Choose A CRM in 5 Steps: CRM Migration Plan [Part 2]

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Choose A CRM in 5 Steps: CRM Migration Plan [Part 2]

In business, the companies are always searching for ways to improve the efficiency of the business and team. In some cases, CRM migration to a more advanced solution is a wise choice. Then becomes crucial to choose a CRM that not only protects your data and easy enough to use but also include the essential functions to fit your business workflow.

Once you tuned up your data with pieces of advice in CRM Migration Plan: Covering Data Issues [Part1], it’s time to move on and choose a new CRM that fits your organization like a glove. Several factors identify what CRM system is right for your business processes:

#1 Set up the Goals

It is essential to investigate the processes or understand the business challenges you are trying to unravel. Start with the identifying the issues your organization can come across. The set of problems may comprise the following:

  • records are scattered in the different software
  • no complete view of data and many records are out of date
  • reports are useless, while useful ones are challenging to build
  • sales team reject to work with CRM as they don’t observe any value of the platform
  • you are missing out on the prospects’ social footprint and lack the interaction through the social channels
  • too many customizations that complicate daily round of the team

If your business encounters some of the issues above, align the objectives with the essential features and draw up a list starting with the highest priorities. Among the most critical characteristics, the compelling CRMs should:


  • include 360-degree overview of the client, consolidating contact data and history
  • gather social media insights
  • track opportunities and post-sales activities
  • manage and segment the data
  • provide the free trial or demo to see the process in action


  • offer multiple search filters
  • capture multiple addresses and contacts
  • obtain an efficient centralized customer interaction

#2 Find an Easy-to-Use CRM

There are multi-functioning systems that require more time to absorb the knowledge about all functionality options. Choose a CRM with a clean, simple user interface that requires fewer efforts in getting into the work.

#3 Identify the Customization Options

Look for CRM that is designed with a multitude of business processes in mind. Each company comprises numerous processes and workflow rules. So, get a flexible platform to handle these operations. Choose a CRM that will grow your organization and adapt to any changes without a need to be replaced.

#4 Look for the Reporting Tools

CRM analytics provide the possibility to use standard and customized reports based on the changeable information, as well as gives some hints how to improve the processes. You may think that the company is doing fine and the employees are working efficiently but the reports may indicate the opposite. Consider the following analytics functions your CRM may obtain:

  • flexible, customizable reports
  • slice-and-dice style analytics
  • report on all record types and fields
  • insights on the effectiveness of each employee and administrative tasks
  • extract management data in a real time
  • forecasting option

#5 Integrate with Third-Party Systems

Every business uses a number of different systems and CRM is one of them. So, it is important to choose a CRM that can synchronize data with other software you work with. For example:  

  • integrates with the marketing automation solutions and email providers
  • provides calendar and contact synchronization

Final Lines

Trying to choose a CRM is a chilling task. To increase ROI and have return on investment, you should take your business processes and the teamwork into consideration. Dedicate enough time and compare the functionality of the CRM vendors that suit your business objectives.

P.S. In case you hesitating if CRM is worth the attention and costs, check out the e-book “Make CRM Investments Foolproof. Best Strategies for ROI Increase” to dispel the doubts.

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