CRM Articles of 2017 - 15 Most Insightful Pieces

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CRM Articles of 2017 - 15 Most Insightful Pieces

2017 was quite a year for a CRM market and business world in the whole! The researchers are saying that CRM technologies are experiencing a large growth in the number of implementations. And the companies that began to use the platforms enlarged their profits due to the comprehensive approach to customer service of such solutions. The new 2018 year has started, so, the Trujay team decided to enlist the most popular and insightful CRM articles of the previous year for you to get the brief information on each one and pick the vital pieces for your organization. The posts cover the various topics and problems, starting from CRM migration tips as well as reviews of particular platforms and ending with general CRM statistics following by comparisons of the most well-known solutions.

#1 SugarCRM vs SuiteCRM: Who Is Going to Win?

In case you cannot determine for yourself the most suitable solution - SugarCRM vs SuiteCRM, this article is for you. The author compares two popular platforms by their background, features, ease-of-use, pricing editions, integrations, and other crucial differences that can be deal breakers for some users. The choice is totally yours, but the piece is that essential foundation on which you can build your future strategy. The post also highlights the advantages of an automated data migration instead of manual import; pre-transfer steps (to secure the moving); instructions how to migrate from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM and actions you should perform after migration.

#2 Zoho vs Bitrix24 (2017) Investigate the Differences

CRM market is constantly changing, so to not lost control over innovations throughout, we are trying to update you on various CRM solutions to choose from. This time we are trying to open your eyes to the comparison of two well-known platforms: Zoho vs Bitrix24. The piece includes a detailed analysis of both pricing plans with lists of features they do or don’t offer. Also, you will find here some recommendations on whether or not each of them is suitable for your business. The CRM article includes privileges of single software, stuff in which it stands out (like unique customization tools, competitive interface, numerous integrations, excellent support, and so on). Furthermore, the post underlines the differences between Zoho and Bitrix24 that are crucial for business owners.

#3 Does Salesforce Cost You a Vast Deal of Money?

In choosing a CRM solution or a pricing plan of the particular platform, it is essential to keep in mind that every system has its pitfalls. Salesforce is not an exclusion. Considering such popular software, we made a list of main danger points you can overpay for using the solution. As long as the final price can differ from the “sticker” one, you should keep in mind the real value of the chosen CRM. In case with Salesforce, you must pay attention to data and file storage limits, support options, access via mobile devices, API call limits, and offline edition of the platform. Look for the useful details in the article.

#4 Salesforce Classic vs Lightning Experience: Quick Switch to Maximize User Adoption

Not so long ago, Salesforce introduced their updated user interface - Lightning Experience. However, this innovation is reversible - there are both advantages and disadvantages about the modernization. The article unites main features of the old version - Salesforce Classic and the new one as well as analyses both. The piece reveals the fact that however an updated UI has improved tools that enable visual displaying of the data, it lacks some features that exist in the Classic edition (some customization, integrations, editing tools, and others). So, it is a choice for you to make - the decision depends only on the needs of particular company.

#5 Salesforce vs Dynamics CRM: Main Aspects of Confrontation

Among the variety of systems, many customers hesitate between such popular solutions as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This piece is created to help business owners in picking the one that fits the company’s needs and goals. Here you can check out the stuff that consolidate two well-known software. Also, the CRM article provides a comparison of main features, price editions, integrations, Google Trends charts and additional tools is presented. Furthermore, you can find here some benefits of using an automated migration service Trujay and its features. For example, free Demo possibility, secure options, mapping process, and many more.

#6 Zoho vs. Insightly vs. SuiteCRM: Preferred CRM for Small Business

Small business is as important customer on a CRM market as enterprises. However, they have their particular and unique needs and goals to follow in company’s development. So, we present a CRM article that bonds the most suitable solutions for small organizations. They are: Zoho, Insightly and SuiteCRM. Here you can find the necessary information on why small companies should implement CRM software; their usability; pricing options; principal marketing and sales possibilities; integration abilities and support level of the platforms.

#7 CRM Software Comparison of 2017: Salesforce vs HubSpot CRM vs SugarCRM vs SuiteCRM vs Insightly

One of the common challenges a business can face, is choosing a CRM system that corresponds with your company's needs and goals. Checking one of our most informative CRM articles that compares five well-known solutions, it will be easier for you to make the decision. In the piece you can look at the analysis of Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM and Insightly. The author reviews them based on the following metrics: interface (whether it is user-friendly or not); main features that make the platform to stand out; the most popular third-party integrations and pricing options. Also you can check out why these software were analyzed depending on the particular indicators and the importance of these indexes in picking a CRM solution for your organization.

#8 5 Eye-Opening CRM Statistics to Know for 2017

The post is informing you on five CRM statistics that will convince you to implement such platforms in case you are not using it yet and will reveal the impact of the software on your business in 2017. The article shows you the figures on following indicators:

  1. Enhanced CRM growth (how much money is worth the CRM market, its growth and the forecast for the next years)
  2. Rise of cloud-based CRM usage (the evolution of cloud-based type of platforms)
  3. Expansion of mobile CRM (shows how the implementation of mobile CRM systems helped companies to accomplish sales quotas as well as enlarge sales force productivity)
  4. Vital CRM Feature (has statistics on which capabilities of the solution users find the most important for dealing with)
  5. CRM Use Cases (shows for which actions customers mostly use the CRM system and the marketing programs the users plan to increase the funding)

#9 CRM Conferences to Visit in 2017: Events Calendar

According to research, attending the conferences is one of the most productive channel to generate leads. So, Trujay team prepared a list of CRM events you cannot miss in 2017 in order to enlarge the growth of your company as well as the reasons to attend the particular conferences. Among them there are: Digital Transformation 2017 (the UK’s most senior-level meeting for digital leaders in London); 3XE Digital Dublin (focus on how to leverage and combine your social media and sales strategies with CRM); Customer Experience Conference (discover strategies, case studies and useful insights in London); Extreme365 (the Microsoft Dynamics365 event that helps the users to get the most out of CRM and explore the future trends of the solution in Lisbon); The Digital Innovators’ Summit in Lisbon; Gartner Customer Strategies and Technologies Summit in London; DigitalK in Sofia, Bulgaria; Dialog Konferansen in Strömstad, Sweden; Europe’s Customer Festival 2017 in London and Shopper Brain Conference – Europe in Amsterdam.

#10 Why And How to Migrate from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM

The article raises the question whether the more costly CRM is better, or, in this case, the price is not the key indicator of efficiency. The author compares two popular solutions - SugarCRM and SuiteCRM and gives some arguments on why you should perform a migration to SuiteCRM. The main reasons to do such import are: the platform is open-source, it is based on SugarCRM Community Edition yet provides some additional features. The post includes a video guide on how to perform a transfer using an automated service Trujay as well as provides the information how to move your data from one platform to another in few steps.

#11 7 Salesforce Data Migration Tips

The CRM article comprises the main troubles that occur during the process of data migration in general. And one of the crucial ones is bad understanding of the import itself. That is why the author chose the Salesforce platform (because it is a popular solution) for providing tips & tricks of such a transfer. So, the detailed information on seven secrets of a smooth Salesforce data migration include: testing CRM before the switch, performing data analysis, preparing backup, performing the Salesforce data migration using Trujay service, making check-ups after the transferring process, setting up the workflow and analytic processes; notifying and educating your staff.

#12 Highrise vs Insightly vs Salesforce: Choose A Major Fixture for Business Growth

Check out the comparison of 3 popular cloud-based CRM solutions: Highrise, Insightly and Salesforce. The analysis is composed according to the following matters: cost of subscription, user interface friendliness, features of contact management, lead generation tools, sales and marketing facilitation attributes, scale of customization, reporting and analytics capabilities, integrations provided and customer service tools.

#13 How to Migrate from Pipedrive to Salesforce with a Wet Finger?

Both Pipedrive and Salesforce are famous solutions among the business owners. However, the author underlines some essential specifics that make Salesforce stand out in this pair (price, customization tools, third-party integrations). Also, in the piece, you can find pre-migration steps you should perform in order to do a successful data import (like the analysis of the existing as well as the new CRM; announcing the changes to your team; organizing a data; arranging a backup, and others). Here you can also have a look at how to transfer your data from Pipedrive to Salesforce using Trujay service in 5 easy steps. Post-migration tips and tricks for you to ensure the efficient import are also presented in the CRM article.

#14 CRM Requirements Checklist

The business world innovations influenced the appearance of new tools and techniques. Accordingly, the list of requirement to your CRM solution is modified too. The post provides you with the information on the 3 key aspects of the software failure (human factor, lack of clear strategy, and an outdated platform). Alongside with possible traps on the way to CRM success the author informs you on the points you should consider before system evaluation. And, primarily, the article gives you the ability to explore the criteria checklist of the essential CRM requirements you should consider in choosing a suitable solution (quality aspects, cost criteria, and functionality).

#15 Zoho vs Salesforce vs SugarCRM: CRM Collision

CRM plays a crucial role in customer service of the company: automates your sales and marketing activities, tracks business deals, provides real-time reports and documents sharing. So, when it comes to CRM platforms, Zoho, Salesforce, and SugarCRM are solutions that worth a closer look. That is why the Trujay team prepared for you a triple comparison of these well-known CRM solutions. The analysis includes pricing editions and options of the platforms as well as workflow, reports & analytics management tools.

Summing up, the today’s competitive digital customer service requires from you a full-scale awareness of all tech innovations that occur on the market. That is why we are trying to keep you updated with the trends and improvements CRMs introduce.

The list of the useful CRM articles of 2017 is created with the purpose to draw your attention to the most discussed and insightful topics in a modern CRM market. Here are combined questions that bother our readers mostly and the tutorials that were helpful in the max cases.

Trujay team is trying our best to make the migration process effortless and approachable. For more information on particular cases or CRM systems, feel free to contact our expert.

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