tool for various manipulations with the records for improving business workflows and overall performance. The service supports collaboration, scheduling and data structuring options along with Salesforce integration capabilities.

Free trial: free for life plan

Cost: starts with $15 user/mo

#4 Enadoc

Cloud-based solution Enadoc provides you with libraries option for documents storing and management, besides it enables the search option via tagging files with keywords. Caring about the security of its users’ data, the document management service delivers the role-based access and permission rules for efficient collaboration. Enadoc works in cloud and on-premise as well.

Free trial: offers a free version.

Cost: requires contacting the sales.

#5 eFileCabinet

If your team includes a remote workforce, then eFileCabinet is a value-based service for you. The solution supports cloud-based and on-premises document management along with intuitive UI, secure and powerful options for files storing, accessing and retrieving. eFilesCabinet offers a sharing portal, role-based access, file versioning, logs audit, and integration capabilities.

Free trial: demo available.

Cost: starts with $9,95 user/mo

Find Your Medium

One of the fundamental values of business success is the team with high strategy, shared goals, and tuned collaboration backed with the efficient tools. Remember, being an industry leader demands adopting new technologies before your competition beats you to it. So, take a closer look at these document management solutions and level up the organization performance and productivity.

P.S. Find more reviews on business apps and useful posts at Trujay blog. Just stop by -- ou won't regret.

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