Cold Calls and CRM: How to Improve Your Sales

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Cold Calls and CRM: How to Improve Your Sales

Cold calls are notorious for being annoying and unwanted. Seems that none of us enjoy receiving such calls.


This approach comes as a necessary part of the sales process, but many companies have a fairly simple way to keep cold calling at bay instead of applying creative ways to convince prospects that the deal is worth to be discussed.


With CRM, your sales reps can find out about their needs and requirements, as well as update their profiles with new information.


Despite its reputation, cold calling has greatly increased success rates and boost the acquisition of new customers.



CRM to Get More Efficiency out of Cold Calls



While traditional cold calls can connect you with prospects via phone, email, or face-to-face, CRM technology offers sufficient information concerning customers’ preferences, habits, and some personal data. This helps your sales team to ‘break the communication ice’ with a prospect. Strategic questions may spur the follow-on questions based on the customer’s answers. So, you can get more of cold calls via building workflows in CRM.



The ideal cold call successfully solves the problem, addresses the need, or conveys the message intended. But there is no time to keep a prospect on hold. With CRM, a sales rep can access the available information while the call lasts.



Besides, the structured qualifying questions enhance collecting information about the prospect during a given time to identify potential customers of your product or service. Once this stage included in the workflow, you definitely get results either in knowing your customers (and their preferences) better or in yielding sales.



Cold calls work better via social networking for personalization of calling. In this light, social CRMs help to automate this process by optimizing productivity and querying prospects using surveys, email, and marketing campaigns, etc. Receiving the predefined list of customers, a sales rep may focus on every lead and increase the success rate of cold calling.



cold calls and crm

Cold Calls and CRM in B2B



In practice, CRM software offers a whole bunch of features. Thus, to mitigate risks and increase your cold calls agility in B2B - ensure your CRM has the following tools:



  • Lead Tracking


Apart from storing contact information, CRM can show what your lead has downloaded, whether an email was opened and clicked through, etc. in other words, this app provides with every interaction prospect made with your company.


This knowledge enables you with insight into customer’s pain points and interests. Using this information, you can plan the cold call and address prospect’s challenges with information about possible solutions.


While this can be a wildly successful strategy, it is worth to make notes into customer profiles during the conversation. For the next call, you may organize this information and avoid racking your memory for specific points.



  • Task Management


In CRM, you have only one app to schedule tasks and reminders, follow-up emails, and notifications, as well as updating lead status in the sales cycle. This saves your team a lot of time and optimizes the overall performance without bouncing among different solutions.



  • Pipeline


Reflect your sales in CRM’s pipeline and keep track of every lead in the process. Develop the stages of the sales cycle (i.e. contacted, exploration call, follow-up call, offer presented, closed). Along with efficient lead management, you won’t get confused during the call and avoid talking about what has been already discussed.



cold calls and crm

Few Cold Calling Tips



Get the new insight on your sales, stop thinking about cold calling as useless. Here is a couple of tricks to make it work. Definitely, this is no panacea, yet you should employ all assets in full strength to get the awaited results.



#1 Hit a Target


To make you cold calls effective, you will need to turn to social media or Google. Within a few seconds, you find out the name of the person you want to talk to. So, when you make a call, you ask for that person, and when he/she answers the phone, you greet them by name.



#2 Explore


Cold calls and CRM, especially, a social one, are a tandem for searching for more information about the company you are targeting. You’ve collected prospect’s name, title, got the phone number, but postpone hunting until you explore the necessary data.



#3 Speak at the Level


After the research, the next important thing is to ‘speak your target language’. This means to use phrases and talk about topics within the context that will matter to your prospect and you will be pushing the right buttons. Most sales reps fail to put it into practice.



#4 No Blind Script Following


Forget about the script, prepare some pointers. As a sales manager, you need to apply creativity and style to every new campaign. Definitely, there may be a kind of standard script, but it is better to come up with your own version - to speak sincere and comfortable. During the cold call, you will ask and adjust questions of your pitch to engage the prospect into an advance conversation.



#5 Get to the Next Steps


The purpose of cold calling is to put conversation forward, not do make an immediate sale. Follow your prospect and once you sense some interest - don’t expand the topic instead suggest another call or meeting. Besides, get ready to discuss the price - it will save time for you and a prospect if the deal is out of range.



To keep your sales moving, take advantage of cold calls and CRM features. With workflows, automation, and data collection methods, your sales may optimally identify the leads and prospects who are eager to buy your product or service and bring profitability to your business.


If you want to learn more information about CRM systems and hot to perform a migration between the platforms, contact our expert for useful insights.



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