Automated Migration to Salesforce: Always Green!

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Automated Migration to Salesforce: Always Green!

J.F. Kennedy said that the change was the law of life. You may bet whether this thesis refers to your business instruments management or not, nevertheless there’s a germ of truth. Many entrepreneurs, especially those who are engaged in the building bridges sphere and work with CRM applications, face with the time when the platform makes them stretched too thin. Everything looks like the following: your spendings on CRM platform almost overcharge your profit, your company team members would better taking back to spreadsheets, so you are observing how the level of communication is decreasing not only with the customers but even among company members. Gives the creeps, doesn’t it?

To awake from this nightmare, more and more CRM owners are thinking about migration to Salesforce. Being known for its brand awareness, numerous features for various departments, comprehensive interface, this forerunner turns to be the desired CRM of many. Specifically, on this purpose, we’ve gathered all the hints, tips, tricks to make clear and simple the way of migration to Salesforce from your current CRM platform.

1. Whip Into Shape Your CRM Data

Before making a switch to your new Salesforce software, you should put your existing data to rights. On average we might distinguish two types of data:

  • Be sure to migrate To this kind of data we refer information that is related to long-term companies cooperation. Usually, you could collaborate with them for several years. The data may include the previous contact details of a company, important past negotiations. This information may be crucial for further business management and communication processes. So, it’s recommended to migrate such type of data to your new Salesforce.
  • Might be Left Behind Another type of data, usually called historical, covers the outdated appointments, completed phone calls, meetings, etc. This information is handled separately and denotes peculiar closed action. In the future, it won’t be of vital importance, so you may not migrate this data.

2. Get Acquainted with Salesforce

When the data on your existing CRM is ready for the switch, previously you should test pilot your new Salesforce platform. It provides you with several editions that include peculiar options. You know it may take you some time to draw the parallels between your company requirements and provided options of each Salesforce edition.

  • Which Salesforce Editions are Suitable for Automated Migration? To perform data migration to Salesforce, Trujay pulls data from your source CRM and retrieves to the scheme of target Salesforce using API. But, unfortunately, not all Salesforce editions support API access. So, the automated migration is suitable for the following editions:
    • Enterprise
    • Unlimited
    • Professional (API access requires extra fee)
    • Developer

3. Backup Golden Rule

From the majority of preparation steps, one of the most essential is the database backup. Sure it’s not a notion for you, however, as it’s said, ‘Message merits repetition.’ Depending on your current CRM provider, this option may be free or on a paying basis.

4. Cost of Salesforce Migration

Trujay has established a flexible pricing system that is based on some your CRM modules items. Apart from this, recently launched its official release, automated migration service is available for you with 50% OFF your data migration. Just visit our pricing page, to find out the cost of your migration to Salesforce.

So, everything is shown down! Try out your free Demo Migration to Salesforce and make sure that it might be a hassle-free process.

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