April CRM Digest: Eye-Opening Topics Review

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April CRM Digest: Eye-Opening Topics Review

The flow of information and various innovations keeps enlarging on a daily basis. Sometimes, it is difficult to track all the changes and read the posts. So, we have searched the web and drawn up a short-list of the most interesting and thought-provoking posts for April CRM digest.

#1 Managing the CRM Choice

Let’s start with such a bothering issue as a selection of CRM solution. Businesses that either consider CRM implementation or want to migrate to another platform, look for some practical pieces of advice. Oren Smilansky have covered this topic clearly in his post 'How to Select a CRM System' at DestinationCRM.com. The author bases his article on the experts’ insights who shared their personal and professional experience in selecting or implementing their new CRM systems. You won’t regret the time spent on reading this post as long as you’ll find a set of practical tips and hints for avoiding common mistakes of this process.

#2 CRM Hosting: Which One Suits You?

The second featured post of our CRM digest is ‘CRM Platform Consideration: Physical vs Virtual vs SaaS’ by Petra Jorgenson from InsideCRM Blog on IT.ToolBox.com. With this article, you will get into the perks and drawbacks of each type of CRM hosting with ease. Those businesses that consider the kind of CRM system to implement will find brief and unbiased review quite useful.

#3 Marketing and Data: Figure Out the Connection

Have you ever questioned yourself how data can improve your marketing performance? The editor of MyCustomer.com Neil Davey decided to explore this topic in his post ‘Data-driven Marketing: What Speed Ups Are Slowing Our Progress?’ Here you will find numerous marketing experts’ suggestions on the benefits of data-driven processes, as well as discover several tips on using data in action and preempting the potential challenges. As long as the customer is a major focus, you should be aware how to manage and get the most of the information you have collected.

#4 CRM Analytics: Prepare for the Future

The analytics is the essential part of the prolific business performance, and in our April CRM digest we advise you to read the post ‘Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Peek into the Future’ by Maria Minsker at DestinationCRM.com. The author dwells on the descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, provides you with experts’ suggestions and real examples of using various report types in business performance. Find out how to improve your data gathering, processes planning and performance with different types of analytics.

#5 Customer Support Brings to New Horizons

Despite the trends of customer-orientation strategies, many businesses give little attention to the customer service. Anthony Ortega brought about this issue in his post ‘Turning Customer Support into Future Sales Opportunities’ at InsideCRM Blog on IT.ToolBox.com. So, spare few minutes and you will learn some simple but effective ideas for advancing the quality and speed of your support service. The innovations appear on a daily basis, and it is quite difficult to track all of them. So, in this CRM digest we have suggested you a number of the most interesting and must-read posts of CRM technology. In case, you want to be aware of the latest news in this area, subscribe to Trujay newsletter and get free tips and insights every week.

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