CRM Costs: Discover A Full Price of Desired Software

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CRM Costs: Discover A Full Price of Desired Software

As long as CRM became a common notion, there are many other issues that bother business owners. One of the hot and even burning topics is the CRM costs. The attempt to calculate the actual price of a platform is equally difficult to a first-time buyer and business owner who wish to migrate to another software.

CRM Budget: What Should Be Included in Its Planning

When you decided to implement a new CRM software, you should take into account far more than a package price. The process of budget setting up has to include CRM costs, investments on the hardware, staff training, system customizations and further support. In case you want to fasten the adoption and bring your platform to life, spare some investments on the CRM consultant and third-party plugins.

CRM Costs: Initial Expenses and Additional Fares

CRM vendors offer an extended description of their pricing policies, yet there are frequently some hidden conditions and necessary requirements. Even the free plans have a payment side, for example, customization or user training. To save your time, we compile a list of the specific price features of well-known CRM platforms.

Salesforce is one of the most robust cloud solutions that may improve your sales and marketing performance, as well as increase the quality of support service.

Editions: Within Salesforce, you can choose one of the 6 versions that differ in price and opportunities.

  • Contact manager - $5 user/month
  • Group - $25 user/month
  • Professional - $65 user/month
  • Enterprise - $125 user/month
  • Unlimited - $250 user/month
  • Performance - $300 user/month

Updates: Salesforce updates its solution automatically, but it advisable to test modifications as long as they may have an impact on your customizations.

Subscription Limits: All versions require the annual contract. Each edition has different size of data and file storage per user.

Peculiarities: Apart from standard features included into base user license, every version has extra tools for the additional fee. There is a 30-day trial edition, as well you may export the data from the test version any time for free.

SugarCRM deals with the SMBs with few workers and large organizations that have hundred of employees. The platform enables on-demand and on-premise hosting.

Editions: SugarCRM enables you with 3 editions.

  • Sugar Professional - $40 user/month
  • Sugar Enterprise - $65 user/month
  • Sugar Ultimate - $150 user/month

Updates: You can test the changes and see the impact on your customizations. The upgrade of SugarCRM is obligatory, but you can delay it. The old version will be supported during 12 months.

Subscription Limits: SugarCRM editions have a minimum of buying 10 user licenses. Professional edition has a minimum annual subscription $4,800 per year, Enterprise version requires $7,800 per year and Ultimate - $18,000 per year.

Peculiarities: The platform enables you with 7 days trial. Different editions have different feature sets and data storage size. SugarCRM offers on default tools and extra abilities for the additional fee. It also should be noticed that on-premise, on-demand, and mobile versions may lack the support of some features.

SuiteCRM is an effective and practical solution for profitable business running. Being based on the SugarCRM CE, the platform has many other tools that make it fully competitive with the expensive CRM systems. The software offers in on-premise and cloud hosting.

Editions: On-premise version of SuiteCRM may be downloaded and updated free of charge. On-demand edition comes at $10 user/month.

Updates: SuiteCRM provides its users with the free system upgrades.

Subscription Limits: The minimum number of users is 5. The software requires a quarterly or yearly payment.

Peculiarities: Within SuiteCRM, you can have a forum and portal on default, but phone customer support requires $5 user/month fee.

Vtiger is an affordable CRM software that will help you to grow your business and increase the income, as well as offer reliable customer service support. The solution comes with the on-premise and on-demand hosting.

Editions: Vtiger offers you 3 versions

  • Sales Edition - $12 user/month
  • Support Edition - $12 user/month
  • Ultimate Edition - $29 user/month

Updates: If you want to upgrade your Vtiger version, you should migrate your database to it.

Subscription Limits: Vtiger offers a monthly billing via credit card, PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Peculiarities: Every package comes with different tool sets, data storage and also provides some additional features for an extra fee. Vtiger enables you with a 15 days trial edition.

Zoho is a compelling SaaS that may fulfill the demands of any size company. Besides, the software has a moderate pricing combined with practical tools for flourishing marketing, profitable sales, and fast support service.

Editions: Zoho provides you with 5 plans

  • Free Edition for startups - up to 3 users
  • Standard - $12 user/month
  • Professional - $20 user/month
  • Enterprise - $35 user/month
  • CRM Plus - $50 user/month

Updates: You can upgrade your Zoho to a new version or add the number of licenses, as well as buy extra storage.

Subscription Limits: Zoho offers various tool and features sets in different versions. The software requires no limited amount of users or subscription fee and enables a monthly payment.

Peculiarities: You may test Zoho platform during the 15 days of a free trial. Apart from that, the solution enables its users with a mobile edition that comes at no extra fare.

To sum it up, every CRM platform has its own strong and weak sides. However, the choice of the software with per user payment requires a thorough consideration. CRM vendors provide you with the general price per license, so you should calculate all the CRM costs by yourself.

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