Capsule to HubSpot Migration in 2020: Drive your Business to its Full Potential

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Capsule to HubSpot Migration in 2020: Drive your Business to its Full Potential

Today’s CRM environment is advancing more than ever. Employees depend on CRM systems to increase efficiency and improve sales levels.


When your business is moving ahead, you need a comprehensive CRM solution. Here's where you may start asking yourself the following questions:



  • Have I used the CRM platform for more than 5 years?


  • Is my software lacking configuration and automation options?


  • Does my CRM integrate well with other applications?


  • Are the reporting tools efficient enough for my company?


  • Does the CRM provide my sales team with the ability to prioritize their tasks?


  • Is there a solution with more comprehensive features for a better price?



If some of these thoughts have come to mind, then it is certainly time to start looking for a game-changer system. Here's why HubSpot is the most preferred CRM on the market.




HubSpot CRM Capabilities


  • The timeline helps you manage your emails, calls, notes, and even website visits into one intuitive view


  • The software can easily integrate with Gmail and Google Apps, where you can send emails from any contact in your CRM


  • You can create a series of templates for repeatable follow-ups, so your sales reps may use their time in the more productive way


  • HubSpot may connect with Google Calendar; that enables you to see scheduled meetings and fix up new ones within a click


  • HubSpot is free for use, forever, and includes 2 users per month and stores up to 250 contacts




Tips Before You Migrate


To avoid any unexpected pitfalls, take some time to get ready for the process. Perform 4 simple steps:


  • Test the solution (HubSpot CRM) first - remember, it's free


  • Clean your data up - exclude dupes and outdated information from your existing Capsule CRM so you don’t have to deal with it after the transfer


  • Everything crashes - prepare a backup plan to avoid any data loss after the migration


  • Notify your employees about the switch and provide needed tutorials and training about the new platform



How to Migrate from Capsule to Hubspot CRM Using Trujay's Self-Service Tool


  1. Visit Trujay's Self-Service tool to fill in your source and target CRMs and your email. No registration required.



2. Specify your current CRM (Capsule) and new CRM (HubSpot) and log in your credentials




3. Click “Free Sample Migration” to launch; for first-timers, your data fields will be mapped using the most common logic


- If you’d like to map fields on your own, click “Fields Mapping”




4. Evaluate your sample results. If you are satisfied, click “Start Full Migration”

- Should you decide to modify your fields, click “Change Fields Mapping”; you can rerun the sample as many times as you need at no cost




5. Fields Mapping: Choose what you want to migrate before and/or after you’ve generated sample results





Final Thoughts


If you feel that your business is in need of a more advanced and contemporary CRM solution, then HubSpot is the way to go! Plus, all the tips above can help you perform your data transfer in a fast and secure way.


Reach out to the Trujay experts to gain more insight on how to move data from Capsule to HubSpot CRM. Visit the Trujay website for more information on other tools and services offered.


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