B2B Marketing Automation: CRM Integration as a Win-Win Asset

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B2B Marketing Automation: CRM Integration as a Win-Win Asset

Strategies are evolving and marketing objectives change, so the metric-driven performance becomes a fresh focus for outstanding marketing leaders. Due to efficient ROI and measured automation results, they get more budget to upward the trajectory of the company success.

Today’s marketers collect data on almost everything and marketing automation acquired a role of an inevitable tool in the digital specialist arsenal. In 2015 Green Hat/ADMA B2B Marketing Outlook Report showed that CRM integration is applied by nearly two-thirds of ‘automated marketers’ to streamline their marketing initiatives to provide personalized, timely interactions.

While 2016 B2B Marketing Outlook Report reveals the tendency to accurate measuring and resource allocation, B2B companies set up a new requirement to embrace the automation functionality in full scale to boost conversions and engagement rates.

Marketing Automation as a Panacea Technology

As obvious as it may sound, marketing performance has a huge role to play in the business strategy and creating the overall customer experience as well. The buyers and clients are no longer unfamiliar territory: automation tools enhance the process of data gathering out of multiple sources, yet for its filtration, segmentation, scoring and routing CRM integration becomes more a must-have, than a nice-to-have feature.

There are dozens of innovation techniques, tactics, and tricks out there for getting high, desired results with marketing automation. Thus, the sticky issues of accurate ROI measuring, generating leads (and their further nurturing), building brand awareness stay on the top positions of marketers interests.

However, there is another perpetual problem - sales and marketing integration, which many companies keep neglecting. These teams share the same goals and have aligned areas of focus: increase the revenue and bring quality customer service. In that light, marketing automation can be equally used by sales as it facilitates a deep understanding of collaboration that drives the future of campaigns and initiatives success.

B2B vs. B2C Marketing: Who Uses Automation from Start-to-Finish?

Every company strives to produce a refined, calculated result on each phase of work, and marketing automation is widely used to fulfill this goal by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Due to the proven efficiency, more organizations increase their budget on marketing initiatives and, therefore, apply these tools to reach higher rates of lead generation, conversion, and ROI.

In contrast with the outspread thought that B2B space is the major users of marketing automation, Marketo - one of the largest representatives of these services - states that the largest segment of their clients is small and mid-sized organizations. So far, inspired by the relationship-oriented approach, B2C companies start their march for getting effective performance, more personalized service, and overall revenue growth.

Sought-After Features via Strategic Benefit

The age of the Internet of Things is upon us and is set to open up fresh areas of competition and new opportunities for customer engagement. So, the systems development lifecycle becomes virtually unavoidable. Usually, the marketers are oversold on tactical features and under-advised on strategic execution. They are got excited with options:

  • Lead scoring

  • Social marketing

  • Campaign management

  • Landing page builder

  • CRM integration

  • Email marketing

  • Reports or analytics

Thus, the actual success is hard to deliver on mere capitalizing on these capabilities. The core problem is a lack of plan to follow the business strategy. To eliminate the errors and extra tasks:

  1. define where you are,

  2. where you want to be, and

  3. how to get there.

In the choice of marketing automation, estimate your potential tool at least from 5 perspectives:

  1. Customer. Define the ideal buyer persona and the journey with triggers along the whole marketing funnel.

  2. Context. Create a content line to lead the customers during their journey.

  3. Communication. Outline the channels to reach the targeted audience.

  4. Process & integration. Define the workflows and ways to align them with the sales team.

  5. Performance. Determine the KPIs and metrics that show the real state of each process.

In that flow of thought, the most suitable marketing automation tool should offer the major options to succeed in campaigns and initiatives, as well as enable the integration with CRM, instead of the excessive feature set.

CRM Integration as a Scope of Automation Service Powering Up

The amount of data available to companies means that they can personalize the experience of each user to their mood, location, and context. Businesses that figure it out will win. Either way, to gain the desired outcomes, organizations require the marketing automation tool with CRM integration ensures the opportunity for data-driven and customer-oriented approach.

Once you understood your solution needs to level up its functionality, the integration with CRM platforms will deliver valuable, measurable benefits. Getting more specific, you receive:

  1. a practical and competitive feature,

  2. advanced workflows and performance,

  3. a purpose-driven strategy, and

  4. targeted audience extension.

Apart from the option of CRM integration with marketing automation, many businesses face the other critical gap to overcome - migrate to a new CRM. At this point, Trujay is a valuable solution as it offers an automated, accurate and secure data transition. Also, you can map your records yourself and run a free Demo Migration to check out the service and your new CRM.

Brief Sum Up

Having identified and better understand your marketers' requirements and technological realities, you see, there is always a place for improvement. So, let your business evolve and attract more customers via outstanding customer service.

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