Bitrix24 Setup: Useful Sources and Tutorials [Video Inside]

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Bitrix24 Setup: Useful Sources and Tutorials [Video Inside]

A CRM Setup and customization are among the decisive factors of its future success. Poorly configured system will most likely be ineffective and lead to implementation failure. In order to avoid such an undesirable outcome, it is necessary to create a checklist of various settings and options to be adjusted. In this article we are going to look at the Bitrix24 setup peculiarities and walk you through the platform's basic features.

Bitrix24 is a fully-functional tool that can cover nearly any company’s needs with minimal navigation. It has a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to optimize administrative tasks and minimize the amount of routine manual office work.

To use the potential of the platform to the fullest it is recommended to configure the following areas of your portal:

  • Bitrix24 Setup and service settings;
  • User and company structure management;
  • Personal calendar settings;
  • Workgroup structure;
  • Email and telephony setup.

Bitrix24 Setup and Service Settings

The service settings include the basic information about your company and a set of rules the system will comply to.

First of all you should go to the “Settings” section in the main menu and adjust your Intranet Settings. Those include:

  • Company name;
  • Administrator (default sender) email
  • Date and time format;
  • An option to enable document editing via external sources, such as Google Docs, for example;
  • “All employees” recipient configuration.

Bitrix24 Intranet setting Up

At this step it is also recommended to set the IP restrictions (if you use the Standard or Professional plan). This option allows to specify the IP addresses or ranges from which it is possible to use the Intranet resources.

User and Company Structure Management

Inviting new users (employees) to your Bitrix24 intranet is real simple. All you need to do is press the green “Create” button in the top left corner and select the “Invite users” option. Once you do that, you will see the invitation form, where you will need to type the emails of the people you want to invite and click “Invite”.

            bitrix24 setup

Later, when the invited users will complete the registration in the system, you will be able to edit or delete their profiles from the “Employees” screen under “Company” menu item.

Another thing you should do is create your company structure. The process is equally simple. Go to “Company” - “Company Structure” and click on “Add Department” button. Then fill in all the necessary information in the popup window and click “Add”.

Company structure in Bitrix24

Personal Calendar Settings

Bitrix24 offers a comprehensive way to organize your corporate schedule - an advanced calendar with the options to share and sync with Outlook, Google calendars, iPhone and more. You can explore the ways of Bitrix24 setup, customizing and managing your calendar by watching the video below.

How To Add New Event To Bitrix24 Calendar

Workgroup Structure

The workgroup is a virtual community of users created to discuss and solve a set of defined issues or tasks. Creating groups allows to gather all the data and communication related to a particular project in a single place for more convenient management. The access to information within the group can be shared with other users outside the group and even with the people outside the intranet, for example customers.

How To Work With Extranet Workgroups In Bitrix24

Email and Telephony Setup

Email and Telephony are both important means of communication with people within and outside your company.

Let’s start with email services. With Bitrix24 you have the options to connect your personal email inbox to the portal, create a mailbox or even integrate your own domain with the system and add enw mailboxes using that domain.

Find more about different ways to set up your mailbox within Bitrix24 from this video

As for the telephony feature, Bitrix24 service uses the WebRTC technology that allows making and answering calls directly from a browser that supports this technology. Bitrix24 provides an ability to make the calls in the following ways:

  • Voice and video calls from Instant Messenger or a desktop application within the company;
  • IP telephony to landline and mobile phones;
  • IP telephony using office PBX.

It is worth noting, that telephony feature is well integrated with the CRM, making it possible to give, receive and record the calls conveniently. There is a number of other useful features that you can examine with the help of the video below.

Bitrix24 Setup:the Final Slice

For more information and tutorials on Bitrix24 setup and functionality you can always visit the platform's training portal. Else, you can find out other interesting facts related to Bitrix24 and stay tuned to the updates on the Trujay site or try in action a free Demo Migration.

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