CRM Consultancy + Trujay: Hints for Best Practices

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CRM Consultancy + Trujay: Hints for Best Practices

During the time of Trujay existence, we have cooperated with CRM consultants many times. They like to approach our service to perform the data migration between various platforms. By working with them, we found out that it is not an easy job to do. Although you, being a CRM Consultant, can bring clarity, objectivity, strategic planning, and the understanding of customer-based techniques at the highest level, sometimes the process gets too rough. As the CRM expert, you have to overpass the thorny road of the nuts-and-bolts questions and a number of issues, like:

  • the possibility to fail in defining the right objectives for the company as well as wrong evaluation of the key implementation considerations

  • it is hard to identify and understand the business specific requirements as well as choose the right CRM

  • irrational budget planning and absence of the reporting on the spendings, so the process can end up without a comparable notation of progress against cost

  • you can’t keep up with times to monitor and learn all the innovations on the CRM market

  • your lack of consistency and confidence may lead to a sense of disconnection for how the project is progressing or the disagreements among the employees

Thus, being CRM consultant, you have to face some obstacles and experience some pitfalls. Notwithstanding it has become critical that companies use your skills to guide them through the challenging process of implementation.

According to Gartner Research, on average 55% of work on a CRM project is done internally, and 45% still demand on the external third parties - meaning CRM consultants are included.

Consequently, if you want to learn how to deal and overcome undesirable problems fast and without a headache, consider the following suggestions:

  • Examine the main pitfalls

Ask more questions to find out pain points in the current business processes and constraints with CRM software.

  • Explore company needs

Determine the minimum expected functionality meet the changed development of the company as well as find the right CRM for your employees.

  • Organize team discussions

Run regular structured meetings to talk about the main challenges of the company with your staff, so the team members can better understand and deliver the intended outputs.

  • Investigate the pains of the CRM switch

By identifying the main reasons for the data transferring on the market, you can explore the problems the company might face. For example, in 2015, Capterra surveyed 500 businesses of all sizes to compare their CRM usage.

Hence, 40% of companies moved from an old system because of the lack of functionality. Additionally, close to a third of second-generation CRM users said that they transferred because their previous CRM was no longer supported. The third most common reason for migration is that CRM became too expensive as the company grows and some users increases.

Be a hard nut to crack

Stay confident and be a leader to help your colleagues feel that they are supported to move in the right direction.

Know when to start the fire

Announce that you are ready to go live after completed business validation as well as fixed issues of the organization.  

Hence, all the tips above can improve your performance as a CRM consultant and help you guide the company to desired success.

Partner Program for CRM Consultants

An automated migration service Trujay can not only transfer your data fast and accurate, but also provide you the following advantages:

  • accomplish the smooth transition to a new solution using an automated mode

  • save money as well as time while completing the migration in a few hours

  • assure your client’s data security and no records loss and create pre-migration backups

  • obtain the priority support and personal account manager.

With all being said, as CRM consultant, you have an opportunity to accelerate your productivity and overall performance of the client’s company with the help of Trujay. So, if you join our Partner Program, you can also save money by getting the discounts. After completing the first migration, you will earn up 20% off on the further ones.

To sum up, take all the suggestions above for driving your client’s business to success and don’t miss a chance to evolve with the automated migration system Trujay.  Sign up for our Partnership Program and open up new possibilities!

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