Article Hit Parade - Top 5 Reads of Summer

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Article Hit Parade - Top 5 Reads of Summer

While many of you have been enjoying wonderful summer vacations, Trujay team has been working hard to prepare original and thought-provoking posts on a range of CRM related topics. In case blazing sun and sand beaches kept you from reading some of our best pieces, this article collection will help you get back on track. So before leaving summer 2015 behind, let’s revisit some of the brightest stories of the season. Happy reading!

#1 The Tactic of Gamification for Business Growth

Let us begin with the new entertaining CRM tactic - the gamification approach. In recent years this new concept has risen in popularity and was implemented by many major businesses. So what is really hidden behind this notion and how it can help in increasing revenue? Get the answers to these questions in CRM Gamification as a Business Growth Engine article.

#2 CRM in Banking

Banking takes its rightful place among the industries that would benefit from CRM implementation. Large amounts of data, demanding audience and increase in the global competition are just a few of the issues that banking sector has to face today. An article CRM in Banking: Move in a Customer-Centric Direction outlines the ways in which CRM solutions can mitigate the issues as mentioned earlier. In addition to that, the piece discusses the best types of CRM for financial companies.

#3 CRM + Sales - the Formula for Success

Personalization and emotional appeal are essential factors of building customer loyalty as well as gaining new clients. CRM solutions are specifically designed to simplify these tasks by providing relevant real-time customer information and extending the analyzing abilities. However, often CRM implementation fails because the employees are reluctant to enter and upgrade the relevant data. An article CRM and Sales: How to Make Win-Win Offers highlights the most compelling reasons for the proper usage of CRM solutions, as well as points out some interesting tips about the buying motivators. As a pleasant bonus, an article features a fun infographic on the psychology of sales marketing.

#4 CRM Implementation: Tips from Experts

CRM rollout is quite challenging and can often lead to the failure of the whole undertaking. The common reason for this problem is the lack of proper preparation and planning. Therefore, we have created a two-part article series consisting of experts’ tips on CRM implementation.

Part 1 contains advice on choosing the right CRM solution, setting the system up and improving the end user adoption efficiency.

Part 2 examines the benefits of cloud CRM, useful marketing and sales tools, as well as the necessity of customer segmentation and analytics.

#5 Expert’s Insights

Last but not least in our collection of most popular summer articles is an interview with Fabrice Cathala - an experienced Salesforce architect and business consultant. Fabrice shares his thoughts about some issues including:

  • the usage of CRM solutions by SMBs;
  • integration with social media as a means to improve performance;
  • the importance of analytics and data collecting;
  • the benefits of cloud solutions, etc.

Hopefully, these articles will provide some workable approaches relevant to your business. Don’t want to miss important tips from Trujay? Subscribe to our blog and receive useful posts right to your inbox.

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