Capsule to Salesforce Migration: Hit the Right Choice For Sustained Success

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Capsule to Salesforce Migration: Hit the Right Choice For Sustained Success

In a fast-paced world, technology is not often keeping up with times to satisfy the company's needs. The lack of reconfigurability, declining the user adoption rates, increasing costs of maintaining can cause some issues for your business. That’s when you start thinking of migrating to a different solution.

However, there is a natural hesitation about transferring to a new CRM, since so much time, costs, and efforts have been invested in the existing one. To help you understand the reasons for the data switch and the main steps of the process, let's take the migration from Capsule to Salesforce as an example.

Capsule vs. Salesforce: Brief Review of the Features

Launched in 2008, Capsule is designed as a simple system for the small and mid-sized organizations from the ground up:

  • the solution helps you easily track customer relationship, monitor the sales pipeline, deals with clients’ complaints through the case management “tracks.”
  • among some functionality options, you can integrate with Google Apps and Gmail
  • being the reasonable software, the subscriptions are represented by 2 editions: free subscription and paid one for 12$ per user per month

Note: Capsule doesn’t let you customize user permissions and record views, as well as access the advanced forecasting or dashboard reports.  

So, what if it is time to invest in the most customizable platform with a larger amount of the configuration possibilities?  

Salesforce is the platform that can help you solve the problem. It is a superior system that being a real veteran among CRM solutions. The platform can help any business from SMB to enterprise to grow into a profitable organization without changing the platforms during any upgrading stage:

  • the platform provides 215 configuration choices, select the ones that fit the needs of your business processes
  • the solution embraces hundreds of reports some customizable ones ranging from real-time snapshots to yearly summaries
  • regarding the price matter, Salesforce offers a free trial and 4 paid plans starting from Salesforce IQ CRM Starter for $25 per user per month (billed annually).

Now, when we fired up with all required information about pros and cons of the solutions, let’s go over the main stages of the Capsule to Salesforce migration.

Prepare Your CRM For the Switch

To appropriately manage the migration from one system to another, consider the following suggestions before the transfer:

  • try out Salesforce free trial and scan the CRM for the customizations and automation options
  • ask your team what records are not essential for further business processes and clean out the unnecessary and outdated items
  • prepare the backup to eliminate the possibility of any essential information and records loss

Migrate from Capsule to Salesforce Briskly

Today, most of the organizations that are looking for a tool to migrate the data, tend to use the automated way. Streamline the transferring from Capsule to Salesforce with a migration service Trujay.

You can get an opportunity for the direct, secure and accurate records relocation to Salesforce. Furthermore, you can map data on your own to ensure the proper representation of Capsule’s fields. Trujay provides the ability to test the procedure with the free Demo migration. Finally, no interruptions of the business processes will occur during the migration.

After-Switch System Roll-Out

Even the data transition is complete; it is suggested to perform a few more activities to make sure your Salesforce is working properly:

  • check whether all the migrated data is accurate and in the appropriate places
  • enter the company details, integrate mailboxes, distribute the access permissions
  • create the personalized workflow processes and set up specific reports
  • provide the tutorials for your staff to get better user system adoption

Closing Thoughts

By identifying the core business functionality requirements, you can select the solution that fits the size of your business delivering the value and return on investment. So, if your company is growing fast and demand for more customization options arises, the migration from Capsule to Salesforce is a good idea. Don’t hesitate, start a free demo transfer right now!

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