Choosing CRM Platform: Step up to the Plate

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Choosing CRM Platform: Step up to the Plate

Form into one body company team might be compared to a football squad. Balanced decisions and actions, straight passess,  single purpose, these make a team feel the sweetness of victory. Technically, that is closely related to any business model. You are working on the common goal, establishing a mature system of collaboration and interaction. On the whole, we may distinguish the company success focusing on its external and internal business relations. Figuratively, we might compare the executives with the skipper and team members with frontmen, defenders and goalkeepers.

Obviously, both for successful, efficient game plan and customer relationship management, all the processes should be scrutinized diligently and performed in unison. Like a player’s expertise, CRM platform turns to be the urgent necessity for building reliable and long-term relationship. Being a mediator between company and customer, it allows to stage all the actions that will assist you to leverage business enterprise, get more revenue, and at least encourage your team collaboration.

You know, CRM platform is a unified solution for marketing, sales, support managers or even HR, depending on the target customers, size, and company speciality. And because of this reason, the question of responsibility appears. Not so far ago it was started a subject at Linkedin Group concerning the accountability of choosing CRM platform. Which department has the most influence on selecting this software. In order to dot one’s i’s, we would like to analyze all the thoughts and arguments and put them in one place.

CRM Scrimmage: Who’s Responsible for CRM Selection?

There are a lot of people who use CRM platform, but who has more rights to make a choice on CRM selection. Of course, there couldn’t be the only true decision, because of specific peculiarities of companies and business models, nevertheless, we try to make the constructive analysis to throw a light on this issue.

  • Power of Marketing Department
    Starting from the initial level of company-customer interaction, marketing manager with all the set of tricks, campaigns, and approaches gets into the game. In fact, marketing department creates the first impression, research for target audience that actually allow to proceed with further actions. At first sight, it seems that the responsibility of CRM selection undoubtedly lies on the shoulders of marketing managers. But, while analyzing their activities in terms of CRM usage, marketing departments is not a bottom line. CRM platform allows to create various marketing campaigns, generate leads, and send follow-ups, etc. Telling the truth, marketers use CRM like a third party utility, not a prime tool.

  • Sales Department Dominating
    Majority of those who have a relation to CRM platform affirm that sales department has the most influence on choosing CRM service. It’s appealed to the revenue responsibility. Sales department has the outright connection with customer relationship management. They proactively interact with clients, drive the bargains, project the whole company. Moreover, the sales period seems to be the longest while comparing to marketing or even support. Customers usually stay connected with the company via their sales managers referring to the new information, updates, special offers. So, we might confirm while selecting the CRM platform, sales department is one of the essential factors of choosing peculiar customer relationship management system.

  • Repose Power in Hands of Executives
    Many thought out that all the responsibility should lie upon the top management of the company. Partially, the executives like nobody’s business have the relation to CRM selection. And it’s not for nothing, a chief identifies the major goal and objectives of company course, establishes customer-oriented culture. Being the most respectful person in the company, the top manager should initiate the deep team members’ interests to close customer interaction, involvement. On the whole, in most cases issue of choosing CRM platform lies upon the shoulder of executives. In order to put CRM in action successfully, CEO should take care of common collaboration of all company departments, weighs up all the options and wishes of marketing, sales, support managers.

So, to be frankly it’s rather difficult to define the only department or person who takes the cradle-to-grave responsibility for choosing CRM platform. I incline to the following model of CRM selection: company departments like sales, marketing, and customer support dictate the requirements and conditions of the platform, and then IT department defines the suitable CRM architecture, installation conditions, and other technical aspects. As it’s said, ‘Everyone to their trade’. What do you think about the responsibility of CRM selection? Please, share your thoughts and experience below:)

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