Critical Look into the Reasons to Migrate to A New CRM

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Critical Look into the Reasons to Migrate to A New CRM

There are lots of cultivated myths about the CRM solutions. One of the most popular myth states that any organization with implemented CRM will improve the performance. Also, such a company achieves almost immediate ROI of the initiative. Thus, businesses differ in size, strategy and approaches to performing various processes. There is no single instrument and tool responsible for a prolific business running or deal dropping and overall failure, either.

The Most Spread Mistakes of CRM Projects

Currently, we can observe the growing tendency among business owners to migrate to a new CRM. However, many of them miss the boat and choose a wrong CRM vendor. Generally, there are several shared reasons why CRM initiatives collapse.

Poor Strategy vs Client’s Maturity

One of the critical issues is the business strategy and its coherence with targeted audience needs, as well as aligning with a CRM abilities. In other words, if you know what products required by your customers, you may convert them faster and offer them quality service. Some managers fail in revealing the reasons for deals dropping and losing customers.

Ambitious Goals vs Developed Processes

Usually, many companies suffer from unachievable objectives and processes inconsistency. So, smart and measurable goals along with scheduled processes improve the daily routine. Yet, should be applied to all company departments.

Insufficient Management vs System Capabilities

CRM opens new possibilities for heavy manual processes and offers many other useful options for inside collaboration advancement. However, the level of the system evolving with employees’ performance depends on the top management abilities to set up the automation of daily processes and extended the data sharing options among company departments. Pay attention to this fact while you are making up your mind to migrate to a new CRM.

Complicated Software vs Employees’ Capabilities

Even the solution with a user-friendly interface may be overcomplicated with customizations. Besides, if your staff has a lack of experience with this kind of technology, the end user adoption rates will be low. You should train your employees, otherwise your CRM initiative is destined to fail.

6 Justifiable Reasons to Migrate to a New CRM

For the company that comes across with the strong decision to migrate its current CRM, it also needs to consider the following critical intangibles of CRM change. You definitely need a new solution if you have at least 4 points of this checklist.

#1 Outdated System

It is high time to look for a new CRM if your existing system is already celebrated its 5th birthday. Moreover, you should migrate if there are 2 updates to your current CRM edition.

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#2 Only On-premise Hosting

To keep the pace with the instant changes, your CRM solution should offer a cloud hosting for immediate access. If your CRM vendor enables only on-premise version, set up a search for a new solution.

#3 Lack of Mobility

Every ambitious business owner wants to provide close to immediate and quality service. So if your current CRM has no option to manage sales or marketing tasks via mobile, you should look for a practical alternative.

#4 Absence of Reporting Tools

The prolific performance is nearly impossible without reports and data analysis. And if your existing system deprives you of this option, migrate to a new CRM is a solution of this nasty issue.

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#5 Shortage of Customer Segmentation

You can’t afford the responsive marketing campaigns and effective sales performance due to the lack of segmentation option. It is another convincing reason to switch to a new CRM.

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#6 Ineffective Data Management

Feeling fed up with the growing number of records duplicates? Likewise, your customers who get drip campaign emails and sales reps calls being in the middle or final stage of the deal closing. Your current platform complicates your data management instead of facilitation. All this boils down to the ROI recession.

As you can see, CRM solution is far from the universal solution to cumbersome business processes. Apart from technology and data, you should have a realistic strategy and achievable goals along with employees that can use the system appropriately.

In case, you are looking for a secure and direct way to migrate to a new CRM, you may take the advantage of the automated service Trujay. It enables swift and accurate data switch without any side interference. Also, you can request a demo migration to see the SaaS in work.

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