CRM and Sales: How to Make Win-Win Offers [Infographic]

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CRM and Sales: How to Make Win-Win Offers [Infographic]

In the light of business advancement, CRM solution is seen as a major building block of evolving and growing company. Despite various assumptions, this technology can fulfill the demands of small businesses, as well as big organizations and large enterprises. So what exactly can CRM do for business progress? Customer and company data management is the first and foremost aspect it deals with. Solution takes care of heavy-manual and routine processes - marketing, sales, and support service. It also allows to segment and qualify your leads for more personalized campaigns and offers. Moreover, you get the extended analytics options for making smarter decisions based on the relevant data. Looks like the customer relationships management system is a cornerstone for building agile and flexible strategy of a successful company. However, a lot of features offered by vendors are designed for sales reps. So, the interconnection of the CRM and sales will bring far-reaching and profound effect on incomes.

For Sales Success, Mind Your Stages

With CRM, you have more abilities to sales processes planning, and can track the performance of each transaction. You can divide your deals into several categories - ‘won’ or ‘lost’. However, it is of critical importance to define every stage from the getting-contact-time. Configuration abilities of CRM and sales process requirements promote the creation of new selling stages such as ‘prospecting’ or ‘qualifying’, ‘presenting’, and ‘negotiation’. Within each phase, you should specify the tasks, milestones and key goals.

CRM and Sales: Routing to Higher Incomes

Customer relationships management system explores new avenues for your business performance, and sales in particular. Thus, if your managers don’t use the solution and avoid data entering and updating, the outcome is quite tragic and costly. There are 2 options you can undertake for overcoming these blunders. The first one is to train your sales reps how to use the CRM. And the second one is to explain them the efficiency of CRM in their performance. It is worth to mention the following things:

  • With the 360-degree customer view, you will be able to write the appropriate messages, as well as send them in the right time (by means for scheduling option) to the right people
  • The real-time and relevant information may be shared among the team what is reducing the mistakes in calls and follow-ups sending out
  • CRM allows sales managers easily predict the sales, awaited income and ROI
  • Extended analyzing ability of sales trends, transactions, successful and ineffective activities in the process of lead nurturing

Checklist of Buying Motivators

CRM and sales run more effectively, if your sales representatives know their targeted customers, their needs and interests. Besides, you should take in account such psychological categories as

  • emotional need when people do shopping because of bad/good mood
  • desire to be popular and attractive
  • need to be a part of the group spurs people to go with the crowd and buy trends
  • means to achieve some specific goals

To figure out more about the interconnection of sales and psychological aspects of customers, check out this infographic provided by Salesforce.


Put it simply, personalization of the selling processes and minding the psychological nature of the consumer are the keys to profitable sales and satisfied customers that will come back.

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