Bitrix24 to Insightly Migration: Fuel Your Business with Effective CRM

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Bitrix24 to Insightly Migration: Fuel Your Business with Effective CRM

Searching the right CRM for your business is like playing a basketball game. If you want to succeed, you have to plan in the first place, then concentrate and throw the ball into the basket. Choosing the right CRM for your company is close to being in this kind of sport.

Initially, you should decide why to switch an existing solution, investigate the CRM market, and select the one that fits your business objectives. The processes of picking the platform for your company, as well as migration from one to another, are not more complex tasks than you think. However, if you perform everything in a proper way, your business will benefit without any doubt.

Bitrix24 vs. Insightly: Strengths and Shortcomings

Today, with the variety of CRM choices available, many companies prefer the more advanced, yet easy-to-use software. So, the migration from Bitrix24 to Insightly might be a good option to consider. Hence, let’s single out what advantages and drawbacks can encourage you to the data transferring between those two systems, as well as the main stages of transition.

Bitrix24: Commitment to Business Progress

Bitrix24, launched in 2012, is a comprehensive CRM that fits the small companies together with the possibility to have your personal domain and social intranet. The platform offers some features: document sharing, linking ability, built-in chat for enhanced team collaboration and maximized work efficiency. Furthermore, the solution supports a drive for creating and editing files on-the-go.

In this line of thought, Bitrix24 enables you with a list of reports and different filters that cover multiple aspects: leads, products, deals, invoices, and activities. At this point, you can easily see the status of current deals or transactions in the sales funnel. Moreover, you can take advantage of the building tool and create a customized report by the existing one.

Being a relatively new solution, Bitrix24 showed good results for the past several years. Notwithstanding, the platform still has some disadvantages:

  • each letter needs to be sent separately as the software doesn’t save the history of the correspondence
  • Bitrix24 obtains free technical support and product updates just for the first year
  • all the self-hosted version pricing plans include support for only 25 intranet users.

All in all, Bitrix24 is an excellent choice to boost the efficiency of your business performance. However, if you feel that your company needs more flexible and simple solution, then you can consider Insightly CRM as an alternative.

Insightly: Assuredness of Company Growth

Being founded in 2011, Insightly satisfies the requirements of small and mid-sized organizations and offers an intuitive, simple interface that increases the speed of user adoption. Consequently, the platform comprises a short learning curve, as well as the set of compelling features:

  • The solution enables you to keep all the contacts in order and monitor essential info about them starting from the background and email history to the projects or events they are engaged in. So, you can import the information in the 3 ways: via CSV files, Gmail address book, or manually.
  • Insightly offers an opportunity to link related items together: tasks, contacts, organizations, notes, and others. This ability allows you move between the various records in your database in a simple way. Furthermore, with creating tasks and milestones for projects, Insightly facilitates and gives the workflows.
  • The platform includes 9 reports and analytic options that can be customized to your specific needs and goals. Even though the system places the primary focus on sales, it is capable of analyzing the completed and overdue activities as well.
  • CRM provides the synchronization with mailboxes, social media networks, back-office systems, and various third-party solutions. Also, the system is designed for seamless integration with programs including Google Drive, Google Apps, and Gmail that makes it even more convenient and time-efficient.

As you can see, Insightly offers more advantage over Bitrix24 regarding simplicity and flexibility options. In this case, if you are all fired up with the information, and ready to migrate from Bitrix24 to Insightly, follow the next steps to complete the fast and secure relocation.

Must-Be-Done Actions Before a Switch

Coming closer to the transferring, the migration of the records is the procedure that requires thorough planning and preparation, as well as the teamwork of all the business departments. So, consider the suggestions to help you reach the desired results during and after the transition:

  • Test New CRM

One of the practical ways to check if your platform can accomplish the organizational problems is to try the solution out. Due to a free trial option, it is a good idea to compare all Insightly modules and functionality capabilities. You will get the opportunity to try your future system in action and check its efficiency in fulfilling the needs of your company.

  • Investigate Your Data

If you are willing to relocate the records without the unnecessary and redundant items, you should dig deeper into the structure of your data and find out where it resides. After that, it will be easier for you to exclude the useless information from your database.

Let’s say your records include the historical items like old appointments, phone calls or completed meetings; then you probably do not have to deal with them in the future business processes. Moreover, you can handle the items separately and considered as closed activities.

Also, if there is no need to transfer all the items at the same time, you have an opportunity to filter the records during the relocation. Proved Trujay practice showed that you could switch the data by:

  1. date (setting the given period)
  2. Some contacts that are connected to a particular user
  3. relations to particular records (for example, all the contacts related to tasks)
  • Prepare the Backup

It is highly recommended to develop a database backup before the transition to eliminate the possibility of any info loss during the migration. Without further adieu, figure out whether your solution supports the ability to download the data in CSV files.

Migrate from Bitrix24 to Insightly in 4 Simple Steps

Succeeding with all the preparations, you can start your Bitrix24 to Insightly transfer using an automated migration system Trujay. In this case, before proceeding with your Bitrix24 migration setup, previously you should install Trujay application at Bitrix24 marketplace. After that complete the following steps:

  1. Visit and create an account.

2. The next step is to provide your current CRM details. In this case, choose Bitrix24 and provide system’s URL. Then you’ll be redirected to your Bitrix24 account, and the further relocation steps will be run via the Trujay Bitrix24 app.

After that, choose Insightly from the drop-down list and specify the API Key.

3. Next steps: you should select the items you prefer migrating to Bitrix24, choose the corresponding boxes. Also, you have a useful option to set up specific fields mapping by your company requirements. Pick out a module and press ‘View or Change Field Mapping’.

Ensure that all the fields are mapped in the proper way.


At this point, you may start your free Demo Migration and observe the process in action. The system will transfer the limited amount of items with the relations between the records.

4. When the Demo Migration to Insightly is complete, it is important to review the outcome right away. You should start checking the Demo results out from the ‘Contact’ module and analyze the current contact information with the relocated data. At this point, you can have the opportunity to see and figure out if the relations between the contact and users, opportunities, accounts or tasks are retained.

After that, if you satisfied with the Demo results, you can proceed with the switch to the future solution.

Finally, Trujay will move all your records without any business process interruptions, so you can continue working.

Essential Tips To Take Afterward

When the most complicated part is over, it is suggested to use some post-migration actions for efficient system roll out:

  • explore if the items are moved to the appropriate fields
  • find out if the relations between the things are restored correctly
  • set up the standard and custom filters for analytic tools
  • make sure you’ve built personalized workflow rules
  • Equip your employees with all needed info and tutorials. However, do not conduct too many training at a time, because the colleges can get overwhelmed. In this case, you can provide online classes, so that the users can access the needed tutorials in the moment of need.

Final Thoughts

Coming closer to conclusions, if you want to reveal a new spectrum of your business capabilities and level it up, then the migration from Bitrix24 to Insightly is the way out you are looking. Hence, take all the tips and tricks above into consideration, and perform your transferring process with an automated migration system Trujay. Don’t wait up, start your free Demo right now!

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