Capsule CRM Review: Dig up the Assets of the Advanced CRM

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Capsule CRM Review: Dig up the Assets of the Advanced CRM

All about Capsule CRM Review

The continually evolving business world calls for the innovative software to accomplish the skillful selling and efficient customer service. So, in order to stay on top of the highly competitive market, you have to identify the company goals and focus on the client demands. CRM system helps you keep up with times and manage the successful customer relationships.

However, how to choose a suitable platform to fit your business requirements? In case the endless list drives you at a loss, check out Capsule CRM review and explore a wide range of efficient capabilities for your organization growth.  

Capsule CRM Review: Features and Costs

Effective and flexible, Capsule is a compelling tool for small mid-sized companies. Launched in 2008, the platform occupies a market segment interested in the easy-to-use software. Before diving deep into the world of Capsule’s advantages, find out a short summary of the primary benefits of the system:

  • simple to work with
  • reasonably priced
  • variety of integration options
  • focus on sales pipeline

So, Capsule CRM obtains the essential capabilities to help companies manage the business processes. Consequently, investigate the following information for better understanding of Capsule’s functionality:

capsule crm review
  • Contact Management

Since contacts are essential for any business, Capsule provides you with an opportunity to create and track all contacts with adding notes, tasks, social media accounts and other information to each of them. Either add a note from Capsule or use the Google Apps for Work Widget to store the message with a single click.

  • categorise. Use tags to group contacts into different categories. For example, you want to tag the industry or sector for a contact. Take advantage of tags when creating the custom defined lists of contacts or organizations to get the most out of CRM.

  • import. Move your existing contact data from a spreadsheet or email application into Capsule CRM. The platform allows you to map the fields from Outlook, Gmail, CSV file etc. to the appropriate places, keep your custom fields and convert them into tags.

  • integrate the mailing lists. Connect your platform with your mailing list like Mailchimp. Once a link is set up, you can add Capsule contact to one or more of your mailing lists without having to sign out from Capsule. By integrating with Capsule custom lists, you can easily and swiftly build a mailing list from your CRM contact data.

  • Tracks

In case you obtain a standard way of approaching sales, you can bundle the individual tasks into “tracks.” For example, a track can comprise the next tasks:

  • follow up email
  • arrange a meeting
  • make a proposal

Furthermore, you can schedule the tasks automatically to follow up the previous task after the defined period of time. For instance: a meeting can be set up 5 days after the follow-up email.

  • Lists

Lists are the great functionality for organizing and categorizing contacts. Create them by using tags, custom fields, last date contacted, job title, etc. such as:

  • Not contacted in the last 60 days
  • HR Managers
  • Businesses based in France
  • Opportunities

Opportunities provide you with an possibility to manage the deals and forecast the future sales. Attach the emails and notes directly to the opportunity. In this case, you get the latest and updated opportunity information to help you close the deals faster. Besides, overview the open opportunities from the sales dashboard, so you can easily check the status of each opportunity, as well as monitor the potential sales amount.

capsule crm review
  • Cases

Cases contain all activities related to an event such as client inquiry or something more complicated. Store the history data and interactions with the customers. In this case, you can use the information with similar client concerns and refer to what you did with a previously closed case.

  • Custom fields

If you need to store more information than the standard fields, you can build and add your own custom fields. For example: track what kind of software is used on their company website and whether it is the mobile friendly or e-commerce enabled.

  • Mobile Access

Call or email right a contact right from the phone, as well as see what tasks are due when you are on the road. Create a follow-up task right after the meeting to exclude the possibility of forgetting it. Note, all your information is synced automatically.

  • Sales Analytics Tools

Capsule CRM offers the reporting and forecasting dashboard that enables you with the next information:

  • Pipeline forecast – value of opportunities based on probability of winning deal
  • Conversion rate over 30, 90 and 365 days – based on closed opportunities
  • Pipeline by milestone
  • Pipeline by tag
  • Upcoming tasks for opportunities

Moreover, you can take advantage of the predefined opportunity milestones:

  • Suspect
  • Prospect
  • Champion
  • Opportunity
  • Proposal
  • Verbal
  • Lost
  • Won
  • Calendar

The solution obtains a calendar view to easily monitor the tasks that are due and give you a chance to observe what actions should be done in a week ahead. Import Google Calendar to see the CRM tasks.

capsule crm review
  • Integrations

Capsule integrates with 78 applications like Workato, Xero, Zapier, Zendesk, PandaDoc, FreshDesk, LiveChat and other software.

  • Price Index

Capsule CRM offers you 2 subscriptions:

  • a free plan includes an ability to get 2 users and store up to 250 contacts.

  • the Professional edition - $8/user/month and can be used with up to 50,000 contacts with unlimited opportunities and cases. This payment option has the file storage of 2GB and lets you integrate with premium applications. Note, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial of the Professional plan, but it requires a credit card.

As you can see, Capsule is great choice for small companies with a number of compelling features. However, if you are a bigger organization, you can feel a lack in some robust functionality like marketing automation. Even though Salesforce and Infusionsoft have a bit hefty price tag, the platforms can easily satisfy your business requirements:

  • Salesforce attracts the companies of all sizes, yet place the focus on the enterprises. SalesforceIQ CRM Starter edition at 25/user/month can be a good Capsule replacement with advanced marketing and sales strategies. Even though this edition lacks the inventory and invoicing tools, it is considered one of the leading CRMs thanks to the intuitive interface and rich feature set. For instance: Chatter, contact and opportunity management, files and sync share, etc.

  • Infusionsoft facilitates the processes of small and mid-sized companies. The platform obtains the strong contact management with marketing and sales functionality, as well as eCommerce tools. Starting at $99/user/month, the solution stands out for lead scored for marketing metrics, easy drag-and-drop email builder, customizable widget-based dashboards, and custom auto-responders.

By and large, if you investigated the Capsule CRM review, as well as interested in the platform or one of the Capsule CRM alternatives, choose an automated migration service Trujay to perform the records import. The SaaS offers you an opportunity to benefit from:

How to Get Ready for Data Import?

The thorough preparation steps are essential keys to the smooth CRM migration, so consider the next activities:

  • take advantage of the free trial version to check the implementation and automation functionality of the new software;
  • analyze your database and delete all unnecessary records;
  • run a backup to exclude any information loss;
  • inform the teammates about the upcoming changes and provide with the required information about the future solution.
capsule crm review

How to Perform the CRM Data Import?

If you set up the data migration to the desired CRM and ready to perform the transfer, consider the several actions:

  1. Provide the access credentials of the current and future platforms after registering Trujay account.
  2. Choose the modules you want to switch.
  3. Map the fields and run a free Demo Migration.
  4. Proceed with the Full CRM transfer, if you are satisfied with test version results.

How to Get a Ball Rolling with a New CRM?

After the most complicated stages are behind, complete a few more activities for the successful implementation of the suitable platform:

  • check whether all migrated items are accurate and in the appropriate places;
  • distribute the access permissions, integrate mailboxes, as well as perform other configuration adjustments;
  • set up the rules for a workflow and analytics;
  • equip your colleges with all required information and tutorials about the new system.

Bottom Line

The Capsule CRM review explained to us how the platform enables you with the comprehensive contact management strategy by saving and sorting data about your customers and vendors, including to-do lists and tasks. Besides, you can create the customized categories for various data about your business contacts. So, make your business thrive, migrate to the desired CRM and achieve the successful results.

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