CRM Analytics: Reveal Opportunities of Your Data [Infographic]

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CRM Analytics: Reveal Opportunities of Your Data [Infographic]

The digitalization of the everyday life and business world brings piles of various data every minute. At the same time, customers require a more personalized service and customizable product. Companies of various sizes deal with these issues by force of CRM solutions. So, they keep all the records structured, have a quick insight into clients interests and needs, as well as improve the quality of the service and performance with CRM analytics.

Big Data and CRM Solution

Usually, CRM is viewed as a system for data gathering. However, the abilities of this technology are far more diverse and effective. CRM system helps to build thriving business and close customer relationships by covering such aspects as

    • collecting information about your customers - existing and prospect
    • applying the strategy for defining targeted audience and forecasting the interests and needs of future clients
    • providing a set of CRM analytics approaches to track the right data and measure the successful and ineffective performance

Route Your Success with CRM Analytics

Many businesses take no advantage of report options of their CRM platforms, and state that their performance, revenue rates, and customer satisfaction levels suffer no ill effects. However, such easy-going treating of data and its analysis end up in unresponsive marketing campaigns, low-quality leads and, therefore, deal dropping. Also, it influences the service quality that fails to meet customer expectations.

For preempting such nasty incidents, you should apply at least 3 types of CRM analytics to your daily round.

  1. Measure the effectiveness of your sales, marketing and support departments on weekly and monthly basis.
  2. Communicate with customers after sales and measure their satisfaction or dissatisfaction levels.
  3. Track the accomplishment of your strategies and business objectives.

Take a look at this infographic shared by Wipro on Visually and explore more details about the key options of CRM analytics in the data management and business improvement.


As it follows, analytics plays a vital role in the successful business performance. So, you shouldn’t neglect this beneficial CRM option.

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