BPMOnline 5.4 vs BPMOnline 7: Size Up the Reasons for CRM Upgrading

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BPMOnline 5.4 vs BPMOnline 7: Size Up the Reasons for CRM Upgrading

Aiming to align with business requirements, CRM vendors constantly present the innovations and advancements of their solutions. However, the race of staying more popular and competitive has a negative side as long as business owners should update and upgrade their CRM platforms.

Last year BPMOnline announced stable release 7x version and many users start to think about reasons for the system upgrade. The issue of the hour is what are the main points in favor of BPMOnline 5.4 vs BPMOnline 7. This CRM vendor provides tools for sales, marketing, and service processes in the on-premise and on-demand hosting, as well as enables the mobile app for reducing idle time of business performance. Still, these editions of BPMOnline have some common features and distinctive characteristics.

BPMOnline 5.4 vs BPMOnline 7: Shared CRM Options

The baseline processes and tools for the agile business running stayed the without a considerable change. So, both BMPOnline versions have the following aspects of successful company management

    • Comprehensive Data Administration. These editions of BPMOnline enable a full view of your customers and company records. You can manage your clients and prospects using lead management, and partners and employees data via contact module. Besides, your prospects can be categorized into new, uninterested or can’t contact.
    • Sales and opportunities management enhance the processes of designing and configuring the records, activities, and tools required for ensuring the successful deal accomplishment.
    • Workflow helps you to optimize processes and increase the productivity rates. With analytics tool, you can measure the successful and ineffective actions. Apart from standard templates, you can customize these options according to your specific conditions and requirements.
    • Project management facilitates the planning and defining the amount of workload for each deal. Besides, you can draw up clear and achievable deadlines, set up a budget and awaited income, as well as monitor the process of accomplishment by stages.
    • Integration provided by BPMOnline 5.4 vs BPMOnline 7 versions. Apart from social media and Google synchronization, you can import data via Excel files.
    • Mobile App is supported by both editions, and it requires additional payment for integration with on-demand or on-premise solution.

Significant Advantages of BMPOnline 7

In case, the 2 versions of CRM are equal; there would be no need for the upgrading. So, BMPOnline 7 prevails over BPMOnline 5.4 in such features as

  1. Intuitive UI of the new version increases the system adoption.
  2. Improved filters facilitate the process of records, activities or reports search in the database.
  3. Groups for customer segmentation aid in distributing clients into more specific types, and amplify the ability of lead categorization. This option improves marketing campaign planning and support service performance.
  4. Access permissions allow to share or restrict the visibility of certain records. This feature improves the security of company data.
  5. The in-house social network delivers a new scope of collaboration, updates sharing and improves the quality of data and speed of the services.

Arriving At Conclusion

To drawing up a bottom line, we can say that BMPOnline 5.4 vs BMPOnline 7 have more points in favor of upgrading. You will acquire more comprehensive interface along with advanced collaboration options. Besides, the system administration will be seamless, and you may get more detailed reports on business performance and employee productivity.

In case, you are looking for a fast and secure option of upgrading or migrating to BPMOnline; you may use the automated service Trujay and switch your records in few hours. Start a free Demo and evaluate the coding-free and completely hands-off SaaS in action.

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