CRM Conferences to Visit in 2017: Events Calendar

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CRM Conferences to Visit in 2017: Events Calendar

It’s officially 2017, and with New Year comes a new line-up of must-see CRM conferences. The events provide you an opportunity to hear directly from the industry's leaders, explore the future trends and sharpen your skills.

The time goes fast, so now it’s already 2018 Year! Our team have worked hard, and played hard! 🙂 Now, its time for new hights! Our 1st article of 2018 is “12 CRM Conferences to Learn From in 2018”, So, feel free to read it!

In fact, Chief Marketers’ Annual Lead Generation survey asked by marketers’ indicates that attending conferences is one of the most efficient lead generation channels. 

As you can see, 62% of responders state that CRM events are a great way to collect more leads for your company. So, here is a list of CRM conferences to attend in 2017 for improving your customer engagement and enhancing business processes:

1. Digital Transformation 2017 

The conference is packed with useful hacks from the experts who will inspire you to drive the meaningful change in the digital strategy. You will explore what the best business model for your transformation is. Besides, you can find out how technologies for mobility and enterprise social will drive the innovation with the help of the next speakers: Michael ten Hove, Global Director Digital Functions, Danone; Neil Roberts,Head of Digital, Eurostar; Xavier Perret, Chief Digital Officer, Orange France.

When: 20th- 22nd February 2017

Where: London, UK

2. 3XE Digital Dublin

The goal of an event is to educate and promote forward thinking and leadership. You can learn the key aspects in today’s marketing through the case studies and talks. The occasion will focus on how to leverage and combine your social media and sales strategies with CRM in an efficient way. Confirmed speakers are: Louise Phelan, Vice President, Continental Europe, Middle East & Africa, Paypal; Paul Carton, Digital Media Manager at Vodafone; Gavin Hanley, Performance Specialist, EMEA Google.  

When: 9 February 2017

Where: Dublin, Ireland

3. Customer Experience Conference

This occasion provides you an opportunity to discover the insight-led, measurable customer development strategies. You can explore how to engage the prospects and win staff buy-in for exceptional client experience, as well as increased ROI. Besides, find out how to turn the customers into supportive advocates through CRM in B2B and B2C sectors. The conference presents 22 speakers: James Scutt, Head of customer Value Management, Post Office Ltd; Keith Bohanna, Head of Digital Customer Experience, Bank of Ireland; Louise Moghaddam, Head of Customer Service, New Look.

When: 21 February 2017

Where: London, UK

4. Extreme365

The event is split between two dates: for partners and customers. It is dedicating to helping the users to get the most out of CRM and explore the future trends of the solution. Besides the conference focuses on helping Microsoft Dynamics 365 community maximize the business benefits from the platform. It features the leading experts like Beau McKay, Vice President US Assistance Software, Assistance Software; Ben Vollmer Technology Evangelist, Microsoft; Harald Horgen, President, The York Group.

When: 13-17 March 2017

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

5. The Digital Innovators’ Summit

DIS is a chance to hear and engage with the experts who are shaping tomorrow’s media industry. The occasion presents a line-up of media, marketing, and technology influencers from around the world delivering the useful insights and stories. The summit will include the next guests: Moritz Gimbel, VP Product, NBC News Digital, USA; Gerrit Klein, CEO, Ebner Publishing Group, Germany; Mark Stephens, Head of Content Marketing, The Foundry, Time Inc. UK.

When: 20-22nd March 2016

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

6. Gartner Customer Strategies and Technologies Summit

The occasion will help you explore how to shape the future of your customer experience tactics and strategies to meet CRM objectives. You can find out more information on 4 tracks of business -  industry, enterprise, career or client relationships. This event will gather the popular CRM professionals, IT & Business Leaders: Jim Davies, Research Director, Gartner; Ed Thompson, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner; Olive Huang, Research Director, Gartner.

When: 10-11 May 2017

Where: London, UK

7. DigitalK

This is one of the most popular digital technology events in Southeast Europe. The conference will represent the most active business leaders, startups and digital marketing professionals from the region. The main topics will be discussed by: Brock Pierce, Chairman, the Bitcoin Foundation; Evan Nisselson, General Partner, LDV Capital; Rod Furlan, Founder, Lucidscape Technologies, Inc.

When: 8-9 June 2017

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

8. Dialog Konferansen

The event is the largest digital marketing happening in Scandinavia. You can discover the insights about CRM and CX, as well as client loyalty, anti-churn and win-back programs with the help of the following speakers: Seth Ellison, President Europe, Levi Strauss & Co, USA; Pepe Moder, Head of Digital Marketing and CRM, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Italy; Kevin Gaskell, Former UK Managing Director, Porsche UK and BMW BG, UK.

When: 27-30 August 2017

Where: Strömstad, Sweden

9. Europe’s Customer Festival 2017

Even though the details and experts are not finalized, ECF will follow 2016 success and focus on the next topics: the innovative payment solutions, customer engagement and experience, omnichannel strategies and big data analytics.

When: September 2017 (Not Final)

Where: London, UK

10. Shopper Brain Conference – Europe

The occasion will bring together the worlds of retail and neuroscience. The experts from all over the world will help you understand the shopper’s conscious and subconscious requirements to stay on top of challenging retail landscape. The agenda of 2017 will be announced in the middle of June 2017.

When: 5-6 October 2017

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Final Lines

By and large, CRM and CX gatherings are a great way to explore the latest trends, meet with like-minded CRM enthusiasts or expand your overall knowledge. Choose the above- mentioned CRM conferences that help you enhance the business processes and become a step closer to the company success.

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