Choosing a CRM Consultant: Safety Measure or Urgent Need

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Choosing a CRM Consultant: Safety Measure or Urgent Need

The steady company’s growth, enlargement of the database and requirement of business processes advancing are the first symptoms that you need to implement or change your existing CRM software. Some vendors consider hiring a CRM professional nothing more than a waste of money. Another far-reaching business owners are ready to give a part of their budget on a third-party specialist to avoid implementation failures and get more profits. So, let’s figure out the benefits of engaging such an expert and tips for choosing a CRM consultant.

Matters of Choosing a CRM Consultant

CRM consultant may give you a real shot in the arm at the time when your organization is at a tipping point. However, this notion comprises a lot of definitions.

  • CRM specialist can be a developer of CRM software that works with CRM vendor.
  • Project manager has no connection with a technical side but builds the plan of business improvement and design.
  • Salesperson offers extended marketing knowledge that will elaborate your complex performance.
  • Strategist enhances the process of fulfilling your business objectives and growing your client base.
  • Independent consultant performs the role of the project manager and doesn’t work for any CRM vendors. This expert cooperates with small consulting firms.

According to the surveys, only half of CRM users requires the assistance of a third-party specialist. So, large companies and multi-level enterprises would take a considerable advantage of the collaboration with CRM consultant. In case you are a freelancer or small business owner who has an experienced web-developer in your team, the hiring a CRM expert may be an unnecessary expense.

Define Company’s Objectives and Requirements

Every business owner has a competitive nature and aims to run a prosperous company. With the help of a CRM professional, you may optimize the uptime, incorporate the enhancements into complex business processes, enable usability and reduce the risk of implementation failure. However, there are some steps you need to take before choosing a CRM consultant.

  1. First of all, you should define your company’s objectives and specify short and long-term goals.
  2. After pointing out your strategy, you look at the most appropriate CRM platforms for the peculiar demands of your organization.
  3. Set up your budget for buying a new CRM solution, migration costs, and services of a CRM consultant.
  4. It is worth to create a document that will include the requirements to CRM software, technical background and experience of your staff, strategy and plans, and parameters desired for consulting services.

CRM Consultants: Skills vs. Strategy

Nowadays there is an increasing diversity of CRM specialists that have different technical backgrounds and work in various business industries. The services of CRM professionals include the selection, implementation and customization of the CRM software to your business needs. The ancillary practices help to re-engineer your sales, marketing and customer support services, as well as improve and elaborate company’s management on the whole. CRM consultant may also train your staff in using the maximum of CRM opportunities of the current platform.

The CRM consultants can be divided into the following subgroups:

  • Specialists of business process. These professionals are good at departments training and planning the short-term objectives. They are good at analytics and forecasting.
  • Experts of management. These specialists have deep knowledge of an organization and a separate team running. The technical advisors optimize the management and advance scalability of your software.
  • Gurus of strategy. These CRM consultants select the most appropriate CRM software for the company’s business strategy B2B or B2C correspondently and effectively implement it into usage.
  • Technical masters. These are the specialists with a solid technical background that emphasize the importance of feature and tool sets of CRM software. They easily cope with data loading and transformation.
  • Industry adepts. These are the CRM professionals that work only in a certain specific area (financial services, consumer goods, healthcare, etc.) They can tailor any CRM systems to the demands of your company and industry you work in.

Short-list of Candidates: Select the Best One

The last but not least phase is drawing the list of the candidates. Having defined the sphere of work and strength of a CRM consultant, you should take into account the following features:

  • Experience and reputation. It is worth to check up the references and the number of successful projects. You may also search the social media for the responses about the performance of this very CRM professional.
  • Cultural fit. Every organization has its ecosystem that’s why the personal character of a CRM expert may optimize the team’s work or make it more challenging.
  • Matter of Price. Definitely, the cost of services plays an important role in choosing a CRM consultant, but the most expensive doesn’t mean the best. So, a freelancer can be as good as a professional of a reputable agency.

To choose the right CRM specialist, talk to your staff and make a draft of interview questions to your candidates. To save your time, we draw up such a list.

  1. In what CRM platform you specialize the best? The CRM consulting agency may have extended knowledge of some various CRM solutions but doesn’t specialize in particular solutions. So, it better to choose a consulting firm that is an expert in few CRM systems.
  2. What is the number of successful CRM implementations? Check the feedbacks of business owners you used the services of this consulting team.
  3. What approaches you use to monitor the staff acceptance of CRM software? Explore the way of your specialist will measure the departments’ adoption of the platform.
  4. Can you set up and customize the workflow, analytics and extra custom fields for company’s demands? There is no ideal CRM platform. So, check the technical skills and knowledge of a CRM consultant. You should provide the list of required reporting conditions to the specialist.
  5. Do you offer any ready-to-use tools and messages templates? Evaluate the speed of the customization email marketing performance.
  6. What levels of support will my company receive? Are there options of pre- and during implementation service? Figure out what amount of service this consulting firm provides.
  7. What kind of relationship has CRM system vendor with a consulting firm? If the agency has a partnership with the provider, it knows how the system will work in the future.
  8. What is the level of cooperation with the technical team? Make sure that a CRM consultant offers you a close teamwork and staff technical training.

As you can see, there is no cross-functional CRM expert. So, you should take into consideration some facts during the process of choosing a CRM consultant. Apart from focusing on business objectives, define the staff needs and scope for future improvement. Don’t take candidates credentials for granted and check them out. Due to the risk of failure and money losses, run the in-depth interview with each candidate. Don’t be humble about your company, venture up the mountain of success with the right CRM consultant.

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