CRM Best Practices: July Set of Useful Insights

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CRM Best Practices: July Set of Useful Insights

The midpoint of summer is coming to an end and July passes the duties to August. During these days we found and covered some fascinating topics at Trujay blog. If you have missed some of them, here is a brief round-up. It will help you to refresh the most bright insights and suggestions of CRM best practices. So let’s go over the most interesting July’s articles.

#1 Build CRM Strategy in the Proper Way

Without an efficient CRM strategy, the organizations can bump into the risk of missing the mark on delivering the successful customer experience. If you are looking for some ideas or tips to build-up your business and CRM strategy, check out “CRM Strategy:10 Steps for Going beyond the Business Boundaries” for some valuable inspiration.

#2 CRM Strategy from Millennials Perspective

Millennials started conquering the world, and they’ve already driven in new requirements, changed the communication with brands, and switched trigger to more personalized service. These future trend has influenced the CRM industry as well. Spare a few minutes on the post “Changing CRM Strategy under the Millennials Influence” and find out what this generation expect from the brands.

#3 Choose A CRM in 5 Steps: CRM Migration Plan

Many companies are searching for constant improvement of their business processes and CRM systems play a critical role in the company retool process. Once you decided to get a new platform, it’s time to do some homework and includes every detail. Check “Choose A CRM in 5 Steps: CRM Migration Plan [Part 2]” out and find CRM that fulfills all your demands.

#4 Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to Run Data-Driven Business   

The competition in the business world keeps moving upward. To be ahead of your competitors, you should take the most of your CRM including analytics, reports, and metrics. If you want to improve your decision-making process, take a look at “Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to Run Data-Driven Business” post. Focus on Salesforce CRM best practices to strengthen your business productivity.

#5 Expert Interview with Stacey Cogswell

There is no doubt; CRM is an essential tool in today’s business running; however, the functionality of most platforms upgrades almost every year. And here comes CRM consultants, people who help organizations of various shapes and sizes to tune up their CRM. In an Interview with Stacey Cogswell “‘Companies must offer their employees the tools needed to succeed’ you will find some insights on how to boost the efficiency of CRM and achieve more results.

Some business owners require far more than a mere rich-featured tool; they also need to understand how to apply CRM best practices to strengthen team performance and increase ROI. With the skillfully implemented enhancement, comes new possibilities to upgrade the quality of business processes along with advancing loyalty and revenue levels.

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