Bitrix24 Setting Up: Reports And Sales Funnels [Part 2]

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Bitrix24 Setting Up: Reports And Sales Funnels [Part 2]

The digital age along with the enhancement of business processes and reduction of heavy manual work brought the endless flow of data. CRM system helps to collect the myriad of various records types, as well as provides tools for the analysis. Thus, it doesn’t mean that you installed Bitrix24 and in a couple of hours can receive detailed insights into business processes. You need to configure all the modules as there are no fit-all-business-strategies CRM platform. Not so long ago we helped you in Bitrix24 setting up for users portals, and today we are going to figure out how to tailor and run timely and accurate metrics. The audit of activities done by your employees is also vital for evaluating the efficiency of company performance. And with Bitrix24 reports, you can easily track all the deals and changes.

Reports As A Fixture to Justified Decisions

Let’s start with a brief review of reporting option provided by Bitrix24. Solution enables you with a standard set of reports and various filters that cover such aspects as

  • deals
  • products
  • leads
  • invoices
  • activities

There is also a report building tool that allows you to create a customized report on the basis of the existing one. Before initiating Bitrix24 setting up metrics, you should be aware of the characteristics and capabilities of the standard reports. To find the report module, you need to go to

My workspace > CRM > Reports

. Then you will see a dashboard with the 5 types and subtypes of reports you can run. Each of the reports has such filtering options as

Bitrix24 reports types

Deal reports cover such metric requirements as

  1. Won deals - shows the number of successfully closed interactions during a selected period. This report offers view via the type of deal, responsible person, company, contact, the amount of won deals and date.
  2. Deals by contact - shows all deals and their details concerning a specific contact. It is used for contact analysis.
  3. Deals by companies - shows transaction details concerning a certain company. This report is used for extracting the most valuable contracts and company analysis.
  4. Deals by sales representatives - shows the number of transactions (won, attempted or lost) by a sales rep. This report is run for evaluating the performance of salespeople in accordance to company incomes.
  5. Expected sales - shows all the open deals with more than 50% of probability for winning. It is used by executive management to evaluating the awaited amount of income, sales performance, and transaction type.
  6. Overdue deals - shows the deals that should be closed to this moment. It helps to control and motivate the sales managers to higher engagement.
  7. Deals by stage - shows all the existing transactions distributed by the stage. This report is used by the executives and supervisors for a general look at the status of deals across the company.
Bitrix24 deals-by-stage

Product reports presented only by a single type - product sales which show the total amount and quantity of each sold product. It serves for defining the best-selling options across the company. You can also apply additional filter options

Bitrix24 product-sales-filter

Lead Report is presented in 3 subtypes

  • leads by manager show the sum of payments received by sales representatives individually
  • leads by statues depict the exact numbers of leads in status (responsible assigned/waiting for details/cannot contact/in progress/on hold/restored/junk lead)
  • leads by source (personal contact/existing client/call/website/email/conference/show/exhibition/employee/campaign/HR department/email message/other) shows which sources bring the most valuable leads for conversion

Invoice report

is depicted in 3 subtypes

  • revenue by manager shows the number of invoices created and paid by each sales reps individually
  • invoice by companies provides the number of invoices by each company
  • invoice by contacts depicts the amount of paid invoices by each contact

And the last report type is

managers’ activities

that provide the audit of sales reps performance for a specified period

  • responsible person
  • incoming/outcoming calls
  • meeting
  • incoming/outcoming emails
  • tasks

Important to mention that Bitrix24 doesn’t provide you an option of a scheduled report, so you have to look at metrics you interested and specify the period and other details with a filter tool. However, there is a report builder for creating reports.There are 2 ways to make up a custom report: 1. You can copy the existing one and

Bitrix24 reports


its configurations

(name, report period, number and order of columns, filter condition)

to your needs.


2. You can create a new report from scratch by clicking on the button ‘Add report’ at the upper right corner in the report module. Then you will choose fields you need for this report - it can be deal, product, lead, invoice or activity. After selecting the field, you will be redirected to the Report Wizard where you will have to add report name, details and time, as well as columns and filters. In a nutshell, Bitrix24 setting up allows you to track all the transactions, tasks accomplishment and performance of your employees during a specified time boundaries with ease.

Sales Funnel: Measure the Balance of Advance

In general, sales funnel or pipeline represents all the leads and transactions that company runs or have run. In Bitrix24 you have 2 sales funnels that can be viewed as a standard chart or a funnel with conversions:

  • active deals (in development, waiting for details, proposal/price quote, negotiation/review, closed won)
  • inactive deals (on hold and closed lost)

You can’t change them, but you can configure it with filters. To be specific, you can search by type

(sales, created sales, integrated sales, merchandise sales, service, after sales service)

, created or modified date

(today, yesterday, this/last week, this/last month, recent # days, exactly/after/before date, date range)

and by responsible person. There is also

a set of 6 saved filters

that will simplify your search

  • this week
  • last week
  • this month
  • last month
  • my this week deals
  • my last week deals

So, the sales funnel enables you with see


of your overall company performance at a glance. Being aware of how all your transactions are going on, as well as how effective your team, will increase your analytics value and make your decisions full-proof. In case, you want to get more tips on CRM analytics, this free ebook

‘CRM Analytics Workshop. Set Up Effective Metrics

’ will substantially complete this Bitrix24 setting up guide.

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