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Nowadays, CRM platforms are essential tools for companies of various shapes and sizes. The organizations take advantage of the solutions to manage the business processes and build long-lasting relationships with the clients. The efficient organization and sales automation features enable you with identifying the audience, determining the customer acquisition strategies, as well as categorizing the information to boost the workflow and team performance.


However, some platforms are robust with a broad range of customizations, while others stand out for their simplicity and reasonable costs. Close and HubSpot CRM get tons of praise as sales-oriented CRMs, yet their feature sets and price still vary. Let’s go over the main points of Close vs HubSpot CRM comparison and learn how to move to the desired platform.

Close vs HubSpot CRM: Find Your Suitable Option


Both platforms attract the companies of small size s and startups, as well as provide you with the following capabilities:


Close - Quick Glance at the Major Features


  • Offers contact, lead, and opportunity management


  • Comprises an ability to create Smart Views for your most common searches to optimize the sales process


  • Delivers an ability to send batches up to 100,000 leads with bulk email functionality


  • Obtains in-app telephone support that lets you make and receive the calls right in the system


  • Includes the automated call tracking and recording, toll-free phone numbers and voice mail drop


  • Integrates with 22 applications like Zapier, Workato, Akita, etc.



HubSpot CRM - Guide to the Primary Capabilities


  • It offers a 360-degree view of the clients’ data. Pulling from the customer profile, the dashboard shows the vital details and organized timeline of your interactions and deals with prospects


  • Links with the tools you already use to get the information and eliminates the additional tasks of logging the interactions into CRM


  • Pulls in the important data from the social media profiles to help you clearly understand the customers’ demands


  • Includes 23 integration choices, as well as works seamlessly with the HubSpot Marketing Platform and the Sidekick Chrome extension



Price Matter


Talking about subscription price, Close provides 4 paid plans:

  • Basic $65/user/mo (monthly billing)


  • Professional $100/user/mo (monthly billing)


  • Business $165/user/mo (monthly billing)


  • Enterprise needs to contact


HubSpot CRM is free forever with an opportunity to store as many as 1,000,000 contacts, companies, deals, and tasks.



Neither platform is necessarily “better” than the other. Close takes the upper hand in some functionality and offers more subscription choices. HubSpot CRM stands out for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.


If you are interested in one of the above-mentioned CRM platforms and ready to move your records to the desired software, consider Trujay, an automated migration service. The SaaS provides you with an ability to transfer the information from the current CRM to the future one swiftly and securely and benefit the next functionality:


  • CRM data is treated privately, as well as the service does not keep any internal or external information


  • Records can be mapped to preserve the data structure and fit the business requirements


  • No interruptions of business processes can occur as the automated tool guarantees the total uptime of both platforms


  • Free Sample Migration can be set up to check the service in action and explore the new CRM functionality


  • Migration Insurance may be chosen to run the data import over in case you want to make any changes



CRM Data Migration: Drive New Opportunities into Business Environment


After the migration tool is selected, it is suggested to clean out the copies of data before the transfer and perform several steps:


#1. Visit Trujay's Self-Service Wizard by registering your account


#2. Next, enter your access details (URL, login and API token) of the existing and destination platforms


#3. Select the modules you want to transit to the desired software, map the fields and run a free Sample Migration. The automated tool transfers the limited amount of records together with relations between the items


#4. Now, if you are satisfied with your Sample outcome, you can proceed with the data import



After the CRM migration is behind, it is recommended to check whether all records are migrated properly and set up the filters for analytics. Besides, you should provide the team with the required information about new CRM and equip with efficient tutorials.

Looking Forward


Whether you select Close or HubSpot CRM, this decision should be based on your company and team requirements for getting to the desired income numbers and loyal clients. So, analyze your business objectives, investigate the above-mentioned Close to HubSpot CRM comparison to moving to your dream software.


If you chose the solution already, switch a limited amount of your data to the platform by running sample import and see if it is well satisfying for you.


For more information on services that Trujay offers, visit their website or contact an expert.

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