Bitrix24 to Pipedrive Migration: Blend New Opportunities to Your Business

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Bitrix24 to Pipedrive Migration: Blend New Opportunities to Your Business

The increasingly competitive business environment spurs CRM systems to the rapid evolvement. The technological and functional possibilities of the platforms are constantly developing. As a result, many organizations understand that their existing solution can’t keep up with times and support all exclusive capabilities. The companies decide to look for the more efficient CRM at a reasonable price, and the migration from Bitrix24 to Pipedrive gets a lot of attention from the small organizations lately. So, let’s go through the brief reviews of both platforms and explore a step-by-step guide of the transition from the current CRM to the destination one.



Bitrix24 vs Pipedrive: Who Wins the Superiority?


Being the comprehensive software, Bitrix24 and Pipedrive were launched in 2012 and 2010 respectively. Designed almost in the same period of time, the CRMs share and differ in some functionality:


  • Bitrix24 is an easy-to-use solution with the possibility to have your personal domain and social intranet. It offers the activity stream that helps you record notes, send emails, create tasks, place meetings, and call simply right from the single location. Bitrix24 stands out for the document sharing, effective sales funnel, and personalized invoices.
  • Pipedrive is a simple sales pipeline management system for running the efficient sales processes and ensuring the important deals are not dropped. The platform is highly customizable and enables you with the series of stages that your potential customers glow through. So, every detail of the client’s interactions can be cataloged, as well as notifications may be set up with the follow-ups and to-do lists.



Cost Significance


Regarding the price matter, both platforms offer the 30-day free trial and the following paid subscriptions:




  • free plan for up to 12 users;
  • Plus - $39 user/month
  • Standard - $99 user/month
  • Profesional - $199/month




  • Silver – $10.00/month/user/billed annually
  • Gold – $21.00/month/user/billed annually
  • Platinum – $63.00/month/user/billed annually


As you can see, Bitrix24 is a good option to enhance business processes and team performance. However, if you feel that your company requires a more flexible platform with a focus on the sales pipeline, then Pipedrive is your choice to consider. Also, if you glance at Google Trend Comparison Chart, you can notice that Pipedrive gains the popularity for the past year:

Now, when you all fired up with information and the reasons for the data import from Bitrix to Pipedrive are visible, follow the next steps to perform the transferring effortlessly. First of all, you should choose the right migration tool. In this case, you can take advantage of the automated migration service Trujay and benefit from:


  • Security compliance that guarantees to treat the records privately;
  • Fields and users mapping that offers you to fit your business requirements;
  • Free Demo Migration that helps you observe if an automated tool works properly;
  • Total uptime of the current and future CRMs that excludes any business disruption.



Migrate from Bitrix24 to Pipedrive Smoothly


Now, it is recommended to clean out the database and inform your team about the upcoming migration, as well as follow the next several steps:


  1. Visit the Bitrix24 marketplace and install the Trujay plugin on your Bitrix account. Specify your Bitrix24 URL in the corresponding field. Then click ‘Install’ to add the application to your account.


After that, create your Trujay account at




2. Select your Bitrix24 CRM and provide your URL. In case, you aren’t signed in your Bitrix24 account, you will be redirected to log in.

After that, choose your new CRM - Pipedrive and provide its API Key.

bitrix24 to pipedrive

3. At this point, you have a valuable option to set up peculiar fields and users mapping in accordance with your business needs. Then, you can start a free Demo Migration to see the process in action. The service will transfer the limited amount of the following Pipedrive items together with the relations between the records.

4. So, check out your Demo migration results. If you are satisfied, you may proceed with the switch to the Pipedrive solution.

bitrix24 to pipedrive

Last Words

Coming closer to conclusions, if you want to reveal the new spectrum of your company possibilities, then Bitrix24 to Pipedrive data import is your way out. Take all the above-mentioned tips and tricks and perform the CRM transition without any hassles.

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