Clear Guidelines on An Automated Highrise to Zoho Migration

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Clear Guidelines on An Automated Highrise to Zoho Migration

CRM solutions brought the innovations in business running and put the building of close-knit customer relationships on a new level. Currently, SMBs have an opportunity to choose the most suitable CRM for their needs. Highrise and Zoho retain a great popularity among growing companies. Both solutions can be considered as peers in CRM industry, as long as they appeared in 2007 and 2005 correspondently. They are quite effective and affordable, yet each platform has peculiarities. Let’s find out why more and more business owners prefer to migrate from Highrise to Zoho.

Highrise vs. Zoho: Give Your Business a Fresh Start

Highrise offers its users a comprehensive interface that facilitates system management, but it lacks customization options. This platform has no dashboards and sidebar navigation offers you a quick access to latest activities, contacts, tasks, cases, and deals. Highrise provides you with 30 days trial, free plan for 2 users and 4 paid subscriptions. The cheapest starts from $24/month up to 6 users.

  • Highrise contact manager can handle B2B and B2C models by storing customer information as an individual or a company. Yet, you can’t convert a separate client into an organization record.
  • With tasks option, you can create, assign and select due time for any activities within the company.
  • Case management and knowledge base represent a customer support service. Each issue has a name and short description.
  • Your deals can have only 3 default statuses: pending, won and lost. You give your opportunity a name, specify the person or company you are going to deal with, give a short description, select the category and awaited income.

Zoho, in its turn, offers you with multiple dashboards and various tool packages along with a scope for customization and improvement. This cloud solution offers you such options as

  • Lead management and qualification, as well as web-forms builder, for winning more end-customers.
  • Apart from comprehensive contact and account management and that offers all relevant and up-to-date information about the customer, Zoho allows you to incorporate social media for more effective campaigns.
  • Marketing and sales managers take the advantage of automation feature that facilitates routine tasks, triggers emails, and follow-ups, as for send alerts and other notifications.
  • Zoho offers you detailed analytics that aids in detecting successful and ineffective actions and enhances ROI calculation and future project planning.
  • You may facilitate everyday tasks with workflow tool that will optimize the employee performance.
  • Zoho provides you with multi-channel support service via live-chat, email, calls, and social media.

Zoho has an attractive and cost-effective pricing. It offers 14 days trial, free plan up to 10 users, and 4 paid plans that start from $12 user/month for annual billing, and $15 user/month for month billing. As you can see, both solutions are effective and enhance cumbersome business processes. However, Zoho provides more tools for boosting your productivity, establishing customer relationships and advancing in-house collaboration. In case, you want to move from Highrise to Zoho, this instruction will be helpful.

Make A Swift Transfer from Highrise to Zoho in 6 Steps

Step 1. Create Your Trujay Account

Sign in at Specify your name, email, choose a password and specify your phone number.


Step 2. Define Your Highrise Information

Provide your Highrise URL and API token.

Step 3. Specify Your Zoho Details

Define your Zoho URL, email, and password.

Step 4. Choose CRM Modules to Switch

Select modules for a switch - accounts, contacts, tasks and opportunities. In case you want to transfer more CRM entities, contact with your Trujay account manager. Set up a free demo migration and evaluate the service in action. During this process, Trujay will switch up to 10 items of each specified module.

Step 5. Complete your Highrise to Zoho migration

Wipe out the limits of your current platform with Trujay. Start a free Demo Highrise to Zoho migration and improve your business management today!


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