Bitrix24 Automation and Optimization: Boost Your Productivity

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Bitrix24 Automation and Optimization: Boost Your Productivity

Implementing your new CRM system is not the end of the journey. If you want to increase your customer experience, adapt your business to a fast-growing market and move your organization steadily forward, remember that optimization is a key to your company success.

In order to get desired business results, you should enhance the performance of your CRM solution not only when it’s implemented but on the continuous basis as well. So, check out the practical hints on Bitrix24 automation and optimization processes to acknowledge the main ways on how to boost the system productivity.

Lead Management

First of all, a lead is a CRM object containing information of a person or company who has the potential to become a customer. The information contained in a lead may come in the different way starting from a business card collected at a conference, the company website, or a phone call coming in to the sales department. In order to organize all needed information on a new lead, there are a number of recommended fields you have to fill out:

Lead Required Fields

The level of data importance depends on the industry you are working in, but the more information you enter in the beginning of the process, the better results you can get while creating a targeted offer.

There are several ways of adding the lead information to your account:

  • You can fill out all required fields by entering the lead data manually.

Entering the lead data manually
  • Automatically create leads upon receiving emails by using Bitrix24 email integration.

Automatically create leads upon receiving emails
  • If you already have list with leads, you can import it to Bitrix24 import of existing leads from Excel or CSV file.

import of existing leads from Excel or CSV file.
  • you can use a webform on your website to import the lead information into your account by working with REST API of Bitrix24.

Also, you can assign statuses to your new leads as well as change them while the lead progresses through the CRM. By using this option, you can track your leads fast and easily. Explore the following statutes:

  • Unassigned. New leads without responsible person yet.
  • Waiting for Details, In Progress, On Hold. Prospects that need some time to be processed.
  • Converted. The leads are changed to contact, company or deal, etc.)
  • Complete. When all activities are done with lead.

Check out a visual for better understanding:

Assign statuses to your new leads

In addition, Bitrix24 offers lead analytical reports that may be presented in 3 types:

  • leads by manager shows the sum of payments received by sales representatives individually
  • leads by statues depicts the exact numbers of leads in status
  • leads by source identifies which sources bring the most valuable leads for conversion

Customizable Reports

Bitrix24 enables your to work with a set of reports and various filters that cover aspects like leads, products, deals, invoices and activities. The system helps you easily identify most profitable lead sources, measure sales managers work efficiency and track conversion.

So, Bitrix24 provides you the report building tool that allows you to create a customized report on the basis of the existing one. Get the main insights on how to create a new report by following the next steps:

  • click on “ add report” on the right corner of the page layout

  • select a CRM module for your new report, for example ‘deal’

  • create a report name, description and report conditions - with "add" column tab

  • you can add filters that help you to limit report results. Also, if you want to see chart in your report you may select between "linear", "bar" or "pie chart" options. After that just press ‘Create report‘ button.

Furthermore, Bitrix24 provides the sales funnel report that visually represents a number of deals at different stages. In the system, you have 2 sales funnels that can be viewed as a standard chart or a funnel with conversions. Though you can’t change them, but set them up with filters. Consider the following:

  • active deals (in development, waiting for details, proposal/price quote, negotiation/review, closed won)
  • inactive deals (on hold and closed lost)

By and large, Bitrix24 reports and the sales funnel help you to see the overall company performance at a glance.

Workflow Automation

Bitrix24 comes with its own built-in workflow automation engine. Individual workflows are known as Business Processes, and each one can include a number of different actions.

There are two types of business processes:

  • sequential business process that works step by step in the logical order. There is the start and end point with a number of actions in between. Decisions and activities can branch at any stage, but fundamentally the business process progresses from top to bottom.
  • status driven business process is more complex and normally not having start and end points or given time frame. Such business processes can return or finish at any stage.

So, Bitrix24 workflow automation includes the following processes:

    • Set Up Tasks And Notifications For instance, a task is assigned to a manager automatically after a document has been successfully completed.
    • Auto-Response And Follow-Up The system includes an auto-response email, uses various lead fields to send different emails, sets and then checks the status of the lead, distributes follow-up letters after 7 days if there is no change in status.
    • Social BPM Bitrix24 includes a powerful social Business Process Management module that help you to coordinate your work with your employees, get the instant feedback, and extend automation to everybody through computers or other mobile devices.
    • Document Workflow Management You can create a workflow, Business Process template, for document approval that will be used every time a new document is uploaded or modified. There will be a number of people involved: a person who creates a document and approves it as well as some other in between. This module allows to plan, execute and monitor documents.
    • HR process automation Bitrix24 offers a freehuman resources information system that can automate most HR processes and workflows: time off and annual leave requests,resume management, HR forms, or creating employee self-service portal.

Bottom Line

With all being said, it is important to optimize the overall solution to accommodate the unique business and environmental factors for improving your system’s performance. If you want to learn more information on Bitrix24 automation and optimization, feel free to contact our expert.

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