Convenient Way through SugarCRM to Bitrix24 Migration Minefield

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Convenient Way through SugarCRM to Bitrix24 Migration Minefield

Changes in life are inevitable, as well as prolific business running requires innovations and advancements. Constantly comparing their CRM platforms, vendors arrive at a conclusion that despite the threat of disruption migration to another solution can put their company at a higher level.

SugarCRM vs. Bitrix24: Assess Tools for Keeping Your Business Productive

The competitiveness of CRM industry is severe, and CRM vendors complicate the choice of the solution with constant systems advancing and upgrading. SugarCRM and Bitrix24 are direct and robust counterparts with practical features and sophisticated tools. The following shortlist consists of aspects that bring over business owners to move from SugarCRM to Bitrix24.

    • Cloud solution has an attractive pricing without long-term contracts and obligatory subscription fees. Besides, it offers a free plan for 12 users.
    • With Bitrix24, you can optimize the performance and automate daily routine. Apart from full view of your customer data, you have separate modules for leads, contacts, companies and accounts.
    • You can take the vantage of detailed reports for measuring the ROI and productivity levels, as well you can track the status of deals and opportunities by force of sales funnel.
    • Each your employee will be a part of a team due to the chatter and built-in file sharing.
    • Creating your Bitrix24 account, you also obtain own domain and intranet.
    • Moreover, this cloud solution has an easy-to-use multi-language UI.

Tips to Make a Cumbersome Process A Success

CRM data migration is the procedure that requires preparations and has a lot of pitfalls and potential blunders. If you want to proceed with your SugarCRM to Bitrix24 switch, you should make the next actions:

    1. Refine your database and backup it on the hard drive or another device.
    2. Explore the modules and functionality of the desired platform with a trial version.
    3. Conduct employee training for different users roles.
    4. Choose the method and migrate your records.

Among the data transfer approaches, you can find file import or coding script, as well as an automated service. In case, you want to save time and money; you may use Trujay. This web-based service excludes human interaction, system downtime and lasts up to several hours.

Clues for A Direct SugarCRM to Bitrix24 Data Switch

Step 1. Go to Bitrix24 app web page and install Trujay module.

Step 2. Specify your SugarCRM URL, login, and password.

Step 3. Select your Bitrix24 CRM from a drop-down menu and provide your URL.

Step 4.  Choose CRM modules you want to switch to Bitrix24 (accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities and leads). Launch a free Demo. During this procedure, Trujay will switch up to 15 items of each entity.

Step 5. If you are impressed with Demo results, start your full SugarCRM to Bitrix24 migration.

Still justifying your overinvestment in CRM with the need to consider a data transfer mode? Set up a free Demo and evaluate the work of Trujay in action instead of twiddling your thumbs.


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