Brief Review of 6 Competitive Alternatives to Salesforce

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Brief Review of 6 Competitive Alternatives to Salesforce

CRM industry provides the business world with more than 400 different CRM platforms that vary in the price, hosting type, toolsets, as well as integration and scalability levels. This scope for a choice allows companies to find the most suitable solution for their business needs. Usually, vendors give preference to the reputable and standalone CRM like Salesforce.

Reasons for a CRM Switch

Salesforce enables its users with numerous options and practical tools. However, many business owners consider moving from this solution to a more affordable CRM. In the search for pricewise and competitive alternatives to Salesforce, vendors also want to cut their expenses and save budgets instead of overinvestments into CRM features their employees rarely use.

Attractive Alternatives to Salesforce

Due to a wide range of CRM platforms, many businesses find themselves lost at sea and fail to select the most appropriate platform to replace their existing one. With the aim to facilitate this complex process, we drew up a list of 6 practical and effective alternatives to Salesforce.

Solve360: Hit the Business Road

As a representative of the cloud computing, Solve360 provides you with the primary tools of customer data management, workflow automation, project blogs and in-house records sharing. Besides, this solution comes with a comprehensive, multi-language UI, customization and integration abilities. The solution has no data lockup and offers several users with administrator options. Solve360 has a subscription billing $25 user/month without contracts, yet it requires minimum 4 users.

Get into the Groove with Highrise

Highrise puts the main focus on the data organization - customer and company records. So, you can have all information about a certain customer on a single page, as well as send emails. The tasks management allows to distribute assignments and share data and communication histories for enhancing staff collaboration. The solution helps you to simplify the workflow and see the deals status, attach files, add tags and comments to projects, as well as schedule follow-ups and calls to customers. Highrise integrates via API and offers a free plan for 2 users and solo plan for $29/month. Besides, there are 4 paid editions

    • Basic - $24/month up to 6 users, 10 deals, 5,000 contacts
    • Plus - $49/month up to 15 users, unlimited deals, 20,000 contacts
    • Premium - $99/month up to 40 users, unlimited deals, 30,000 contacts
    • Max - $149/month unlimited users and deals, 50,000 contacts

Insightly Proceeds Your Business Growth

Being known as a practical solution for small and mid-sized businesses, Insightly continues to extend its reputation and can offer tools that comply with the large organizations’ needs. The platform deals with the data and aids in advancing relationships with customers due to flexible calendaring, notes, comments and fast database search. The relationships with contacts, organizations and projects are interconnected what improves marketing and sales processes. The ability to create milestones and tasks for projects facilitates the workflows. As long as reports are vital information, with Insightly you can receive standard and customized summary of certain activity, as well as design pipelines. The solution enables a scope for integration and system tailoring. Besides, there are a free plan for 2 users and 4 paid editions with monthly and annually billing.

  • Basic - 12 user/month (annually)/ $15 user/month (monthly)
  • Plus - 29 user/month (annually)/ $35 user/month (monthly)
  • Professional - 49 user/month (annually)/ $59 user/month (monthly)
  • Enterprise - 99 user/month (annually)/ $129 user/month (monthly)

Customer Loyalty and Revenue Increase with Zoho

Zoho is a practical solution that provides you with sales automation, elaborate and multi-channel marketing and effective support service. This CRM delivers separate modules for lead, account and contact management that keeps your data in order for fast access. Workflow automation helps to schedule calls, follow-ups, emails and alerts sending out. Besides, opportunity management aids in planning projects, monitoring the performance during the sales cycle and bringing necessary improvements on the go. With Zoho, you can segment your customers according to the geo-position and, therefore, improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Moreover, you may take the advantage of advanced analytics and customizable reports that improve planning, forecasting, and performance of baseline processes. Zoho offers you a free plan for 10 users and 3 paid editions

  • Standard - 12 user/month (annually)/ $15 user/month (monthly)
  • Professional - 20 user/month (annually)/ $25 user/month (monthly)
  • Enterprise - 35 user/month (annually)/ $40 user/month (monthly)

BPMonline: Helps to Thrive with Performance

BPMonline is one of the practical alternatives to Salesforce. As any other CRM, this platform offers a holistic and full view of customer and company data. With BPMonline, you can manage your leads and contacts, as well as products and services lists. You can detect all the opportunities and run projects more effectively due to business process management and workflow automation. The built-in document sharing improves the inside staff collaboration. The invoice and order management helps to deal with budgets, products, services, and owners, as well as monitor the transaction status and analyze the effectiveness. BPMonline provides integration and synchronization abilities along with the system designer for tailoring the solution to your specific needs. Sales forecasting tool enhances the transaction planning. BPMonline provides you with 4 paid plans with an annual contract

    • Team - $17 user/month
    • Commerce - $22 user/month
    • Enterprise - $45 user/month (on premise edition requires single payment $750/user)
    • Onmichannel - $50 user/month (on premise edition requires single payment $800/user)

Bitrix24: Put Your Business on A Higher Lane

With Bitrix24, you can meet the growing demands of customers and stay competitive in the harsh business world. The solution provides you with key CRM features like automation of workflow and processes, holistic view of the client with contact manager and built-in invoices. Your sales managers will be able to make phone and video calls, as well as send emails, directly from CRM. Besides, marketers may take the advantage of customer segmentation for more responsive campaigns. Apart from reports, you can see the status of your transactions on a sales funnel at a glance. Bitrix24 provides built-in chat, document sharing for enhanced collaboration, and Bitrix24.Drive for creating and editing files on the go. Moreover, with the adoption of this solution, you receive the personal domain and social intranet for an effective company running. Bitrix24 has a free plan for 12 users and 2 paid editions

    • Standard - $99/month, unlimited users, 100GB storage
    • Professional - $199/month with unlimited users and storage

Final Thoughts

Salesforce can be replaced by several CRM solutions that are fully featured and affordable. So, all you need is to define your key processes and business objectives before choosing the CRM solution. In case, you made up you mind and consider the fast and secure migration to Solve360, Highrise, Insightly, Zoho, BPMonline or Bitrix24; you may use the automated solution Trujay. The SaaS excludes coding, data importing and human interaction. So start a free demo, and it is action. Besides, there is no current system downtime.

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