Chasing the Right CRM: Zoho vs Vtiger

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Chasing the Right CRM: Zoho vs Vtiger

The customer relationship management keeps growing rapidly over the last decades. Choosing the CRM that is nearly a perfect fit for your business is really a challenging task faced by many. Frequently, users find themselves confronted with a big problem of dissatisfaction with the current platform - it looks like the system you’ve been looking for is found, but as soon as you dive deeper, you realize it doesn’t meet your business demands at all.

In case you still have doubts between Zoho CRM vs Vtiger - keep reading this post. The article provided below aims to help you find a right-your-size CRM software for your business and present you the easiest way of transferring to it without the necessity to start all over again. Zoho and Vtiger have proved themselves one of the top-level performers at the CRM market.

General Overview

Zoho is a flexible CRM system oriented for small and mid-size businesses. It comes shipped with most of the essential features for your organization’s development, support, sales and marketing departments. This software is available in 10 languages and provides its followers with the professional support team. Zoho CRM offers three different packages for you to choose from:  

  • Professional Edition. The Professional Edition includes about 250MB space with some additional Pro features and cost $12 user/month.
  • Enterprise Edition. It offers 500MB space and has an entire amount of features for large corporate companies. This edition is priced at $25 user/month.

Vtiger CRM, alternatively, is entirely open source community-driven customer relationship software with the global community of developers and users. It offers modules to manage leads, sales opportunities, tasks, support tickets and all the company database. Overall, for Vtiger software be ready to pay 12$ per user per month.


Zoho has treated as a reliable and trustworthy starter CRM solution. Compared to some other CRM systems, Zoho is very easy and intuitive to use. It comes packed with all of the basic features (like territory management, custom modules, multiple currencies, advanced workflow rules, custom related lists, call center connectors and help desk integration). However, like with any software, Zoho has its limits. One of the drawbacks is the lack of campaigns tab. Besides, it doesn’t integrate properly with other tools such as Mailchimp and Gmail. Generally, if you need simple to use and easy to manage system - Zoho might be a great solution for you.

Vtiger is often treated as all-in-one CRM solution; that is well adapted for small companies and large enterprises alike. Straightforward UI makes Vtiger software easy to navigate. Especially, the platform bills itself on its ability to send the letters and track the results of each of them, to analyze the activities concerning your e-mails. Besides, Vtiger helps to transform contacts into leads, leads into opportunities and opportunities into your business revenues. Overall, Vtiger managed to capture the user's attention due to the following strengths:

  • ease-of-use (that makes it the system of choice among newbies)
  • a vast array of third-party add-ons and themes (to extend a CRM functionality and view)
  • professional support team (if you got stuck)

With all that being said, you may create HTML page-form, then integrate it with your website and that’s it - from now on all users data will be captured by Vtiger.

In Conclusion

All in all, the abilities of Zoho as well as Vtiger are really forceful. That’s why the choice"Zoho vs. Vtiger" is a difficult one. Everything depends on your business peculiarities and requirements.

To make the right choice, don’t be deceived by popularity. Consider the factors that matter most for your business and carefully weigh your needs. If you’ve already made the choice but wish to change your existing software for something better suited to your demands (Zoho to Vtiger or vice versa) - with Trujay your CRM migration will be as accurate and swift as possible.

Register your account and you’ll see how easy customer relationship management system migration can be!

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